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<p>Presentation title</p> <p>The Cushman &amp; Wakefield WORKDAY ADOPTION JOURNEY SO FARMark PowellPartner EMEA Capital Markets, Cushman &amp; Wakefield</p> <p>#Visit: or follow us on Twitter: @CushWake</p> <p>WELCOME TO CUSHMAN &amp; WAKEFIELDCushman &amp; Wakefield is one of the largest commercial real estate services firms in the world.</p> <p>#Good morning, Im Mark Powell, a partner of Cushman &amp; Wakefield, specialising in European investment advisory work, though have now dabbled in Change Management</p> <p>As brief background, Cushman &amp; Wakefield is a global real estate services provider, specialising in commercial property, with over 200 offices in 60 countries.</p> <p>The firm has recently undergone a corporate merger. When we started the Workday journey, we were 15000 employees in 57 countries more about that later.2</p> <p>Our Workday projectWhat was our ambition</p> <p>HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (HCM)A comprehensive solution to manage our entire global workforce from hire to retireProcurementImproved requisition-to-payment process for acquisition of goods, services, and contingent labourComprehensive Time TrackingEnhanced capability to track labour cost to client profitability with improved compliance controlsFinancials &amp; ReportingA globally unified, efficient solution for managing internal data, external data, and processingTalent ManagementA holistic approach to talent management, performance-driven pay, and leadership succession planningExpensesA optimized solution for managing employee expenses</p> <p>Opportunity and vision to create a truly global HCM and finance process which would enable a holistic view of our business using the matrix approach that Workday could enable.</p> <p>#How did this start. </p> <p>In 2014 we appointed a new CEO, who asked the question of our CFO, what is our most profitable client. </p> <p>Three weeks later, the CFO presented a report identifying the most profitable client. great said the CEO, can I have this by region and service line.</p> <p>The need for an ERP was realised.3</p> <p>The biggest transformational project that we had ever undertakenConsolidating over 120 finance and HCM systems (plus a few excel sheets ) into a global platformPioneering Workday Finance and HCM with a big Bang go-live in Summer 2015</p> <p>What was our planThe business demanded better information</p> <p>Business efficiency Client ProfitabilityRevenue per Head Streamlined PMP Consistent business reporting</p> <p>#</p> <p>#The aim of this project was to deliver to the business a tool that gave them a better understanding of our Clients, our People, our Profitability and our Efficiency.</p> <p>The resulting consistent understanding would, we believed, enable us to better serve our clients and better reward our staff.</p> <p>This was no small project for us, we had a completely disparate HCM and Finance business structure, over 100 tools plus excel.</p> <p>And we wanted a Big Bang, HCM and Finance in Summer 2015, in every office4</p> <p>So need to bring the business into the projectEnter the Change Lead</p> <p>Q3 2014 need for change management identified for the business</p> <p>Appreciation that the benefits will only be realised if business managers start to use the information available to them</p> <p>Engage with key individuals and groups to start socialising the project and the implications on the way that the managers engage with the teams</p> <p>Start the What's in it for me campaign!</p> <p>#</p> <p>#Given that the project was intended to deliver business benefits, a representative from the business was chosen to lead the change. Enter me, someone who has spent 25 years advising clients on acquiring commercial property in Europe.</p> <p>The logic was that Workday was to be presented to the business as a management tool and not a HCM or finance project. To make this successful, and justify the investment, the managers of the business needed to benefit from the information that Workday would deliver.5</p> <p>Needed Top down encouragement With Bottom up acceptanceKey steps to business adoptionKey Sensitivities Start Spreading the WordIdentify the impacted groupsGet CEO sponsorship</p> <p>Who do we need to inform and who do we need to educateSell the benefits NOT THE PRODUCT</p> <p>Audiences preparedFor Big BangSpeak to Global and regional leadership forums</p> <p>#</p> <p>#And so we started on a communication and awareness plan. </p> <p>The initial focus was on identifying the target groups who would need to change behaviour, who we need to keep informed and who we need to educate. A major change for the business would be increased manager responsibility for processes, but also for the whole business the discipline of recording time against projects and allocating costs to accounts.</p> <p>But importantly, to make this palatable, need to sell the benefits this would bring. Encouragingly these early sessions were positive, with the potential quickly grasped, though concern of the magnitude of what was needed to achieve the goal.6</p> <p>The wider messageHow to reach the audience</p> <p>Small Change teamLarge number of countriesShort time frame </p> <p>GET TO KNOW HCM and finance leads</p> <p>Sit with them at the testing and build sessionsGet to know themIntroduce change concept early on Let them understand the business benefitsGive them a part to play in educating their managersTake them out for a drink and a meal</p> <p>#Whilst I could easily access leaders and managers, the biggest adoption challenge was that I had a small team, 2 full time and myself. And we had to prepare 57 countries and engage 10,000 people. </p> <p>Simple solution, use the People on the project who were intimately acquainted with the local teams and who were sharing the Workday journey. The HCM and Finance leads in the project.