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<p> 1. Cup Brazil 2014World Cup Brazil 2014 and Random and Interesting Facts You must KnowSports enthusiasts across the globe are now buzzing about World Cup Brazil 2014 and it is something that evennon-sports lovers look forward to as they support their own countries teams. If you are just catching up with theexcitement, here are some facts that you must know about the most anticipated sports event.Qualifiers are on FIFAs WebsiteFIFAs website has all the updates that hardcore World Cup fans can read. Even qualifiers from differentcontinents are also posted on the website. Found at the lower part of the page, you can select the continent andsee other countries teams and their scores. Other details like schedules and news updates are also posted forfans reference.Facts Behind the LogoThe logo shows three hands forming a ball and lifting it up high. Colors green and yellow are used to representthe host country and a way of welcoming every team coming from different nations. The World Cup Brazil 2014logo was selected from entries coming from Brazilian-based agencies.Get to Know BrazucaBrazuca is the name of the official match ball of the tournament designed by Adidas, the official ball supplier fordecades. The balls design incorporates colorful elements that represent Brazils vibrant culture. Adidas selected 2. the name Brazuca for the 2014 World Cup after narrowing down their list to three name options.The Birth of FulecoFuleco is the World Cup 2014 official mascots name. The mascot is an armadillo, which is known for curling upinto a ball to defend itself from predators. Just like the logo, Fuleco was selected through voting. Fu-l isderived from football and eco came from ecology.Everything is SocialAside from the website, people can also follow 2014 World Cup Brazil through various social media platforms likeTwitter and Facebook. Logging on to these platforms will show you the latest news and other updates that youwant to know about the game.Highlighting Brazils EffortsEvery country chosen to host tournaments exerts effort to welcome the teams coming from different countries.Brazil, however, took the effort to the next level by spending a huge amount of money on various projects inpreparation for World Cup 2014. Statistics show that Brazil holds the record of having the most expenses for thetournament, spending up to $14 billion US dollars.Video Game was ReleasedAn official game for the tournament was released in April to let gamers experience the World Cup 2014s theme.The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a single and multiplayer game designed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 andpublished by EA Sports.World Cup Brazil 2014 is indeed the most anticipated sports event. These interesting facts make the tournamentmore appealing to fans on top of just supporting their teams in an exciting sports. </p>