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<p>You Need to Quit Your Job</p> <p>You Need to Quit Your JobkpdA Little About MeI was a scientistI was a coderI was an architect</p> <p>This is Not About TechnologyIt is about technologistsIts about happiness, and balanceWhen you find balance, you find peaceA Little About YouToday Im focused on two types of peopleA Little About YouToday Im focused on two types of people</p> <p>A Little About YouToday Im focused on two types of people</p> <p>8 hours for working minimumHalf hour for lunchAn hour to commute it adds up60%&gt;60%?</p> <p> Sleep is a Public Health EpidemicWe have the best jobs</p> <p>When You First Get HiredEnthusiasm is highGot that new project smellTeam may be new or developingYour ideas are needed and freshAnd You Did ThatHoneymoon OverNow youre the maintenance teamOr some of the team moves to other departments or leaves entirely.Knowledge departsAnd now you may be stuck holding the bag</p> <p>And you may even start resenting it. Your skills may start to atrophy.But youre comfortable, and change is hard.</p> <p></p> <p>Symptoms</p> <p>Ive got twenty-five years experience writing code, and I dont need anyone elses input.</p> <p>Signs</p> <p>Are you not entertained?Dont believe in the managements vision</p> <p>The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities</p> <p>{ Stephen Covey }Perfect is the enemy ofgoodPerfect is the enemy ofdone</p> <p>Well, if the product is walking</p> <p> master of none</p> <p>The Parable of the Stonecutters</p> <p>"Consider what you are doing and ponder whether it is worthy that you devote your life to it." --Rabbi NachmaRemote WorkTelecommuting up nearly 79% from 2005 and now makes up 2.6% of the work force - at home increases productivity (+13%) and reduces turnover (-50%) -</p> <p>You Need to Quit Your JobkpdThanks to Some Inspirational Folks!Cori Drew - Because PEOPLE. Because PASSION. Cichelli Crafting Your Career, That Conference 2012Elizabeth Naramore Stop Drinking Spoiled Milk Amir Rajan Rebooting Life - Hanselman - It's not what you read, it's what you ignore - That Conference 2015: August 10-12We want you to comeWe want you to learnWe want you to participateWe want you to teachWe want you to We want you</p> <p>Find Me. Talk to Me.</p> <p>You Need to Quit Your Jobkpd</p>