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Use Writer's Eyes to help motivate your elementary students to correctly form sentences and look at what they write with careful editing skills. :)


I use my Writer Eyes when I write sentences!

Using Writers Eye (Grades K-3)The basics of the Writer's Eye is to teach children to ask themselves questions while writing: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Do I see a capital letter at the beginning of my sentence? Do I see finger spaces between the words I have written? Did I use lowercase letters throughout my sentence? (May be exceptions) Is my spelling correct? Do I see a punctuation mark at the end of my sentence? Does my sentence make sense when I read it?

To introduce Writers Eye, post an incorrect sentence on the SMART Board that includes all/most of the mistakes listed above. As students raise their hands to offer corrections, have them place their Writers Eyes on (goofy lens-less glasses) and tell you the correction. Believe me, the glasses are a great motivator for participation! Make the correction on the board & discuss. After the correction has been made, give the student the Writers Eye Card (cut and laminated) that matches their suggestion. After all corrections have been made, have students with cards come to the front one at a time and review their card aloud to the class. Read the sentence together. Keep all materials in a bucket to use cards and goofy glasses. Independent practice is recommended after this review. Teachers are encouraged to wear their Writer Eyes Glasses as they monitor/correct student work. Have fun!Adapted from - http://mrsphippen.blogspot.com/2010/03/writers-eye-glasses.html Bystrom Fall 2011

I see a CAPITAL letter at the start of my sentence.

I seelowercase letters

in my sentence.

My sentence makes sense when I read it!

I see finger spaces between my words.

I see punctuation at the end of my sentence.

My sentence has correct spelling!

Independent Practice & ReviewSentence building worksheets can be found at www.education.com/worksheets. It is a wonderful resource for teachers and completely free! See the pages 6-8 to view a selection of these printable worksheets.__________________________________________________________________________

Writers Eye GlassesYou can find a variety of lens-less glasses at a dollar store, thrift shop, or simply create your own. I used old glasses I had accumulated from my grandmother and simply punched out the lenses. Include larger glasses in your bucket so that students who wear glasses can place them right over the top! ;)

I discovered these fun glasses templates at http://www.firstpalette.com/tool_box/printables/Eyeglasses.html You can download the free printable templates at this website.

Materials: Heavy printable card stock Scissors Cellophane paper (optional) Glue Pencil Items to decorate glassesglitter, paint, stickers, foam shapes, sequence

Glasses Templatesee website ________________________________________________________________________


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More worksheets at www.education.com/worksheets

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