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SMC_952Huron Web Printing & Graphics 1-800-267-8553LIMIT 3 Per househoLdLB.FreshGroundRoundFamily Pack$229WaysideRestaurantStyle Bacon5 lb. Box$999BonelessSkinlessChicken BreastValue Pack$139FreshBone-InPork SirloinRoast99LB. LB.LB.$229USDA ChoiceBoneless BeefEnglish RoastPer lb.SpartanJumboBiscuits16 oz. 10/$10CountryFreshOrange Juice 1/2 Gallon 3/$5IdahoPotatoes10 lb. Bag $299SpartanShredded orChunk Cheese8 oz. 3/$5SpartanFrozenVegetablesBroccoli Cuts, Cut Corn,Peas & Carrots, Regular orFrench Cut Green Beans, Crinkle Cut Carrots, Peas orMixed Vegetables16 oz. 10/$10TotinosParty Pizza9.8-10.9 oz. orPizza Rolls15 Ct. 10/$10BrawnyPaper Towels6 Big Rolls or8 Regular Rolls $6 99SpartanBath Tissue12 Double Rolls $499General MillsCerealCheerios, 8.9 oz.Cocoa Puffs, 11.8 oz.Multi-Grain Cheerios, 9 oz.Golden Grahams, 12 oz. $188DeansCountry FreshIce Cream orYogurtScrounds48 oz. $299Oranges4 lb. Bag $299FreshMichiganApplesGala or McIntosh5 lb. Bag $399LIMIT 2 Per househoLd$399 8 Piece Baked or FriedChicken$699 SpartanCoffee30.9-34.5 oz.(Excludes 100%Colombian)2/$6 Arm & HammerLiquid LaundryDetergent45-75 oz. orPower Packs28 Ct.$699SpartanCookingOil128 oz.10/$10 Hearth OvenBakersWhite or WheatBread20 oz. Loaf orHamburger orHot Dog Buns8 Ct.3/$5 DominoSugar4 lb. Bag3/$999 7UPProducts12 Pk., 12 oz. Cans8 Pk., 12 oz. Btls.(Plus Deposit)2/$5 Red RoseTea Bags100 Ct.Served 8-8 On Friday October 11th OnlyWith Additional $20.00 Purchase. AdditionalQuantities 2/$5Product of the USA WOW HOT HOT!WOW HOT HOT! WOW HOT HOT!WOW HOT HOT! WOW HOT HOT!INSPECTEDWe reserve the right to limit quantities. Some items may not be as pictured. Shoppers Market is not responsible for printer errors.Serving You Since1974FEATURING:Angus Beef & Farm Fresh ProduceVisit us on our Hours:Monday To Saturday 8am 10pmSunday 8am - 9pmWE doublEmost manufacturErscouponsWith a facE valuE of up to$100sEE storEfor dEtailsCenTerLIne25225 Van dykenorth of 10 Mile586-755-4222 Money Orders 20 Bill Payment Center Western Union Money Transfer Faxes Copies CoinstarCenterlineCenterlineCenterlineCenterlinePrices Effective : Tuesday, Oct.8th- Monday Oct. 14th , 2013FolgersK-Cups12 Ct.$599Mrs.Butterworthssyrup64 oz.$399BrooksChili Beans30.5 oz.3/$5Quaker Life Cereal13 oz. orCapN CrunchCereal10.3-14 oz.2/$5Aunt JemimaPancake Mix32 oz.$199nestlehot CocoaMini Marshmallow orRegular6 Ct.10/$10 Maruchannoodles24 Pack2/$9Krafteasy Mac or Velveeta shells & Cheese4 ct.$349spartanApplesauce6 ct., 4 oz. cups $179 Caprisun10 ct.(excludes 100% and super v)$229V8V-Fusion or TomatoJuice36 - 46 oz. 2/$6ocean sprayCranberry 100% Juice60 - 64 oz. or 4 ct.2/$6Frankshot sauceOriginal Only12 oz.2/$4spartanEgg Noodles(16 oz.),Yolkless Noodles or Jumbo Shells (12 oz.) or Lasagna (16 oz.) 3/$5HuntsTomatoes(28 oz.) or Tomato Sauce (29 oz.) 3/$5spartanMayonnaise orSalad Dressing(30 oz. jar) or Squeeze (22 oz.) 2/$5Progressosoup or recipe starters18 - 19 oz.