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Changine architectural concerns for architects changing the enterprise. Lightening talk at Iasa North by Bola Rotibi, creative Intellect.


  • 1. Architectural ConsiderationsOctober 18th, 2012Addressing todays challengesBola Rotibi, Research DirectorCreative Intellect Consulting Ltd

2. 2CIC: Who are we? Analyst research, advisory and consulting firm Focus on Software development, delivery and lifecycle management Combined 90 years IT industry and analyst experience Authored many reports and thought leading research Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 3. 3Driving business growth & Market reach & competitiveness Raising the operational bar engagementShort term growth agility (e.g. LightOptimized operations and network Flexible means of engagement weight IT support to quickly addressinfrastructure - Cost reduction and new multi-channel accessibility andmarket opportunities) ways to deliver and operate at lower costsdeliverySustainable long term growth (theand more efficientlyInteroperability supportchallenge of and need for a moreEffective and efficient lifecycle, Cost choice flexible pricing andstrategic architectural planningmanagement and administrative control access framework supportapproach) Environmentally and socially responsible Mobile (multi-device), Internet, SelfAbility for controlled and incremental focus on system resources (powerServiceinnovationconsumption etc.) Contextual interaction and socialInternet interactions and connectionscollaborationImproved productivity through self service Digital media (video, HTML5 etc.) andand client controlcontent support and promotionGlobal support and interactionInteroperability and accessibility to allbusiness systems and dataStabilising and maximising skill resources(technical and business) Actionable InsightBusiness, Operations, Customer, Supplier Big data correlations and support Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 4. 4Todays Architecturalcontext Business Technology Challenges Solutions imperativesopportunities Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 5. 5Business imperativesSystems of engagement Systems of record Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 6. 6Technology opportunities What we can do to theexperience How we can do it For systems of record and engagement Clients and employees Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 7. 7Challenges Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 8. 8Modernizations Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 9. 9Applying technologies formodernization Delivery Application TechnologiesTechnologiesModernizationof ITModernization Applicationof Enterprise IT and ServiceDelivery Competitiveness Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 10. 10EnterpriseFront End SystemsEngagementDay to day Mobileoperation Reach Secure platform Cloud delivery (Cloud?) Modernization &Systems of SocialApplicationrecordsCollaboration Mobiletransformation (Cloud?) CloudAnalytical Processing Digital MediaServiceUser SocialManagement Experience & Context Analytics (Cloud?) Mobile, Cloud Technology Enablement Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 11. 11 Infrastructure Platforms MainframeDevelopment Services unified platform platformsH/W Hardware (HW)HW HW Distributed systemsProcess and workflow orchestration, continuous integration &Software Business critical SWSW SWSoftware apps (e.g.(SW) ERP/CRM/BI) Hybrid Management ServicesDatabases Message broker ESB App Server SOAMiddleware & Service Layer Contextual Collaboration services Platform as a Service (PaaS) Mobile Desktop Browser (web app) Software as a Service (SaaS)delivery Embedded device Composite Software applicationDelivery & Deployment Platforms Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 12. 12Process enablement Secureand orchestration Virtualized DevOps, ALM,Cloud support Agile etc. Mobile supportTools interoperable, Hybrid managementIntegrated, &processingCollaborative,SoftwareInfrastructureData StorageManaged as a Innovation InnovationResilientService, mobileCloud, Mobile, Efficient performanceTechnology supportSocial, Bigand power Cloud, mobile, Data consumption social, Analytics, Analytical processing Middleware,Security Server platforms ServicesInnovation Broad technical skill Research investment Global reach Domain capabilities Core technology trend services (Cloud, mobile, social etc.) Range of services delivery option Copyright 2012 Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd 13. Automate13Value GenerationBusiness Driven Value for Spendand Identification Smart Smart PlanningEconomicsIntegrateStandardize Governance Smart Smart Operations Delivery Optimized Performance Flexible, Adaptable Capacity and ReuseIT Driven Secure Scalable Resilient Agility and GovernanceSecure DependableContinuous Improvement through Audit & ValidationCreative Intellect Consulting 2010 14. Architecture and TechnologyAutomateChargeable Shared Services 14 Management TCO / TCAAssessments (Risk Analysis,Flexible/ Adaptable Value, Maturity, Measured Chargeback Procedures Improvement) Business IntelligenceBusiness Solution Frameworks Business DrivenPortfolio Management Smart Smart PlanningEconomics IntegrateStandardize Governance Smart Smart Operations DeliveryOptimized Workload Systems e.g. Appliances, Analytical Servers Agile ProcessesSOAProcess Governance andVirtualizationIT DrivenManagement FrameworksIntegrated Management Services(e.g. ALM, ITIL)Cloud ComputingIndustry Solution FrameworksFederated Data ManagementSecureContinuous Improvement through Audit & ValidationCreative Intellect Consulting 2010