christmas marks the birth of jesus christ (a) christmas marks the birth of jesus christ (a) there...


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    There are basically two most important events that ever happened in the history of salvation

    which are celebrated the world over: the first is Christmas and the second is Easter. It is

    around these mysteries of salvation that the churches liturgical year revolves. The word

    Christmas is derived from the English coinage “Cristes maesse” which means “Christ’s

    Mass”. However, the abbreviated term “Xmass” is very often more commonly used than

    Christmas. “What is Christmas?” a little one asked the parents and the mum answered;

    December 25th is the date officially set aside by the church for the world wide celebration of

    the birth day of Jesus Christ, “who for us …and for our salvation came down from heaven, by

    the power of the Holy Spirit and was born by the virgin Mary, and became man”.

    God emptied Himself so that we may be filled, He became poor, to make us rich, He became a

    son of man to make us children of God, he assumed flesh to make us divine, Jesus was born to

    die and wrought our salvation. Thus, when Christ became incarnate and was made man, he

    recapitulated in himself the long history of mankind and procured for us a “short cut” to

    salvation, so that what we had lost in Adam, that is, being in the image and likeness of God,

    we might recover in Christ Jesus. For this reason Christ experienced all the stages of life,

    thereby giving communion with God to all men (CCC 518).

    The las posadas recalls how in weariness and exhaustion Mary and Joseph arrived rate and at

    Bethlehem and searched in vain for accommodation because the city was overcrowded

    during the census. The son of God was born by Mary the holy mother of God in a poor

    manger. If Jesus were to be born today in our city amidst the same circumstances, will there be

    found a holy people whose family residence is worthy enough to accommodate him? Can he

    find a people with clean hands and pure hearts to let him be born therein and hold him in their

    arms without any fear of contamination? Jesus is not going to be born a second time as a

    newly “born king of the Jews” as it once happened in the days of King Herod. But he always

    comes to birth in the hearts and minds of believers who are open to his saving grace that

    reconciles sinners with God, manifest the love of God in human relationships, generously let in

    the poor who live in object poverty, who make peace on earth possible and holy innocence and

    childlike simplicity the goal of life.

    The birth of Jesus at Bethlehem the “house of bread” points to the church; a holy assembly

    where the faithful gather daily to celebrate the Eucharist in order to be empowered to go out

    and bring the tidings of great joy to others in the family, community and work place. It is

    unfortunate when a believer abandon faith in practice and only have recourse to the church

    only once in a while to attend mass on Christmas or Easter without a personal commitment to

    Jesus due to earthly values. More often than not, we become so self centered that we have no

    little space and time for God, family members, friends and neighbors. Without love of God at

    work in us in relation to our brothers and sisters, Christ has no place in the inn of our hearts

    and minds. This Christmas, Christ comes once again knocking at the door of our hearts. Let us

    open wide the door of our hearts and receive him by ordering our lives in accordance with his

    life, innocence, love and peace.


    You may drop off donated Christmas flowers

    throughout the week.

    Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction is

    every Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

    A compliance representative will be at St. Rose of Lima from

    1:30pm to 2:30 pm 2nd Thursday of the month. All New

    Volunteers are required to begin the clearance process for


    Messengers of Mary prays the Holy Rosary Monday - Friday

    at 7:30 a.m. before Mass. We will pray the rosary on

    Thursdays in the CHURCH (instead of the Chapel), at 11:00

    a.m. Remember to pray the rosary daily. Call 428.0573 for

    prayers & Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

    Spanish Choir Practice meets every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the church.

    New Group Forming– Liturgy of Christian Prayer in the Chapel

    daily at 5:15pm.



