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<p>ADV 435</p> <p>ADV 435Chapter 7 Media Strategy and TacticsOverviewConsumers are distracted No Long Just watch TV Multi taskingCell PhonesiPadsLaptopsTV as background</p> <p>PurposeEfficient and EffectivecommunicationPurposeEfficient = Most delivery for least cost</p> <p>Effective = Media that influences and enhances message</p> <p>Starts WithBudgetwhich media to includeImpacts creative Plan Objectives Reach Frequency Timing (start/end) Time Frame (#weeks/mos) Delivery Options Impressions GRPs &amp; TRPsPlan Objectives Reach Frequency Timing (start/end) Time Frame (#weeks/mos) Delivery Options ImpressionsGRPs &amp; TRPsPlan ObjectivesQuantitativeQualitativePlan ObjectivesQuantitativeDelivery of Message How Where When To WhomPlan ObjectivesQualitativeImpact of Message Public PrivateQuantitative ObjectivesReach = # DIFFERENT people exposed in given period</p> <p>Ex: 75% men 45-74 Sept-DecQuantitative ObjectivesFrequency = # Times people exposed in given period</p> <p>Ex: 80% women 25-34 3x per week in four weeksQuantitative ObjectivesReach &amp; FrequencyAre inversely related.</p> <p>As you increase freq,Reach dropsQuantitative ObjectivesReach &amp; FrequencyAre inversely related.To increase both: Lengthen Schedule Increase budgetEffective R &amp; FHow many People &amp;How many RepetitionsDoes it take to achieve Desired awarenessEffective R &amp; FHow many times: No Final Exam vs. theory of relativityEffective R &amp; FHow many People: Class Announcement vs. BlackboardEffective R &amp; FGeneral Considerations One exposure has no impactException: Super Bowl Ads???? Main Thrust should be Freq. 2x in 4 weeks is minimum 3x in 4 weeks is Optimal beyond 3x in 4 weeks = law of Diminishing returnsEffective R &amp; FGeneral Considerations Wear out is not frequency based but rather creative Great ones dont wear out!;feature=related;feature=relatedEffective R &amp; FGeneral Considerations Lesser Known Brand Focus on Frequency Better Know Brand Focus on ReachEffective R &amp; FGeneral Considerations TV Dayparts = different goals</p> <p> News &amp; prime Access = Frequency Less costly, more spots</p> <p> Prime = Reach More costly, less spotsEffective R &amp; FGeneral Considerations Magazines = different goals Thick = More Reach more to read/ longer to respond</p> <p> Thin = More Frequency Less to read, quicker to respond</p> <p>Effective R &amp; FGeneral Considerations</p> <p>Greater SOV = Greater benefit from increased frequency</p> <p>TimingWhen sales or high or low? Aim for sales inclination(when people buy) Start schedule just ahead to allow awareness to build use teaser ads (coming Soon) use ads with start dates Fish when they are biting</p> <p>TimingBudget Constraints</p> <p>Flighting or Pulsing?</p> <p> Flighting provides more impact in less time Pulsing creates impression of constant advertising Out of sight = out of mind</p> <p>TimingCompetitive considerations If budget allows, match timing If not, seek alternative periods Be aware of customer expectations Best Food Day Sunday Car Section Sports Section for beer, gear Opportunities to recoup or increase SOM</p> <p>TimingSpecific Goals of BrandNew Product Launches Re-launches Model Year Intros</p> <p>TimingProduct Availability &amp; Promotion Requirements No Product = No ads No Participation = no Ads Oprah Web Coupon for Free Lunch of Kentucky Grilled ChickenMay 2009</p> <p>TimingSeasonalityShovels in Summer? Water Ice in Winter? Yet Fashion has long lead into season. Try finding: Ear Muffs Gloves &amp; BootsTimingStage of Product Life Cycle Earlier = More $ &amp; Weight Windows of Opportunity to be first or only on air Later = More Media options as Target(s) expandGRPs vs. TRPsSometimes considered sameActually:GRPs = Population as wholeTRPs = Specific demoStrategic Considerations Target Audience Media Classes Media Mix Media timingTarget Audience DemographicsSimmons, MRI, SBP Can vary weight by Primary (75%) Secondary (20%) Tertiary (5%)</p> <p>Target Audience Psychographics beliefs Opinions Interests Personalities BehaviorsTarget Audience Lifestyles = Application of PsychographicsTarget Audience Product or Brand usage Heavy Medium Light</p> <p>Target Audience Product or Brand usage Index demos usage/Average use Positive index = 100 or more But do 100+ targets create enough of a media target? Can we reach them efficiently? Are </p>


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