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    C OV E R C R E D I T S : Top row (L to R): Steve McCurry, Alison Wright, Eliza R. Scidmore Middle row (L to R): Matthieu Paley, Erika Larsen, William Albert Allard Bottom row (L to R): Martin Schoeller, Eliza R. Scidmore, Ami Vitale

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    100 RECIPES TO LIVE TO 100

    Blue Zones Kitchen



    S E E PA G E 1 6


    This fall, we have put together a dramatic lineup of beautiful books that will help you understand our complex and changing world. Leading the charge is Women: The National Geographic Image Collection, which portrays the female experience around the globe across 130 glorious years of photographic history. Launching NatGeo’s Year of the Woman initiative in 2020, it features penetrating interviews with a wide range of contemporary luminaries, including Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, Jane Goodall, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, and business titan Zhang Xin. In her introduction, Susan Goldberg, National Geographic’s first female editor-in-chief, puts these arresting images in context, providing definitive proof that the future is female.

    And that’s not all the photography we have on offer. This season, our beloved Joel Sartore, creator of National Geographic’s celebrated Photo Ark project, returns with Vanishing, his haunting exploration of the world’s most endangered species. Build your own photography collection using Sartore’s best tips, which can be found in our new how-to guide, Photo Basics.

    Meanwhile, as the holiday season approaches, get ready to pack your bags with inspiration from some of our most exciting travel titles yet. Epic Journeys provides the ultimate bucket list for thrill seekers and adventurers, whether it’s navigating class-five rapids in Guatemala or experiencing tantalizing dishes in Tokyo. Put it all in context with Geographic’s landmark Atlas of the World; the new eleventh edition, featuring a fresh design, updated infographics, and more than 500 glorious maps, hits the shelves this fall.

    Finally, when it comes to exploring the latest health trends, we have a winner in The Blue Zones Kitchen. In this lush cookbook, New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner offers 100 recipes inspired by the Blue Zones—the regions of the world where people live the longest—to optimize your health and help you live to 100. Or, perhaps, far longer, as explained by veteran investigative journalist Chip Walter in Immortality, Inc., his compelling new narrative on Silicon Valley’s quest to extend human life indefinitely.

    As always, thank you for supporting National Geographic—our books and our mission.


    L I S A T H O M A S Publisher and Editorial Director National Geographic Books

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