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PROMOTION MIXA presentation by Shubham Tripathi & Harshit Bharija1Promotion is a process of communication involving information, persuasion, and influence.What is Promotion?2TargetAudienceInforming


PersuadingTargetAudienceDemand Objectives Influence Create, and Maintain DemandCommunication ObjectivesIncreasing AwarenessInformation about the productDistinctive ObjectivesCompetition BasedOBJECTIVES OF PROMOTION4Identify Target AudienceDetermine Communication ObjectivesDesigning a MessageChoose MediaSelect Message Source Establish BudgetCollecting FeedbackSteps In Promotion or effective marketing communication5PROMOTION MIX6It is the combination of different kinds of promotional tools used by a firm to advertise and sell its products.What is Promotion Mix?

7Elements of Promotion Mix8Advertising9What is Advertising? Advertising is a paid form of a non-personal communication and promotion of goods & ideas through an identified sponsor 10Paid Form of CommunicationNon-Personal PresentationPresence of an Identified SponsorFeatures of Advertising 11Media of AdvertisingAdvertising Media12StrengthsWide coverageAttractiveHuge impact

LimitationsShort lifeHigh costLack of personal touch

Strength & weaknessEffects of AdvertisingAdvertising SpendingReturn on Advertising ExpendituresIncreasing efficiencyas ad budget becomessufficientDiminishingreturnson additionalspending

Sales Promotion16Sales Promotion????According to American Marketing Association, sales promotion include, "those marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, such as point of purchase displays, shows and exhibitions, demonstrations and various non-recurring selling efforts not in the ordinary routine."Sales Promotion = SHORT TERM SELLING INCENTIVES.17Types of Sales Promotion ProgrammesConsumer Sales Promotion ProgrammesDealers Sales Promotion Programmes18Generate consumer interest leading to trialEnquiry generationIncrease rates of purchaseMotivate customer so repeat their choice

Objective Of Consumer Oriented Sales Promotion ProgramesMass purchaseCustomer loyaltyBuilding relation

Objective Of Dealers Oriented Sales Promotion ProgrammesSamplesDiscounts or Price OffGift OffersQuantity Deals or Economic PackagesLimited Period OffersContests

Techniques Of Sales Promotion21

Direct Marketing23Direct Marketing consists of Direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships. And That is??24Benefits to SellersCustomer RelationshipsLow Cost, Improved EfficiencyAccess to More BuyersBenefits to BuyersConvenient and ComfortableAdditional ChoicesExtra InformationInteractive Services

Benefits of Direct Marketing25Direct advertisingE-mail MarketingTelephone MarketingDirect sellingDirect response radioTechniques of Direct Marketing26

Personal Selling28What it means..Personal Selling is a process of assisting and persuading a prospective buyer to buy a commodity in a face-to-face situation.Involves Persuasion of Customers, Winning Buyers Confidence, Providing them with Information.29As an ArtIt Is Bringing about a desired result through application of skills.Denotes Personal SkillSignifies Practical KnowledgeHelps in Achieving Concrete ResultsCreative in Nature

As An Art & Science!!30As a ScienceIt is systematic body of Knowledge pertaining to a particular field of enquiry. It is a systematic body of knowledge pertaining to any curriculum of marketing, part of human psychology. As An Art & Science!!31To Customers & SocietyDemonstration of Product & Given Full InformationEducation & guidance regarding the features, utility and benefits of the product.Salesmen handle grievances of the customers. They help customers arrive at a correct decisionHelp in Increasing the opportunity for employment and the aggregate productionThey are responsible for improvement of standard of living by educating & providing people with new productsBenefits of Personal Selling32To Manufacturers & TradersPersonal Form of CommunicationFlexible in operationMinimum wasted effortsSalesman helps in Sales promotionEstablishment of Relationships Benefits of Personal Selling33

Publicity & Public Relations35Public RelationsBuilding Good Relationships with the companys various publics by obtaining favourable publicity, building a good corporate image and handling or heading off unfavourable rumours. 36Components of Public Relations


PublicityPromotion or Communication of Goods, Ideas without any legal considerationsIt may be Planned or Spontaneous.39

Factors Affecting Promotion Mix42Determinants of Promotion Mix43Nature of The Product

Product Image

Stage of Product life-Cycle


Degree of Customisation1. Product ConsiderationsNature of the products can be Consumer or Industrial.Packaging is the in-built sales mechanism for a product.In the degree of customisation, for mass marketing the advertising-publicity, sales promotion are high & personal selling is low, but for personlised marketing the advertising-publicity, sales promotion are very low & personal selling is very high.44PLC

45PLC Stage Market SituationSales PromotionAdvertising & PublicityPersonal SellingPromotion Result DesiredIntroductionConsumer UnawareLowHighMediumInduce TrialGrowthConsumer AwareMediumMediumLowWord-of-Mouth ImportantMaturityCompetition HighHighHighMediumIncentivesDeclineWithdrawal/ RejuvenationHighMediumLowSustenancePLC & Promotion Mix46PriceSales PromotionAdvertising & PublicityPersonal SellingExamplesLowHeavy to MediumSupplement to Sales promotionLowColgate, Rotomac PensMediumMedium to LowHeavyLow to MediumAquaguard Purifiers, Philips AudioHighLowSophisticatedHeavyMercedes Cars2. Pricing Policy47TypeSales PromotionAdvertising & PublicityPersonal SellingExamples1. IntensiveMostHeavyLeastCoke, Tata Salt, etc.2. SelectiveMediumHeavyMediumBata Shoes, Liberty Shoes, etc.3. ExclusiveLeastMediumMostRaymond, Bajaj3. DistributionDistribution when producers stock their products in as many places as possible is intensive distribution.Exclusive distribution requires personal selling beacause you need personalised trainers & force to market them. 48Level of Competition

Geographic Coverage

Buyer Readiness Stage

Promotional Budget

Promotional Strategy 4. Target Market Characteristics49AIDA & Hierarchy of EffectsAt earlier stages of buyer readiness advertising & publicity are most effective.At later stages, sales promotion or personal selling are more effective. AttentionInterestDesireActionAwarenessKnowledgeLikingPreferenceConvictionBuyer Readiness Process50Integrated Marketing Communications51All Communication Activities should be INTEGRATED or coordinated.Integrated Communications Mix52There should not be any confusion among all the communication activities.

One activity should support and aid the other.

Effective marketing communication is only possible if all promotional efforts are coordinated.53Any Queries are Welcome!