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  • Activities for The King's Speech

    Exercise 1: Order the sentences to make the synopsis of the film:

    Exercise 2: Match the following words with their corresponding brief definition.

    Number (1-6) Sentence

    Bertie is able to find his voice and boldly lead the country into war.

    Bertie engages the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue (Rush).

    Through a set of unexpected techniques, and as a result of an unlikely friendship,

    Plagued by a dreaded nervous stammer and considered unfit to be King,

    The King's Speech" tells the story of the man who would become King George VI, the father of the current Queen, Elizabeth II.

    After his brother abdicates, George 'Bertie' VI (Firth) reluctantly assumes the throne.

    Word No. Definition Definition

    Stare 1. Relating to or having the status of a king or queen or a member of

    their family.


    2. A plant of the thistle type as the Scottish national emblem.

    Peer 3. Speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the

    initial letters of words.


    4. A title given to a person of royal rank, or used in addressing them.


    5. A large number of people gathered together.


    6. A contemptible or pitied person. Also used to express annoyance.

    Stammer 7. (GB) A shilling. A coin used in the United Kingdom, worth one

    twentieth of a pound, 5 new pence, or 12 old pence prior to 1971.

    Drawing room

    8. A long passage from which doors lead into rooms.


    9. Look fixedly at someone or something with the eyes wide open.


    10. The front part of the neck.

    Newsreel 11. A place in a large private house in which guests can be received

    and entertained.

    Crown 12. The technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular

    activity or purpose


    13. Look with difficulty or concentration. Be just visible.

    A bob

    14. Lack of imperfections

    Corridor 15. A circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch as a symbol

    of authority.

  • Exercise 3: Complete the following part of the fim script with the words given.

    in up into


    David is hunting for a bottle of champagne for Wallis in the wine cellar.

    BERTIE: And youve put that woman our mothers suite?

    DAVID: Mothers not still the bed, is she?

    BERTIE: Thats not funny.

    David finds the bottle he was looking for.

    DAVID: Wally likes the very best.

    BERTIE: I dont care what woman you carry on with at night, as long as you show for duty in

    the morning!

    He exits. Bertie follows.

    to on up for taking mistress


    DAVID: This is not just some woman I am carrying with. This is the woman I intend to


    BERTIE: Excuse me?

    DAVID: Shes filing a petition divorce.

    BERTIE: Good God.


    BERTIE: Cant you just give her a nice house and a title?

    DAVID: I wont have her as my .

    BERTIE: David, the Church does not recognise divorce and you are the head of the Church.

    DAVID: Havent I any rights?

    BERTIE: Many privileges...

    DAVID: Not the same thing. Your beloved Common Man may marry for love, why not me?

    BERTIE: If you were the Common Man, on what basis could you possibly claim be King?!

    DAVID: Sounds like youve studied our wretched constitution.

    BERTIE: Sounds like you havent.

    DAVID: Is that what this is all about? Is that why youve been elocution lessons?

    BERTIE: Im attempting t-t...

    DAVID: Thats the scoop around town. Yearning for a larger audience are we, B-b-b-bertie?

    BERTIE: D-dont say such a th-

    DAVID: Young brother trying to push older brother throne...Positively medieval.

    BERTIE: D-

    Bertie is completely locked.

    David heads for Wallis, leaving his brother totally distraught. He pours her a glass of champagne. She

    shows she is pleased with him.

  • Exercise 4: Complete the following part of the fim script choosing between the sentences given.

    BERTIE: Cant say. I cant puh-puh-puh... (His jaw and throat muscles constrict.)


    BERTIE: Pardon?

    LIONEL: Know any songs?


    LIONEL: Yes songs.

    BERTIE: Swanee River.



    LIONEL: Sing it then. Give me the chorus.

    BERTIE: No. Certainly not. (fascinated by the plane) Always wanted to build models. Father wouldnt

    allow it. He collected stamps. I had to collect stamps.

    LIONEL: You can finish that off.

    Bertie eagerly reaches for some balsa.

    LIONEL: If you sing. (to Swanee River) When I was a boy with David...upon the Swanee River.





    BERTIE: Im not crooning Swanee River!

    LIONEL: :

    (sings) My brother D, he said to me, doodah doo-dah... Continuous sound will give you flow. Does

    it feel strange, now that Davids on the throne?

    Exercise 5: Choose the correct answer:

    1. In 1925, according to the film, King George V reigns over:

    a. A quarter of the worlds population.

    b. A third of the worlds population.

    c. Half of the worlds population. 2. At the begining, there is a news reader in a broadcasting house that starts saying:

    a. "This is the National Programme and Empire".

    b. "This is the BBC National Programme and Empire".

    c. "This is the ITV National Programme and Empire". 3. How many marbles does the first speech therapist ask Bertie to insert into his mouth?

    a. Five.

    b. Six.

    c. Seven.

    a) Songs?

    b) Try singing it.

    c) Happens to be my favorite.

    d) I love that song

    a) Because youre peculiar.

    b) I take that as a compliment.

    c) You can with me.

    d) I cant sit here singing!

    e) Try Camptown Races then.

  • 4. When Elizabeth goes to meet the second speech therapist, what does the label near the elevator basement button say?

    a. L. Logue, Speech Defects.

    b. Dr. L. Logue, Speech Defects.

    c. Mr. L. Logue, Speech Defects. 5. What do Lionel's boys make?

    a. Paintings.

    b. Model airplanes.

    c. Hats. 6. Mr. Doolittle gets wealthy because...

    a. Nothing.

    b. A shilling.

    c. A pound. 7. How does David arrive at the first meeting with Bertie?

    a. By car.

    b. By plane.

    c. By light aircraft. 8. Why is David forced to abdicate?

    a. Because the people is against him

    b. Because he is not ready to be a King.

    c. Because the King can not marry a divorced woman. 9. What happens to Sir. Prime Minister at the final part of the film?

    a. He resigns.

    b. He is fired.

    c. He dies. 10. On which letter does Bertie stammer in the final speech?

    a. On the u.

    b. On the p.

    c. On the w. 11. What did King George VI make Lionel Logue?

    a. He made him a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

    b. He made him Prime Minister.

    c. He made him consultant.

  • Exercise 6: Write who said the following expressions:


    Im sure of anyone who wants to be cured.

    If we were equal I wouldnt be here. Id be at home with my wife and no-one would give a damn.

    I want you to release the five vowel sounds, each to last no less than 15 seconds.

    She forgets Papas bloody clocks were always half an hour fast!

    Your first war time speech. Congratulations.

    He comes highly recommended. Charges substantial fees in order to help the poor.

    If your father were well, tardiness would not be tolerated. None of this..unpleasantness would be tolerated.

    This devilish device will change everything if you wont. In the past all a King had to do was look respectable in uniform and not fall off his horse. Now we must invade peoples homes and ingratiate ourselves with them..