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The first official product of KZRS'12 Media Team


  • Zero Issue

    The offIcIal producT of KZrs12 MedIa TeaM

    This is noT



  • The edITorIal

    Dear delegates,

    The organisers are setting the venues ready for the session, the chairs are wrapping up their preparations for guiding their com-mittes , we, the Media Team, are busy with getting the zero-issue sent out to all the participants of the seasons first session of EYP Latvia- KZRS12. And You, dear delegates, are packing Your suit-cases, wondering what is this magical EYP world some people have been blabbering about. You are about to find out for yourselves!

    We suggest you take a break from your daily routine and get your-self aquainted with this piece of virtual paper that is so eager to fill you in on the essentials for an EYP event. Our journalists, who once were delegates at regionals too, have captured their tips and thoughts most useful to You. Turn the page and youll find yourself meeting the officials. Turn the page again and read some mood-creating EYP articles about body language, EYP memories, dos and donts at a session etc. Later on youll come across some opinion-ated articles about the committee topics to inspire you. Last but not least, as the cover page says - this is not JUST a newspaper. You will find out why as soon as you take a closer look at the Zero Issue.

    As the media team will not be producing just newspapers, we want you, dear delegates, to experience more than just an European Parliament simulation. Embrace the people, the challenges and the emotions that will evoke during KZRS12- most probably your first, but hopefully and undoubtedly not your last EYP session. Enjoy it to the fullest!

    Looking forward to meeting You all in Iecava,

    Anna-Helena Saarso & Daniels GrievisThe Editors of KZRS12 Media Team

  • The conTenTs

    InTro The chaIrs TeaMInTro The MedIa TeaMInTro The organIsersl.V. coffee: frIend or eneMy?ThIs Is coffeea.V. body language a.c. delegaTIng and debaTInga.a. The dos and donTs of an eyp sessIonThIs Is your To-do lIsTM.r. fIrsT TIMe for eVeryThIngThIs Is a safe sTorage for your fearsafeT: face of europes ToMorrowculT I: culTure: To whaT exTenT?culT II: safeTy In nuMbersdroI: huMan rIghTs In belarus: To be or noT To be?econ: how should we TIghTen our belTs?lIbe I: respecT To be respecTedlIbe II: InTerneT: a Tool for crIMe?ThIs Is TopIc MIndMapThIs Is a journey recorder

  • The chaIrs TeaM

    Hey, dear participant, who you are coming to a European Youth Parliament session! Are you wondering who are the chairs, responsible for the commit-tees? Who are Kati, Martins, Ira, Nick, Zeynep, Arturs, Edgars, Irma, Joan-

    na, Niks and Ritvars? I will try to enlighten you.

    A chairperson is the head of the committee. Chairs responsibility is to guide you through the session. He/She will play teambuilding games with you and challenge the committee into different tasks. Furthermore, during commit-tee work he will assist you through ups and downs. Finally, he will proof-read your resolutions and support you in the General Assembly. By the end

    of the session you will feel like he is your friend.

    Some of the chairs form the board, whose purpose is to direct and control the General Assembly. The board consists of the president and two vice-presidents. The session president is lovely Kati Prn and her vice-presidents

    are Irma Tukne and Niks Brzis.

    Kati Prn (LIBE II) - the President

    Age: 21From Tallinn, Estonia

    Studies: International Relations, Ludwig-Maximilians Universitt, Munich

    Hobbies: Skiing, travelling, reading, wineTwo things I want to do before I die: skydive and es-

    tablish my own winery.

    Age: 18From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: senior year of high schoolHobbies: The usual, people and art

    Two things I want to do before I die: Overcome my fear of heights by jumping of Niagara falls. Secodly

    I want to participate in Epic Meal Time. And then eat it all up.

    Irma Tukne (DROI) - the Vice-President

    Niks Brzis (ECON) - the Vice-President

    Age: 18From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Riga Centre Language SchoolTwo things I want to do before I die: Speak in a

    TED conference, be a judge on a wet T-shirt contest

    by anna TrIne raudsepp

    A. T. R.

  • Artrs Jnis Zemtis (AFET)

    Ira Garbuz (CULT II)

    Joanna Lickiewicz (AFET)

    Ritvars Msns (DROI)

    Zeynep Ekinci (ECON)

    Niklvs Matuevics (LIBE II)

    Mrti Zari (LIBE I)

    Edgars Spudi (CULT I)

    Age: 19From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: University of LatviaHobbies: Velotrial, playing

    guitar, bodybuilding.

