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By Group A Sunaina John Muhammad Muzzammil Haider Faizan Ali Kazi Sumaira Iqbal Mayeda Razi Japheth Wilson

Copyright is a legal term describing rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works. Kinds of works covered by copyright include: literary works such as novels, poems, plays, reference works, newspapers and computer programs; databases; films, musical compositions, and choreography; artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture; architecture; and advertisements, maps and technical drawings.

According to The Copyright Ordinance, 1962 The exclusive right to reproduce the work in any material form to publish the work to perform the work in public to produce, reproduce, perform or publish any translation of the work to broadcast the work to make any adaptation of the work

Deliberate infringement of copyright on intellectual property and an absolute disregard for ownership or authorship of literary works OR Using another persons opinion, ideas or works as if they were ones own and without making any attempt at acknowledging their true source

Adopted at Geneva in 1952 and revised at Paris in 1971 Main features:

No more favorable copyright treatment for domestic authors than the authors of other countries A formal copyright notice on all copies of a work Minimum term of copyright is the life of the author plus 25 years Right of translation for a seven-year period

International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) represents 1,300 U.S. companies IIPA publishes annual reviews of copyright piracy of US materials by various countries During 2004, the estimated total trade loss of US book industry amounts to US$603 millions in 67 selected countries In Pakistan, 30 million loss had been recorded due to book piracy

Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

Loss (in millions of US dollars) 30 30 30 40 42 45 44 44 44 52

Government is ready to take serious steps Pakistan Intellectual Property Rights Organization (PIPRO) was established in 2004 A draft Bill for PIPRO Act is ready for presentation to the Parliament PIRPO has powers and functions to protect IPRs in Pakistan

International and national copyright conventions and laws applicable in Pakistan Awareness level of publishing industry about copyright laws Causes of book piracy in Pakistan The major beneficiaries of book piracy Suggest measures to be taken against book piracy

Questionnaire survey of Pakistani publishers, booksellers, importers and exporters of books There was no comprehensive directory of book trade in Pakistan On the basis of some short directories and with the help of professional librarians the a list of 893 enterprises was prepared Cities covered: Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta Simple random sample of 90 respondents (approximately 10% of the total population) 83 responses were analyzed

High price of original edition thus low sale High rate of profit Non-availability of original editions Inclusion of foreign books in syllabus Easy and affordable reproduction technology Inappropriate law for copyright violation Legal action is complicated and time consuming No supervisory mechanism to enforce copyright law Difficulties in obtaining copyrights from foreign publisher/author Difficulties in importing foreign book Lack of communication between publishers/booksellers and the Copyright Office

Major beneficiaries Publishers Booksellers Readers

Percent 41 39 18



Do you know there is a copyright law in Pakistan? Do you know about international copyright conventions? Is existing copyright law effective in curbing book piracy in Pakistan? Are international copyright conventions respected in Pakistan? Can copyright notice on the book prevent book piracy? Are you satisfied with the legal provisions in the Copyright Ordinance regarding book piracy?

92% 35%40% 30%


Measures Strict enforcement of copyright law Subsidizing original editions of textbooks More efficient role of National Book Foundation in reprinting of essential books Encouragement of local writers for writing good books Easy procedures for book import Publicity of copyright laws

Pakistan has a strict and clear copyright law but its implementation is not easy Pakistan governments failure to protect copyright causes a damage to its dignity in international community Readers are not well aware of the benefits of copyright Copyright law must be enforced, but First, provide foreign books to local readers at low price because THIS IS THE MAJOR CAUSE OF BOOK PIRACY


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