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  1. 1. April 2nd, 2013Published by: thedreamachieverAric Jackson - Coach To YoungEntrepreneurs & LeadersCompanies no longer show loyalty to their employees. Theyre[Yahoo Interview] Its Official more interested in boosting profits and revenue whichWhy You Should Quit Your Jobmeans releasing expensive staff employees (due to health carebenefits, 401k contributions) and replacing them with cheaper(Make sure you read this entire temp employees. (Ready to quit your job yet?)article to see why You Should QuitAltucher says this situation is happening in just about everysector of the economy and he ought to know he sits on theYour Job and turn in your two weekboard of a publicly traded temp hiring firm.notice.)If youre stuck in a cubicle you have a target on your backthe CEO is looking to cut you out, he declares. Temp staffingAfter reading this article you will see the writing is on the wallis sweeping the nation. Do you see why you should quit yourwith these statistics, and why you should quit your job today.job?Greater than 12 million Americans are jobless and 40% ofNow for the Best Partthese individuals have been out of work for longer than sixOpportunities for Success exist like never before.months.Take for example The Empower Network which hasOverall the U.S. economy may be improving but a majorityallowed me to go from broke, busted and struggling working aAmericans still cannot find a job.Full Time job that I was suffering through about a year agoThis trend will undoubtedly continue in the foreseeable futureTo now living my dream life traveling the country, making asays James Altucher, managing director of Formula Capital,difference with Teens across the country and earning the typean asset management firm. of money to where I do not have to work another Full TimeThe author and venture capitalist tells The Daily Tickersor even part time job. All of this is also from the luxury of myAaron Task that the U.S. is moving toward an employee-less home.society.If youre just sitting still, shuffling paper, theyre going to fireyou, he argues. Cubicles have become commodities. Yourelike the walking dead if you have a job.As reported by Altucher, businesses used the 2008 financialcrisis as an excuse to eliminate dead wood and the firingtrend hasnt stopped. 1
  2. 2. April 2nd, 2013 Published by: thedreamachieverJust stay away from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and anyother fear installing medium, including newspaper, magazineor website headlines that involve drama, chaos, scandal or anysituation that does not relate to inspiring, uplifting stories &videos.The volatile work climate has convincedAltucher that when it comes to employeesyou should quit your job.I can say I truly understand that because I quit my job last year!My Last day (and my new Anniversary Date) was January 31,2013.Then, youll increase the probability that no matter what isHe list 10 reasons why you should quit your job. going on, anywhere in the World, near or far Youll be in a completely different World that YOUVE1. The Middle Class Is Dead created, and one that you love.2. Youve Been Replaced You will have the option to be abundant, safe, healthy, wealthy,3. Corporations Dont Like You and wise.4. Money Is Not HappinessYouve got the choice to feel love for yourself & for others & live5. Count Right Now How Many People Can Make A Majora lifetime of power & prosperity. Decision That Can Ruin Your LifeYoull feel whole & complete and will never be a victim or6. Is Your Job Satisfying Your Needs?subject to a loss or lack of anything.7. Your Retirement Plan Is For Sh-tLife can be easy, free flowing and generous. Because you will already have everything you require, inside8. Excuses your World, your Body, your Mind, your Spirit, as well as your9. Its OK To Take Baby StepsBank Account. 10. Abundance Will Never Come From Your Job You will never feel YOU are not enough, that there is not enough or any lack, or poverty consciousness that keeps a lotOf course, packing up your cubicle and leaving a steadyof people broke, busted and disgusted with themselves, theirpaycheck is easier said than done. lives and everything around them.Even if an employee waits to be fired to collect unemploymentAnd as a reminder, from someone whos name I forget at thebenefits, the weekly sum is going to be significantly less thanmoment saidones current take home pay.So Altucher offers a compromise: stay at your job but becomeOne does not need money, power, buildings or statusan to practice the Art of Peace Heaven is right whereyou are standing, and THAT is the place to train.With that he means building connections and networking withemployees in other divisions or even starting another business If this makes sense to you and you are ready to surroundon the side yourself with a higher level of consciousness, inside what isLook for alternative sources of income, he advisesbecoming the worlds richest online marketing team get started here