    Age: 19From Biaystok, Poland

    Studies: Project Manage-ment at Warsaw Univer-

    sity of EconomicsHobbies: Pissing off

    Artrs is my biggest hob-by at the momentAge: 19

    From Ukraine, KyivStudies: International Eco-

    nomics & ManagementHobbies: Table tennis,

    cooking, watching mov-ies, painting, travelling

    Age: 17From Iecava, Latvia

    Studies: Bauska State Gymnasium

    Hobbies: Guitar, debates, EYP

    Age: 16From Istanbul, Turkey

    Studies/work: Galatasaray High SchoolHobbies: Reading, coffee, dancing, singing, chilling with friends, eating muf-

    fins, cooking

    Age: 19From Riga, Latvia

    Studies/work: Computer Sci-ence at the University of LatviaHobbies: Massage, shuffling, guided meditation, joke telling,

    reading psychology/NLP

    Age: 19From Riga, Latvia

    Studies/work: Law, Univer-sity of Latvia

    Hobbies: Guitar, harmonica, books, movies, theatre, sur-

    real things

    Age: 18From Ozolnieki, Latvia

    Studies: high schoolHobbies: Singing, volley-ball, beatboxing, comedy

  • The MedIa TeaMWise negotiators, celebrity stalkers, photographers, sometimes an-noying, relentlessly writing articles and are seen where some major events take place. Yes, those people are journalists. As Kurzeme Zem-gale Regional session is a major event for EYP Latvia, you will encoun-

    ter them in Iecava as well.

    Journalists of KZRS12 will always be visible and active. Perpetuating terrific moments, tracing your each step or being sunk into comput-ers- writing articles. But also they have their leaders the editors. In KZRS12 they are Anna-Helena Saarso and Daniels Grievis. They are the creators of the papers (issues), giving tasks to their inferiors


    Journalists are regarded to always be cheerful and fun to be around. On the other hand, do not doubt their curiosity; gossiping is the nature of their work. Being as your shadows, journalists will write about you and for you. But first, see some information about each one of them the next page, before they start discovering your secrets during the


    by reInIs TuTns

    Anna-Helena Saarso - the editress

    Daniels Grievis - the editor

    Juris Gogulis - the video editor

    Age: 18From Tallinn, Estonia

    Studies: physics at the University of TartuHobbies: I love creating jewelry, science, analog photog-

    raphy, travelling and EYPTwo things I want to do before I die: I just wanna live...

    Age: 18From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Law at University of LatviaHobbies: music, basketball, reading

    Two things I want to do before I die: drive a Shelby GT500 beside Jeremy Clarkson, have a farewell

    party with all my friends

    Age: 20From Olaine, Latvia, born in Dobele

    Studies: Albert College Culture Tourism Management Hobbies: Rock climbing addicted, folk dancing and lin-

    gua litalianoTwo things I want to do before I die:

    Conquer the peak of the Everest! Discover/invent new way of travelling.

    R. T.

  • Alyona Vishnevska (DROI)

    Annika Ader (CULT I)

    Alex Coates (CULT II)

    Anna-Trine Raudsepp (AFET)

    Reinis Tutns (LIBE I)

    Mris Rutkis (ECON)

    Laura Vizule (LIBE II)

    Ieva Pastare - general journalist

    Age: 18From Kiev, Ukraine

    Studies: Lazarski University, International Relations

    Hobbies: Dancing, volleyball, eat-ing ice-cream

    Age: 20From Tallinn, Estonia

    Studies: Sociology at Tallinn UniversityHobbies: Enjoying pop-culture

    Age: 18From Stroud, United Kingdom

    Studies: American Studies at Can-terbury Christ Church University

    Hobbies: Tennis, football, pub quizzes

    Age: 19From Tallinn, Estonia

    Studies: Law at the University of TartuHobbies: EYP, dancing, sports, politics,

    debating, music, books

    Age: 19From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Business Administration at Riga Business School

    Hobbies: Cycling, basketball, reading, travelling

    Age: 18From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Riga State 1st GymnasiumHobbies: Fantasising, writing, playing basketball, taking pictures of my cat

    Age: 17From Smiltene, Latvia

    Studies: Smiltene GymnasiumHobbies: Dancing, partying and every-

    thing thats somehow connected to music

    Age: 19From Rzekne, Latvia

    Studies/work: RISEBA, audiovisual media art

    Hobbies: Rolling on the floor and can-dies

  • The organIZers You probalby wont even wonder where all the coffee comes from or who makes sure, that your committee has enough post-its or why are you allowed to sleep in the school. All of that is because of the Organ-

    isers and their work.

    Probably you wont see them around too much. They usually move really fast and are busy as hell making the session happen and taking care of the basic needs of the delegates (you). In addition, sometimes they can be the masters of camouflage. Nevertheless, when you re-ally need them, they will always be there to help. If you take a really

    good look around, you can always spot one somewhere nearby.

    Feel free to chat with them about something not connected to the or-ganising, for example, is Selena Gomez still together with Bieber. An opportunity like that to get the orgas oppinion on your special matter

    is highly valuable.

    by IeVa pasTare

    Mrti ilinskis, the Head-Organizer

    Toms Vilnis, the Head-Organizer

    Age: 20From Jelgava, Latvia

    Studies Political Science at the University of LatviaHobbies: Exciting activities such as sleeping, eating and do-

    ing nothingTwo things I want to do before I die: Create eternal peace on Earth, lie less about the things I want to do before I die

    Age: 20.From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Law at the University of LatviaHobbies: Sitting on my apartments balcony with a self-rolled

    cigarette and coffee while trying to convince myself that exis-tential nihilism is wrong

    Two things I want to do before I die: Live..

