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  • 1. World War 2

2. V-J Day

  • Victory of Japan Aug. 14, 1945

3. V-E Day

  • Victory in Europe
  • WW2 ends
  • May 8, 1945

4. Holocaust

  • Genocide of European Jews by Nazi Germany in 1930s and 1940s
  • Six million Jews died in concentration camps

5. Battle of Midway

  • US Navy engaged Japanese Imperial Fleet in most decisive naval battle of WW2
  • US victory was turning point in war in Pacific
  • Japanese Navy aid and waste

6. Appeasement

  • Policy of giving in to an aggressors demands in order to keep peace

7. Battle of Bulge

  • Thousands of Allied troops mortally wounded to secure final victory
  • Germans staged last major offenses against Allies

8. Blitzkrieg

  • Lightening war
  • 1 stbomb then move in with tanks and troops like against Poland

9. Hiroshima

  • 1 stJapanese city US dropped bomb

10. Nagasaki

  • 2 ndJapanese city US dropped a bomb

11. Anti-Semitism

  • Prejudice, against Jews

12. Allies

  • Britain, France, Russia, USA

13. Totalitarianism

  • The government has total control of a persons life, dicatorship

14. Axis Powers

  • Germany, Italy, and Japan formed Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis
  • Had agreements for Alliance cleared way of anti-democratic aggressor powers

15. Mein Kampf

  • A book by Hitler of his obsessions
  • Became basic book of Nazi goals and ideology

16. Concentration Camps

  • Detention center for civilians who are considered enemies of a country

17. Pearl Harbor

  • General Tojo ordered surprise attack on American fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • US declared war on Japan
  • 1942, 2,403 died

18. Partition

  • Dividing and sparation

19. Lend-Lease Act

  • It allowed FDR to sell or lend war materials to any country whose defense the president deems vital to the defense to US

20. Lebensraum

  • Living space for German Race

21. Kamikaze

  • Japanese pilots who under took suicide missions crashing their explosive-laden airplanes into American Warships

22. Ribbentrop- Molotov Pact

  • German- Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
  • To divide Poland

23. Atomic Bomb

  • Nagasaki and Hiroshima got A Bombed
  • Japanese cities
  • Americans set bomb

24. Yalta Agreement

  • Feb. 1945
  • Churchill, FDR, Stalin met in SU discussed post war

25. Potsdam Agreement

  • Agree on policy for occupation and reconstruction of Germany and other nations

26. FDR

  • Pres. US WW2
  • (32) pres. of US

27. Joseph Stalin

  • Dictator of Russia during WW2
  • Fought Hitler

28. Adolf Hitler

  • Leader of Nazi
  • Wrote Mein Kampf
  • Dictator of Germany
  • Tried to eliminate Jews
  • Tried to take over Europe

29. Winston Churchill

  • Prime minister of Great Britain during WW2

30. Benito Mussolini

  • Dictator of Italy- WW2
  • IL Duce

31. Eisenhower

  • Allied Commander during WW2

32. What was Europe's position towards Hitler's aggression?

  • Europe didnt want another war they gave into Hitler appeasement

33. How did Fascism take shape in Italy?

  • Mussolini- dictator came to power governed due to poor leadership, high unemployment, high taxes, promoted nationalism

34. Who were the major players on the global stage?

  • Axis- Germany, Japan, Italy, France, US, Great Britain
  • Allies- Russia

35. How Nazism took place in Germany?

  • Hitler promoted Nationalism poor leadership and bad economic condition and resentment to treaty of Vers.

36. What was the attitude of US before US hit of Pearl Harbor?

  • The US wanted to stay out of the war policy
  • isolationism

37. Some major battles of WW2?

  • D-day
  • Battle of Bulge
  • Battle of Midway
  • VJ Day
  • VE Day

38. Why were casualties so high?

  • Weapons more advanced
  • Planes dropped bombs, A-bomb, tanks, aircraft carriers, subs

39. Causes of WW2?

  • Germany invades Poland
  • Economic Depression
  • Militarism, Nationalism, Imperialism
  • Germany angry over Treaty of Vers.

40. What were the Questions the US had to ask to dropping the A-bomb?

  • Should US bomb city to save many US soldiers lives to end the war?