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Many people consider Prague the most beautiful city in Europe, if not the world. The stunning architecture leaves you speechless and in awe. Not only is Prague a great city to simply stand and have your breath taken away, it also has a rich history and culture, which is shown in many of its best attractions. There are many different things to experience in Prague which could be called the best, but here are the five things that you absolutely must see, whether you are there for a short visit or an extended stay.


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2. CHARLES BRIDGECrossing the Vltava River in Prague,the Charles Bridge is one of the most romantic experiences in the city.Construction began in 1357, and until 1841 it was the only way of crossing the river.Now,a lot of those who walk across the bridge are visitors wishing to enjoy the atmosphere,rather than peoplegoing about their daily business. http: //jets-inc. comJETS 3. PRAGUE CASTLECastle is known as the largest castle in the world.There is some controversy regarding this claim,which arises from the fact that Prague Castle is actually an assortment of buildings,all protected by one wall.One thing that nobody can dispute is the sheer beauty and architectural variety ofthese buildings. http: //jets-inc. comuiimur i t. ... .__..j 4. JEWISH QUARTERKnown as either the Jewish Quarter or Josefov,the history of this area in Prague is a shocking reminder of the prejudices suffered by Jewish communities.During the thirteenth century,Jews living in Prague were ordered to move from their homesacross the city and settle in one area. 5. ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK The third oldest of its kind,the astronomical clock in Prague can be found in the Old Town.It is likely that rather than having to make a special trip to see the clock,you will notice it as you explore Prague's Old Town.As you make your way about,stop and appreciate the hourly show on the clock face involving Jesus Christ and the Twelve Apostles. http: //jets-inc. com 6. CHRISTMAS MARKETSIf you visit Prague around Christmastime,the Christmas markets are definitely a sight to be seen.They are considered some of the best (and most traditional) in Europe.You will feel like you are walking in a fairytale as you look at the wooden huts selling authentic Czech gifts,along with traditionalfood and mulled wine. http: //iets-inc. com 7. JETS Jordan Executive Travel ServiceThinking about a trip to Prague? _ -.. There are many other beautiful sights around Prague and,as always,you will have the best experience of the city if you go to places that interest you and take things at your own pace.We can help._[l1}H1I'li: i": ;"'I-I; n 1 We're a group of passionate travelers turned consultants who believe that; n_gJ: f, f'TT'TTT' "~' every destination has a heartbeat.Travel isntjust about seeing new ' I2 3 things.It's about what happens to your soul.We create tailor made ~**IJ;'1 ' ' vacations that expose the heart of a destination and overwhelms your , =53: ' senses.Just as you rely on the advice of a financial advisor to guide you to L Ei: the best investments,we advise our clients on experiences that go " " 1 beneath the surface through cuisine,experiential tours and journeys.' rid 904-446-8687