    I. P.

    Klvs Galenieks, organizer

    Age: 20From Bauska, Latvia

    Studies: Riga Technical University, Architecture

    Hobbies: Basketball, sketching, EYP

  • Reinholds R. Razums

    Teiksma Jankava

    Elne Putne

    Anna Marija Leinska

    Kristina Spalva

    Viktorija Malieva

    Kerija Janevska

    Viktorija Ostrovska

    Age: 18From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Riga State Gymnasium No.1.6.Hobbies: I enjoy doing sports, es-pecially tennis, basketball and also

    skiing in winter.

    Age: 16From Olaine, Latvija

    Studies: Olaine First HighschoolHobbies: Piano, Theatre, Music,

    Folk dances, Reading

    Age: 18From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Riga State Gymnasium Nr. 1Hobbies: architecture, cinema, danc-

    ing and baking

    Age: 17From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Riga Centre Language School

    Hobbies: swimming, knotting, reading, communicating, learning

    Age: 16From Jelgava, Latvia

    Studies: Ozolnieku secondary schoolHobbies: Art, photography, tennis

    Age:19From Riga, Latvia

    Studies: Riga Technical UniversityHobbies: eating bread and talking

    about bread

    Age: 15From Rga, Latvia

    Studies: Riga State Gymnasium Nr. 2Hobbies: folk dance, traveling, eating,


    Age: 19From Rezekne, Latvia

    Studies: RTU, Heat, Gas and Wather Tehnology

    Hobbies: singing , shaking hips in public places

  • coffee:frIend or eneMy?

    by laura VIZule

    As the modern world keeps be-coming even more stressful and busy, it always leaves us in lack of time. We, humans, try to replace our sleeping hours with even more time for work. But how could you ever be able to stay awake when youre so tired, you cant concentrate an-ymore, and your eyes just keep closing? Well thats the right time to call for help coffee.

    It all begun when Ethiopian shepherds first noticed the ef-fects of caffeine, when they saw their goats appearing to become frisky and dance after eating coffee berries, from which we now receive coffee beans. So, basically, goats discovered cof-fee.

    Coffee is made from roasted seeds of the coffee plant. These beans contain caffeine, which can have a stimulating effect on humans body- positive and negative. It can increase heart rate and blood pressure, it tem-porarily wards off drowsiness and restores alertness. But be careful, caffeine is still toxic at sufficiently high doses.

    Sleepless night are an integral part of every EYP session. No-body wants to miss even a tiny part of this important experi-ence. Every useful and help-ful way of staying awake is important. So, everybody, lets be thankful to our good friend Coffee, but at the same time, lets use it wisely.

    Did you know? The smell of coffee can restore appetite and refresh scent receptors. Overdosingcouldbethecauseofyoursleepdisturbancesorheadackes. Coffeeisnolongerthoughttobeariskfactorforheartdiseases. OriginallyAfricansmixedcoffeeberrieswithfatandformededibleEnergyballs Coffeewasdeclaredillegal3timesby3differentcultures,whichisunderstand-able, because both, American and French Revolutions were born in coffee houses. Over500billioncupsofcoffeearedrunkeachyearandoverhalfofthosearedrunk at breakfast, or it would be better to say for breakfast. Coffeecanactuallybeusedtofuelacar. Itistheworldsmostwidelyconsumedpsychoactivedrug.Yes,adrug.

    L. V.

  • This is

    Try to survive a day WITHOUT any coffee.

    Even at an EYP session, it is not impossible.

    Just be prepared to hold your eyes open!

  • body language

    Have you ever been in a situation when a person tells you some-thing and there is no particular reason why it wouldnt be true, but you get that feeling that some-thing is wrong? When they are saying yes, but you can sensethatit isano?Wheredoesthisfeeling come from?

    It is the body language that de-livers us information which we might not be aware of being shared. What we feel inside is re-flected on the outside by that non-verbal communication.

    Consciously or not, we show oth-ers our attitude towards them, the topic discussed and the situa-tion we are in at that moment. As it works the other way around, we also receive hidden messages sent by our opponent that could give us a lot of information if in-terpreted right.

    To find out about the basics of the body language, lets take a look at Marti and Marvel - two brothers, who have just arrived to an EYP session as delegates. We are go-ing to spy a little bit.

    They both meet new people and start conversations. Martis pos-ture is firm, with his shoulders back. He speaks clearly and on a moderate rate, looking direct-

    ly into other persons eyes, plus his eyebrows were raised a few times.

    On the other side of the room, Mar-vel is having his own conversa-tion. He is standing with his arms crossed and his body leans away from the op...


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