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Natalia Burina Six Steps to Great App Design @nale

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Natalia Burina

Six Steps to Great

App Design @nale


Art by Sabrina Arnault

Why Design is Important  

Featured on App Store  

Parable iPad App Parable iPhone App

Parable App is a beautiful way to express creatively and have conversations

It’s like Instagram for Thoughts



iPad Create a Parable

Create 1. Type

Enter thought. Select a look.

2. Customize

Choose fonts, filters, photos or backgrounds

3. Share

Post across networks

Discover 2. Find

Find interesting people

3. Follow

Follow them for latest posts

1. Popular + Latest

See top and current posts

Engage 1. Share

Share across networks

2. Comment

Start a conversation

Parable shared on Twitter

Why we built Parable

Art by Judy Kaufmann

1.8 billion smart phones on earth (and growing!)

Over 1.5bn new photos daily ~= 550bn/yr (and growing!)

79% of smartphone users check their device within 15 minutes of waking up

On average, people check their phones 34 per day

Explosion of Images

1999 70 million cameras 80bn photos

2015 1.4bn photo devices 550bn photos


Keep Your User in Mind

Art by Judy Kaufmann

‘Come for the Tool, Stay for the Network’

Art by Judy Kaufmann

Who We Thought our Users Would Be

Actual Users

Safety Feature Motivated by Actual Users

Actual Users (International)  


Customer Feedback  

The Hook Model  

Courtesy Nir Eyal

Email Hook  

Notifications Hook  

Step 1 Brand  

Color Scheme  

Step 2 Intuitive  


Hard to discover.  

Use with Caution.  

Step 3 Delightful  


Step 4 Polish  

Profile Polish  

Device Polish  

Optimized for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad and iPad mini

Step 5 Simplify  

Parable Creation Before and After  

New Alignment  

Photos Before and After  

Step 6 Customize  


Nature of Creative Work  

Art by Judy Kaufmann

“The most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work.” – Ira Glass  

Sneak Peek

Apple Watch  

Comments? Questions?  

Natalia Burina [email protected] Twitter @nale  

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