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<ul><li><p>Dr. A. DHIVYA B.Tech(IT), M.E, PhD </p><p>1A / 1st Floor, Subiksham Paradise Apartment, NavavoorPirivu, Bharathiar University (PO), Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu, </p><p>641 046 | M: 9600844044 | Mail: dhivyaarun2007@gmail.com </p><p>Career Overview </p><p>Interdisciplinary Electronics and Software Engineer experienced in training people in the areas of Technical, Soft Skill, </p><p>Communication, Problem Solving, Target Oriented and Lateral Thinking. An Inspiring Professional in motivating people </p><p>towards being Dynamic, Pragmatic and Organized. Target oriented Business Analyst. </p><p>Qualifications </p><p> Ph.D - Artificial Neural Networks (2017 - Karpagam University, Coimbatore) </p><p> Programming </p><p> M.E - Embedded Systems (2011 - Karpagam University, Coimbatore) 81% </p><p> Business &amp; Quality Analyst </p><p> B. Tech Information Technology (2005 - Anna University, Coimbatore) 77% </p><p> Embedded Systems </p><p> Applications Development </p><p> Product Life Cycle Management </p><p> Problem Analysis and Resolution </p><p> Process Management </p><p>Skills </p><p>Skills Experience Total Years Last used </p><p>Programming C, C++, JAVA, DS, DBMS, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JSP, Java Script, JQuery, Servlets, JavaBeans, MVC, Struts, Spring </p><p>11 till date </p><p>Embedded Systems Embedded C 5 till date </p><p>QA ISO Process Audit and Testing 6 till date </p><p>Training Technical, Soft Skills, Communication 9 till date </p><p>Process Engineering Placement Drives and Conferences 10 till date </p><p>Tools Eclipse, Netbeans, MPLAB, Keil, IAR, Cube suite, Visual studio </p><p>6 till date </p><p>mailto:dhivyaarun2007@gmail.com</p></li><li><p>Work Experience </p><p> Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore </p><p>Associate Professor (05.06.2017 till date) </p><p>Global Software Solutions (GSS), KGiSL, Coimbatore </p><p>Head / Corporate Training (15.09.2015 31.01.2017) Business Analyst Had worked with Malaysian Business Clients Technical and Domain Training for developers and clients </p><p>DOD Technical Academy, Coimbatore </p><p>Lead / Technical Training (05.03.2014 31.08.2015) </p><p> Mahalingam College of Engineering &amp; Technology - FDP (C, C++, DS) </p><p> Teaching Tactics </p><p> Bharathiar University - Placement Tactics </p><p> Jayshriram College of Engineering - C, C++, JAVA </p><p> Erode Sengunthar College of Engineering - C, C++ </p><p> Hindusthan College of Engineering - C Programming </p><p> RVS College of Engineering - C, C++ </p><p> RVS Faculty of Engineering - C, C++ </p><p> The PSBB Millenium School - Motivational Speech </p><p> Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Engineering - Orientation, Theory of </p><p> Computations </p><p> Bharathiar University &amp; NIAS Academy - Industrial C &amp; C++ (School </p><p> Teachers) </p><p> Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College - C Programming, Datastructures </p><p> PA College of Engineering and Technology - FDP in Advanced C++ </p><p> Sri Krishna College of Technology - C Programming </p><p> Nehru College of Engineering - C, C++ </p><p> Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Engineering - Technical preparation for TCS </p><p> Ananya Innovations Ltd, Coimbatore </p><p>Member / Corporate Trainer (11.02.2008 - 31.05.2009) </p><p> Prepared and presented technical proposals for clients </p><p> Led design presentations for project management team </p><p> Worked with clients in troubleshooting their issues </p><p> Facilitated company in becoming ISO and CMM certified </p><p> Developed and managed project plans </p><p> Frequently conducted audit to review process compliance </p><p> Define a process that is documented and facilitated the workflow of the team </p><p> Reported and recordednon-compliance on audit process </p><p> Initiated and followed steps to clear non-compliance </p><p> Periodically reviewed the defined process and made necessary corrections to </p></li><li><p>processes when needed </p><p>Projects Handled </p><p> Auto Fare Meter </p><p> Taxi Fare Meter </p><p> Battery Management System </p><p> Port administration System </p><p> Online Examination System </p><p> Battery Management System in Animal Tracker </p><p> Detection of Metal Bars Critical Temperature has guided a PhD project </p><p>Karpagam Institutions, Coimbatore </p><p>Trainer / Head / Assistant Professor(01.06.2013 - 04.03.2014), (08.06.2009 </p><p>31.05.2013), (11.05.2005 31.01.2008) </p><p>Responsibilities </p><p> Head Technical Academy </p><p> Technical Training Lead for KCE, KIT &amp; KASC Students </p><p> Lecturer / AP Department of Computer Science and Engineering / Information </p><p>Technology </p><p> Prepared E-Learning material for students in C language </p><p> Placement Coordinator </p><p> Alumini Incharge </p><p> Successfully prepared Lab Manual for Object Oriented Programming lab </p><p> Successfully organized C-Day event twice in the college </p><p>Subjects taught </p><p> Technically training students for Company Drives </p><p> Operating Systems </p><p> C Programming </p><p> Object Oriented Programming </p><p> Data structures </p><p> Graphics &amp; Multimedia </p><p> Principles of Communication </p><p> Information Coding Techniques </p><p>Achievements </p><p> WINNER Professional Knack at Infosys </p><p> Had trained more than 10000+ of students of various disciplines at different colleges and placed in </p><p>companies </p></li><li><p> Had published an invention Mobile Based Speed Regulator in Indian Express newspaper </p><p> Best and Inspiring Trainer Feedback from Students of various colleges </p><p> Best Event Manager Feedback from organisations </p><p> Has got certifications from </p><p> NITTTR ( National Institute for Technical Teachers Training and Research ) </p><p> Wipro Mission 10X ( Level 2 ) </p><p> Infosys ( Deep Dive Faculty Enabled Programme ) </p><p>Papers Published </p><p> An Improved Hybrid Fuzzy Jordan Network and Artificial Neural Network for Robust and Efficient Intrusion </p><p>Detection System INDJST </p><p> Dynamic Improved Hybrid Fuzzy Jordan Network For Robust and Efficient Intrusion Detection System KJER </p><p> Weight Optimised Dynamic Improved Hybrid Fuzzy Jordan Network For Robust And Efficient Intrusion </p><p>Detection System IRPN </p><p> Published a survey paper on types of networks in ANN in IJAER </p><p> Presented a paper titled Battery Management System using Solar Cells in the National Conference held </p><p>at Tamil Nadu College of Engineering. </p><p> Presented a paper titled Battery Management System in Animal Tracker in the National Conference held </p><p>at Ranganathan Engineering College. </p><p> Presented a paper titled Cranking Capability of Lithium-ion Battery in the National Conference held at </p><p>Karpagam University. </p><p> Presented a paper titled Data Mining For Financial Data Analysis in the National Seminar on Data </p><p>Mining for Business Intelligence . </p><p> Published an article on You Tube in Genesis Resonance An Evolution . </p></li><li><p>Personal Profile </p><p> Name : A. Dhivya </p><p> Date of Birth : 04.12.1983 </p><p> Age : 33 </p><p> Gender : Female </p><p> Marital Status : Married </p><p> Husbands Name : Mr. S. Arun (Consulant) </p><p> Mother Tongue : Kannada </p><p> Languages Known : To Speak : Tamil, Kannada, English, Telugu </p><p> To Write : Tamil, English </p><p> Nationality : Indian </p></li></ul>


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