a story of geography, trade, & the migration of goods & people cory may - 4/18/2011

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The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian ExchangeA Story of Geography, Trade, & the Migration of Goods & People

Cory May - 4/18/2011What was the Columbian Exchange?A widespread exchange of plants, animals, cultures, humans (free & slave), diseases, and ideas between the Old World and the New WorldEssentially started after Christopher Columbus discovery of the Americas in 1492.The Beginning: European Voyages

Two Different Worlds: Native CropsOld WorldCitrus FruitsApplesBananasMangoes, WatermelonsGrapesOnionsCoffeeWheatRiceCinnamonAlmonds, WalnutsOats, BarleyTeaSoybeans, LettuceNew WorldMaizeTomatoesPotatoes, Sweet PotatoesCassava (Manioc/Yucca)VanillaPara (Rubber Tree)Cacao ChocolateTobaccoChili Peppers, PaprikaBeansWild RiceStrawberriesSunflowerTwo Different Worlds: Native AnimalsOld WorldHorsesCamelsChickens EggsCows Milk, CheeseGoats Milk, CheesePigsSheepGeeseCats (Domestic)DonkeyHoney BeeNew WorldAlpacasLlamasGuinea PigsTurkeysMinks

Two Different Worlds: DiseasesOld WorldPlagueChicken PoxCholeraInfluenzaMalariaMeaslesSmallpoxTyphoidScarlet FeverLeprosy Common ColdNew WorldSyphilisYawsTo EuropeMaize (Corn)PotatoesSweet PotatoesTomatoesTurkeysSugarcane, Cacao, & Tobacco processed & sent back to Europe from the Americas

To the AmericasHorseCattle/CowsSugarcane, CoffeePigsChickensWheatGoats & SheepAll Old World DiseasesHoney BeesCitrus FruitsStone Fruits

To Africa & AsiaPeanutsCassava (Manioc/Yucca)Sweet PotatoesChili & PaprikaMaize (Corn)VanillaCacaoRubber

Benefits of the ExchangeExchange of Food Sources New Growing Regions for CropsIncrease in Human Population from new crops/goodsWorld Connections FlourishPeople Migrate to Different ContinentsCultures Intermingle/Spread Across the WorldTrade Flourishes New goods & routesNegatives of the ExchangeMany die from the transmission of new diseases, mainly Native AmericansOpens up the world to slavery, the slave trade takes off after the start of this exchangeStability on one crop: ex: the Potato and the Irish Potato Famine Facts of the Columbian ExchangeFor facts and further information on the Columbian Exchange we will visit: http://www.shmoop.com/columbian-exchange/