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  • 1. Dear Zane, I really wanted this to be something fun for you to do. Instead it became something of a nightmare for both you and me. I suppose I can't really blame you as it's technically Tina's fault that she flirted with you in front of everyone else. But why do these things always seem to happen to you? And while I'm here, if you happen to be recreated in another dimension, could you please pick someone nice? You know, someone who will appreciate you and love you. No? Really? Why? Oh, I see. You like being the Woobie. That's the only explanation I can come up with. Oh Zane, Zane, Zane. Well, don't get mad at me when you aren't pleased with the outcome. KTHXBAI Hugs and Kisses, Peasant007 ***
  • 2. Cassandra was the one who ended up being left out of the hot tub date. She grumbled and sulked to herself, not knowing why she was upset. Zane had really made her angry so she really didn't want to spend any more time with him. Suddenly a way to improve her mood struck her, and she walked upstairs.
  • 3. Yeah! Take that! Using full force, she threw another dart. There! Have another one! She threw another dart.
  • 4. Bullseye! Yeah, you don't want to get angry, do you? Oh, but you will, Zane. I promise you, you will!
  • 5. Downstairs in the hut tub, Zane was feeling more uncomfortable than he had ever felt before. Both Samantha and Meadow had taken to glaring at him and Tina and not doing much else.
  • 6. Of course, he really wasn't saying all that much either. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. It was as if along the fringes of his mind there was a bunch of voices screaming, warning him that Tina was going to hurt him. Then again, it could also just be a side effect from the headache that was beginning to pound behind his eyes.
  • 7. In an effort to break the silence, Zane cleared his throat. about that local sports team? He winced at how stupid that sounded, especially since he had no knowledge what so ever about any sort of sport.
  • 8. Tina smiled at him in a condescending manner. Oh Zane, you're so cute when you're nervous. But sports, really? Well...I suppose I can think of one sport you would be most interested in trying. Zane felt his eyes go wide and his cheeks heat up with embarrassment. And then...the dream fell out of his control.
  • 9. In a rather mature tone, Meadow chimed in. Oh Zane, he's so physically fit. Look at him with his top off over there. Cut and chiseled. It's almost like he's an Adonis statue. Zane was horrified to see that the other two girls looked over his bare chest with appreciation.
  • 10. I'm telling you, Meadow continued, we could rub some oil on him and he'd be like one of those guys in those stud calendars. Samantha nodded and smiled in agreement.
  • 11. For the love of God, I don't want to go there! Zane exclaimed as he shut his eyes and tried as hard as he could to shift the dream into something a bit more comfortable. When he opened his eyes, he noticed that everyone, including himself, was dressed in their normal clothes.
  • 12. Now, please, let's not talk about oil or anything else like that. Okay? No oil. No statues. Sports. Real sports! He stressed that last part.
  • 13. He sighed, somewhat relieved, that they had all fallen silent. He noticed curiously that he was far more comfortable with their ire than with the thought of them talking about...something he had absolutely no experience with. At least with sports, he would only embarrass himself a little bit with his lack of knowledge.
  • 14. Well we could always talk about the merits of spatulas, Samantha said after a moment.
  • 15. No spatulas, Sam. You go way too far! Zane doesn't like-- Gaaaahh! Zane screamed, blushing furiously as he scrambled out of the hot tub. He barely noticed that his clothes were completely dry as he bolted from the room. ***
  • 16. Though it hadn't been mentioned out loud, everyone inherently knew that it was time for everyone to dress in their formal wear for dinner and dates for the night. All of the girls dressed in their potential wedding dresses and waited for Zane to enter the room. While they were waiting, Cassandra looked over at Samantha and laughed. You're supposed to dress nice for this. You call that nice?
  • 17. What? I was under the impression that we were supposed to wear our finest and most formal. My Class A uniform is my finest and most formal. Why are you guys wearing wedding dresses? The other girls just snickered.
  • 18. Zane had managed to regain his composure while he got dressed up himself. He made a mental promise that he wouldn't let any more of those thoughts enter his dream. He was having a difficult enough time as it is with the girls and his other apparent issues without adding that. He walked into the living room and paused when he saw the waiting women.
  • 19. Marriage That's something I'll never experience, he though unhappily to himself as he looked at the girls in their formal wear. He almost chuckled a bit at the desperate nature of his subconscious, if most of the girls weren't so angry at him that is.
  • 20. Wordlessly, he poured the champagne into the glasses on the tray and motioned to the four women, inviting them to help themselves. In an almost silent ritual, the girls took their glasses and drank the liquid, not really looking at Zane; though Samantha nodded and smiled in appreciation at the taste. Zane sighed and realized that everyone except Tina was still mad at him, despite the rowdy comments that were said in the hut tub earlier.
  • 21. He decided that he was going to have to make massive rounds of multiple apologies, or at least attempt at apologizing. Before he could utter a word however, Meadow approached Samantha and attempted to start a fight with her. Zane winced and felt it best to start apologizing to someone else.
  • 22. Cassandra glared at him when he approached her. Biting the bullet though, he launched into a heartfelt apology. Cassandra, I am truly sorry for upsetting you. I didn't mean for it to happen and--
  • 23. Do you even know what you're apologizing for? Cassandra interrupted. Zane winced. I, uh, well I'm apologizing for the fact that Tina hugged me and-- Did you want her to hug you? He hung his head and Cassandra pursed her lips. That's what I thought. Your apology is not accepted, she said as she turned away from him.
  • 24. Zane attempted to get Cassandra to talk to him some more, but before he could fully turn around, Meadow was right there slapping him in the face. Again. I'm still super mad at you, Zane! Why did you do that? Why are you still doing it? She huffed at him and stomped away.
  • 25. He sunk his head into his hands. Why am I doing this? He asked himself. Why am I still dreaming about this? Why haven't I woken up yet? I made my decision, didn't I? He was beginning to feel frustrated and he had the sinking feeling that no matter how much he wanted out of the dream, his subconscious was not going to let him wake up yet.
  • 26. With a sigh, he turned around to sit on the couch and noticed that Samantha had also decided to lounge there. He sat down and after a moment, he spoke to her. I want out, he bluntly stated. I'm tapped. How do I wake up? She quirked an eyebrow and didn't look at him when she answered. Zane, have you ever had a nightmare where you desperately wanted to run away from the monster chasing you, but your feet were stuck to the ground? His mind flashed to a number of barely remembered nightmares that he had while growing up and he hesitantly nodded. Samantha smiled. This is a rather similar situation, isn't it? His mouth went dry. Nightmare? But-- Before he could finish, Samantha got up and walked away without another word.