21 Things Every Web Developer Should Be Doing

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Whats the best way to get the desired result? What will produce a website thats good for today, tomorrow, and is scalable for whatever advancements come in the next few years? These are 21 things that many developers just arent doing for the sites the build, You can take this list to your developers and make sure they build your next site correctly.


<ul><li>Things Every Web Developer Should Be Doing </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 1. Keywords </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 2. Wire Frames </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 3. Grayscale comps </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 4. Color Comp </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 5. Coding &amp; Implementation </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 6. HTML5 (Validated) </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com CSS3 (Validated)7. </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 8. Search Engine - Friendly Architecture </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 9.Duplicate Content Prevention </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 10. Off-Page Styling </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 11.Size Optimized Media </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 12. ALT Text for All Images </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 13.CSS Image Sprites </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 14.Mobile Reactive </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 15.Scalable at Various Resolutions </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 16.Site Optimized For Speed </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 17. Install Analytics </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 18.Broken Link Checks </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 19.Extensive Testing </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 20.Custom 404 &amp; Favicon Branding </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com 21.Printer Friendly </li><li>Copyright www.afycon.com Mail Us: sales@afycon.com Call Us: 0120-420-7455 Visit Us: www.afycon.com </li></ul>