(excludes vegetable classics)3/$4Minute rice(4.4 - 14 oz.); orSuccess Rice (14 oz.)$179spartanDeluxeMacaroni & Cheese orCreamy shells & Cheese12 - 14 oz.3/$5PurexLiquidLaundry Detergent150 oz.$597MajesticBleachGallon2/$3spartan9-inch WhitePaper Plates150 ct.$399spartanFabric softener sheetsFresh or Linen Scent40 ct.10/$10spartannapkinsRegular (250 ct.) or Elegant (100 ct.)$179spartanFacial TissueFlat Box (184 ct.) or Ultra with Lotion Cube (75 ct.)10/$109 LivesCanned Cat Food4 ct.3/$5IamsDog Food16 lb. Bag orCat Food16 lb. Bag$1699spartanPasta(12 - 16 oz.) or Whole Wheat (13.25 oz.)(excludes noodles, lasagna, garden pasta and super pasta)10/$10 spartansqueeze KetchupRegular (24 oz.) orUpside Down (20 oz.)or Mustard (20 oz.)10/$10 spartanGravyTurkey, Beef or Chicken12 oz. jar10/$10spartanMashed orspecialty Potatoes4.5 - 7.2 oz.10/$10Country FreshTruMooChocolate MilkWhole or 1%quart10/$10 spartanChunk LightTuna in Water5 oz.10/$10 spartanCanned Pasta sauce24 oz.10/$10 spartanStuffing Mix6 oz.10/$10spartanCake Mix(16.5 oz.) or Frosting (16 oz.)10/$10 spartanMarshmallowsRegular (10 oz.) or Mini (10.5 oz.)10/$10 spartanMicrowavePopcorn (3 ct.) or Mini Bags (4 ct.)10/$1010/$10 - MIX OR MATCH! -10/$10Hungry JackAu Gratin or Cheesyscalloped Potatoes6.1 oz.10/$10spartanFlourAll-Purpose, Bread or Unbleached5 lbs.$179hoMe essenTIALsGroCerY sAVInGsPOP, BrEaD & SNaCkS Purchase 7 Cans of Any Kind ofEnfamil Powder Formula (12.5 oz.) and Receive Your Choice of FREE!Huggies or Pampers Diapers(Up to 50 Ct.) BeringerWine750 btl.(plus tax ) $499BarefootWine1.5 Liter(plus tax) $1099BollaWine750 ml.(plus tax) $699Carlo rossiWineAssorted Varieties4 Liter Bottle(plus tax ) $1199FranziaWinefranzia chillable red , crisp white, fruity red sangria, refreshing white, or sunset blush5 Liter Box(plus tax ) $1199angry Orchard6 Pack, 12 oz. Btls.(plus tax & deposit) $799Budweiser orBud Light24 oz. Cans(plus tax & deposit) 10/$10Labatt regularor Light orCoors Light24 Pack 12 oz. Cans(plus tax & deposit) $1499Milwaukees Bestor Natural Light18 Pack, 12 oz. Cans(plus tax & deposit) $799Miller Lite orMGD Beer 6 Pack, 16 oz. Cans(plus tax & deposit)$3993/$5dozenJumbo EggsDozen$199spartanhalf & half(32 oz.) or Heavy Whipping Cream (16 oz.)2/$4spartanGarlic Bread(11.75 - 16 oz.), Toast (13 - 14 oz.) or Bread Sticks (10.5 - 11.5 oz.)KraftYellow CheeseSinglesOriginal OnlyIndividually Wrapped12 oz., 16 Slices2/$5diGiornoPizza14 - 34.2 oz.(Includes Flatbread)$5392/$6Coffee-mateCreamer32 oz.$399BanquetBoneless Chicken24 - 26.5 oz.(excludes boneless wyngz)3/$5spartanCream Cheese8 oz. Tub or Brick3/$5spartanWaffles12.3 oz.10/$10Imperialspread16 oz. Sticks or8 oz. Spread2/$5MarieCallenders3 Meat 4 CheeseLasagna19 oz.3/$2Yoplait(4 - 6 oz.) or Stonyfield Yogurt (6 oz.)(Excludes Greek)$288Hungry-Mandinners13.1 - 17 oz.2/$5Valu TimeButter1 lb.$999hot PocketsFamily Size12 Ct.$199daisysour Cream or Cottage Cheese16 oz.99spartanWhippedToppingRegular or Light8 oz.Minute MaidOrange Juice59 oz.2/$62/$5ore-IdaFrozen Potatoes19 - 32 oz.Pepsi orMountain dewProducts2 liter btl. (plus deposit)4/$5doritosChips9.5-10 oz.