    Midnight +Ray, Josie, Gilbert and Steven


    +Antonio & Josefa Merino &

    deceased Family

    11:30am No Mass

    6pm No Mass

    Mon 8am +Zachary Moses Martinez

    Tues 8am

    Birthday Blessings for Delia

    Rutherford & Alexandra Escobar

    Wed 6pm +Noel Gomez

    Thurs 8am

    Birthday Blessing & Safety and Well-

    being of Monica Hernandez & those

    in the Military

    Fri 8am Special Intention for J.C. Shatto

    Sat 6pm +Neil Montoya

    Sun 7am Saint Rose of Lima Parishioners


    Health & Well-being of Mary K.

    Howell Family

    Sun 11:30am +Arlene W. Hernandez

    6 pm Birthday Blessing for David Lasinsky

    Mass Intentions for Dec. 25-Jan.1


    Baptisms The parents of the child to be baptized must submit a copy of the baby's birth certificate. Parents and godparents need to attend the parish baptismal

    class. Classes are given on the second Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. until noon. Please call the office to sign up for the next scheduled class. All

    requirements for the Diocese of Tucson and Saint Rose of Lima will be given to the parents at this time. Baptisms are performed the first and third Saturdays at

    10:00 a.m. Our office staff is limited, therefore, sponsors and godparents proof of sacraments, documents and payment must be submitted at least one month before

    the baptism. When choosing godparents, if they are married, they must be married through the Catholic church, if single you must not be living with a

    partner. Donation is $20.00.

    Quinceañera The candidate and her parents must contact the office at least one (1) year or more before the date requested. Quinceañera are not performed during

    Holy Days. Requirements: active within the parish, youth group, Religious Education, Mass attendance, etc. or Six(6) sets of meetings and volunteer ministries given

    by Fr. Robert. Cost is $250.00. There is a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 to hold the date. Balance to the church must be received in the office one week

    before the ceremony.

    Weddings The couple must contact office at least 6 months prior to the desired wedding date. An appointment will be made for the couple. At that time it will be

    determined if the date desired is available, and all requirements for the Diocese of Tucson and Saint Rose of Lima will be given to the couple. Donation is

    $150.00.There is a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 to hold the date. Balance to the church must be received in the office one week before the ceremony.


    St. Rose of Lima Weekend Collections – Dec. 17-18

    Offertory $ 4,520.37

    Saint Vincent de Paul $ 982.32

    Building Fund $ 60.00

    Christmas Flowers $ 268.00

    Check Out our Office Gift Shop

    St. Rose of Lima Gift Shop has affordable and inspirational items for

    all your needs.

    Visit the Gift Shop in the Parish Office Monday through Friday

    8:30 a.m.—4:30 p.m.

    Messengers of Mary

    Join us Thursdays at


    We will pray the rosary on Thursdays

    in the CHURCH .

    * Remember to pray the rosary daily.

    Call 428.0573 for prayers &

    Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

    *We could use your help to clean the

    church on Thursdays.

    *Please join us daily to pray the

    Rosary of the Blessed Mother

    Monday– Friday at 7:30am before Mass.

    *We also maintain the prayer garden.

  • ST. ROSE OF LIMA NOTICES Catholic Daughters of the America’s

    would like to thank everyone involved

    with the Festival of trees.

    Raffle drawing is on-going until

    January 8

    You still have a chance to win the 50/50 and the

    many great gifts donated to the

    Catholic Daughters.


    The St. Rose of Lima and Our Lady of Guadalupe offices will be CLOSED

    Friday, Dec. 23 and Monday, Dec. 26


    Friday Dec. 30 and Monday Jan. 2

    Youth Choir: Practice every Wednesday at 6:00

    pm in church loft.

    Please encourage your youth

    to share his / her talent. Saint Rose of Lima Christmas Mass

    Christmas Eve,


    December 24,

    4 p.m. Children’s Mass

    6 p.m.


    Christmas Day

    Midnight Mass

    Christmas Day Sunday

    December 25 10:00am only.

    Thank you to all those who participated and helped with the Christmas Play and Las Posadas! These parish gatherings were such great blessings! The chil


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