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  • Prefabricated Deployable Self-Build Shelters for Syrian Refugees // Housing Image // Banksy
  • R E : B U I L D # W I T H S Y R I A R E - D E P L O YA B L E B U I L D I N G S Y S T E M F O R S Y R I A N R E F U G E E S
  • C O N T E X T Re:House allows for clustering instead of current linear layouts
  • C O N T E X T
  • Pragmatism rst, aesthetics second. The team focused on developing a building system as a strategy to tackle the massive environmental damage caused by endless 'emergency' shelter systems. This system allows for both growth and shrinking environments. Ideally these units become equity and families will re-deploy the units as they return home to areas devastated by war or natural disaster. By re-using units we can save aid agencies and at-risk governments ten's of millions of dollars and create thousands of local jobs. Developed, Fall 2013 // Tested, June 2014 R E : B U I L D R E - D E P L O YA B L E B U I L D I N G S Y S T E M F O R S Y R I A N R E F U G E E S
  • System designed with basics assembly to allow for unskilled labor R E : E M P L O Y Job Creation Plan Initial in the field structures would be built by the building team. Once we scale we can start small construction micro-enterprises within displaced settlements and refugee camps. Both labor from the host country and those displaced would be paid to erect, maintain and re-deploy homes. Teams of 2-3 are needed per home and 8-10 for schools and clinics. Eventually all materials can be sourced regionally and building costs will reduce.
  • (L) Thatch flooring || (TR) Aggregate Fill || (BR) Green Roof R E : G R O W Project Details. After testing we found that we could built roof gardens on the structures allowing families to grow there own vegetables . Housing prototype built, engineered and tested by Pilosio Spa in Udine, Italy. There are three options for buildings; Re:House (1 and 2 bedroom homes), Re:Educate (school for 60-100 children) and Re:Heal (basic clinic for camps). Approximate Building Costs; $5K for 1 bedroom house, $7,500 for 2 bedroom, $40K for school or health clinic with sanitation block. (includes local transport and paid unskilled labor.)
  • R E : E D U C AT E
  • Prefabricated Deployable Self-Build Shelters for Syrian Refugees // Housing #occupyvenice // Sept. 12

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