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From SMX East 2013 / SearchMarketingExpo.com - How To Do Click-To-Call In An Enhanced Campaign World -5 Ways to Improve Your Campaigns #SMX #13C by @szetela Slide deck from David Szetela of FMB Media presents 5 different tips for improving your click-to-call campaigns in Google Adwords new enhanced campaigns.


  • 1. CLICK-TO-CALL CAMPAIGNS # David Szetela FMB Media @Szetela #SMX #13C October 1, 2013 WAYS TO IMPROVE #
  • 2. Founder and CEO of pay-for-performance PPC Advertising agency FMB Media Author of two books on PPC Frequent speaker at Pubcon, SES, SMX, etc. Voted one of top 25 PPC experts by PPC Hero About David Szetela
  • 3. Today Ill Cover Enhanced Call Extensions Call Extension Setup Call Extension Ads WAP Ads Ad Best Practices Resources for learning more @Szetela
  • 4. Enhanced Call Extensions Extensions can be defined at the campaign or ad group level You can have separate extensions for mobile and PCs Call extensions can be scheduled Calls to tracked numbers shown in desktop ads are FREE @Szetela
  • 5. Enhanced Call Extension Setup If youve already defined call extensions, youll need to explicitly upgrade them (like Sitelinks) As of 9/23/13, Google has been upgrading automatically To set up a new extension or edit an existing one: @Szetela
  • 6. Creating Mobile Ads Check box during ad creation or edit @Szetela
  • 7. Creating Mobile Ads Or designate in AdWords Editor @Szetela
  • 8. WAP Mobile Ads Appear on non-smartphones (a.k.a. feature phones) Can link to a WAP-optimized site Most will want to use click-to-call In latter case, business name will also be displayed (20 characters) @Szetela
  • 9. WAP Mobile Ad Creation @Szetela
  • 10. Call Reporting - Overview @Szetela
  • 11. Call Reporting Overview - Desktop @Szetela
  • 12. Call Reporting Detail Desktop & C2C @Szetela
  • 13. Timed Urgency @Szetela
  • 14. Sense of Comfort @Szetela
  • 15. False Urgency @Szetela
  • 16. Respondent Qualification @Szetela
  • 17. Resources Google Call Extension Help: http://bit.ly/18clgCR Google WAP Ad Help: http://bit.ly/18ZWirF @Szetela
  • 18. Click-To-Call In An Enhanced Campaign World Presented by: David Szetela David@FMBMedia.com Twitter: @Szetela
  • 19. http://www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketingExpo # see more presentations at: # @Szetela