(Excludes Baked, Light orNatural)2/$6Pringles5.3 - 6.6 oz.2/$3LaysPotato Chips9.5-10 oz.(Excludes Baked, Light orNatural)2/$6sunshineCrackersKrispy (11 - 16 oz.) orCheez-It (6 - 7 oz.); orKeebler Zesta Saltines (16 oz.), Mini Cookies (8 oz.) or Famous Amos (8 oz.)$199Frito LayClassic orFlavor Cube32 ct.$999FaygoProducts2 liter btls. (plus deposit)10/$10Little debbiesnacksVanilla or Chocolate Fall Party Cakes (12 - 12.5 oz.),Pumpkin Delights (9.8 oz.), Fall Marshmallow Treats(6.7 oz.), Chocolate Fall Trees (7.4 oz.) orBat Brownies (10.14 oz.)3/$5TostitosTortilla Chips9 - 13 oz.2/$5Coca-ColaProducts12 pk., 12 oz. cans or 8 pk., 12 oz. btls.(plus deposit)3/$11MichelinasEntrees, Dinners,Flatbread or Breakfast Biscuit4 - 9.5 oz.10/$10BEErWiNEdAIrYFrOzENUSDA InspectedBone-insirloin ChopsFamily Pack$159LB. LB.USDA InspectedBone-inCountry styleribs from sirloinValue Pack$139 USDA InspectedsmokedPork neckBones$149 PurnellSausage Biscuit30 oz., 20 Ct.$599BonelessChickenBreastDiced, Strips & ThinFamily Pack$299LB.LB.TysonCornish hensTwin Pack$699 Chickendrums89 Lake LanierBreadedChicken4 lb. Pkg.$799Sea Bestscallops16 oz. Pkg.$599 Sea BestCatfishFillets 16 oz. Pkg.$599 Sea BestPollockFillets16 oz. Pkg.$399 Sea BestBreaded ShrimpRegular or Coconut9 oz. Pkg.$399INSPECTED INSPECTEDINSPECTEDINSPECTED INSPECTEDINSPECTEDUSDA InspectedBonelessBeef StewFamily PackUSDA InspectedBeef T-Bone orPorterhousesteakFamily Pack$299LB. $399LB. $299LB.Thorn AppleValleyTurkey or ham 14-16 oz. Pkg.$299oscar MayerBologna orsalami16 oz. Pkg.3/$5 GrobbelsPoint CutCorned Beef$299 JohnsonvilleBratsAssorted Varieties19 oz.$499oscar MayerTurkeyBacon12 oz. Pkg.$299 HyGradesHot Dogs16 oz. Pkg.4/$5eckrichsmoked orPolish Sausage42 oz. Pkg.(Excludes Beef)$499 oscar MayerLunchablesWith Juice3/$5USDA InspectedBeef CubesteaksFamily PackLB.LB.LB.LB.Garden Freshsalsa16 oz. orhummus10 oz.2/$6Kowalskihard salami$499WholeBakedChicken$499eAKowalskiPolish ham$499LB.sara Leeoven roastedGolden TurkeyBreast $599LB.KowalskiCorned Beef orroast Beef $599LB.Yellow or WhiteAmerican Cheese $399LB.LB.Source of Vitamin CMixedBaby Bell Peppers5 ct. pkg.2/$5Source of Vitamin CNakedAll NaturalJuice Blendsor Protein Zone Flavor Blends15.2 oz.2/$5Good Source of Vitamin CEnglishSeedlessCucumberseach10/$10Source of Fiber, High in Vitamin CFresh SelectionsBaby B SizeRed Potatoes3 lb. bag2/$5Good Source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B6 and FolatePremiumYellow Onions3 lb. bag$149Good Source of Vitamin CCaliforniaCelery Heartspkg.2/$3Source of Vitamin ATaylor FarmsChopped SaladsSelected Varieties12 - 12.6 oz.$299Good Source of Lycopene and Vitamins A & CRoma orBeefsteak Tomatoes$129lb.Source of Vitamin AFresh Express Salad Blends, Baby Blends or Kitsincluding NEW Single Serve Blends and New Chopped Salad Kits3-12 oz.2/$5BUTCHEr SHOP QUaLiTY AT SUPERMARKET PRICESFARM FRESH ProduCeDELi & HOT FOOD & BakErY WE MakE CUSTOM CakES FOr aLL OCCaSiONS!