</p> <p>To this end, change became a regular part of design sessions and testing sessions, including briefing on the business benefits, introducing the concept of change, messaging for their managers, discussed their staffing profile and their concers for local change management</p> <p>Most importantly I joined them in the bar and in restaurants to get to understand their local concerns about Workday</p> <p>7</p> <p>Key themes from this </p> <p>Result of thisThey identify where help is neededEach country is differentTeaching vs learningNervousness about not having collateral</p> <p>Different approach in different markets</p> <p>#</p> <p>#Not only did this help me identify their concerns, it gave them confidence that we would be able to deliver the support that they needed and that they could speak confidently to their business about the project.</p> <p>Importantly, I understood what approach was needed in each country, and what collateral was needed to support them, both the functional teams and the business users.</p> <p>There was a big nervousness about support and high demand for collateral to use for teaching or learning.8</p> <p>Change in scope</p> <p>In May 2015, MERGER OF DTZ AND C&amp;Wannounced</p> <p>#Having whet the appetite of the business and gained the confidence of HCM and Finance leads, as well as clocked up some air miles, this announcement changed the scope of the project. </p> <p>The C&amp;W shareholders had been looking for a new investor since February. The outcome of this was that C&amp;W merged with DTZ. </p> <p>This created the second largest global real estate provider, but also some challenges for the Workday project.</p> <p>9</p> <p>FULL SPEED AHEAD FOR MERGERHCM and Finance teams now preparing for business integration Same resources stretched across two major projectsPROJECT WAS UNDER REVIEWnew owners saw Workday as an incredible platform for the combined business. Rollout success and adoption under the spotlightCHANGE IN TIMINGStaged rollout HCM in August, Merger in September, Finance in OctoberDESCOPE THE DELIVERABLESDeliver the base product but this removes the business benefits</p> <p>Result of thisChange in Project focus</p> <p>#</p> <p>#This had implications for all aspect of Workday</p> <p>The biggest positive was that Workday was recognised as a platform that would drive integration of the two businesses. However the teams building workday would be the same people that would lead the merger.</p> <p>As such the project was de-scoped. </p> <p>This made delivery more certain, but from a business change perspective, all the toys that I had sold to the leaders were taken away. </p> <p>We continued rolling out a new HCM and finance system, but as it would be to a third of the business, there was no immediate benefit in creating all of the reporting and analysis that the business had started to look forward to.</p> <p>We also split the deliverables into two phases, HCM and then Finance</p> <p>10</p> <p>A successful HCM launch will take away the fear of the finance launchLegacy C&amp;W will become the ambassadors for the next phase roll outMake it relevant, focused and efficientFocus on the HCM group as trainers and the Executive Assistants as the peacemakersProduce local collateral to a global standard</p> <p>Combination of short Quick Reference Guides and Show me How videosHandbook for all EAs in local languageTrain the trainer sessions in key aspects of the productOver 650 pieces of material produced to meet local demands</p> <p>Start afresh with new change planNew Focus make the HCM launch a showcase</p> <p>#So a review of the change plan. Less about preparing the business for a major change in working practices, more about quick acceptance.</p> <p>Focus was on a high profile HCM launch, pave the way for an easy finance adoption at a time when businesses were integrating. The legacy C&amp;W business were to become the ambassadors of Workday to the new enlarged firm.</p> <p>We ensured that the HCM teams were fully equipped to support the local Go-Lives, we never said no to any request for a help guide and we produced it in local language.11</p> <p>Countdown to go-live</p> <p>Started beating the drum to create awareness06Regular internal announcements after Go-Live confirmedIntroduce Margaret as our ambassadorMake help and guidance easy to access and relevantHaving created what was needed, delivery was just as importantFocus on learning and point of need documents</p> <p>0504030201</p> <p>Add hyperlink to the video to the icon.</p> <p>#</p> <p>#The result the HCM leads and project teams had confidence that we could answer any request for help </p> <p>Communication started about a month before go live to the whole business highlighting the ease of use and at the same time showing how help and support would be given. </p> <p>At this stage we introduced Margaret, who would become our virtual ambassador to the project</p> <p>Click on film.12</p> <p>#</p> <p>#The result the HCM leads and project teams had confidence that we could answer any request for help </p> <p>Communication started about a month before go live to the whole business highlighting the ease of use and at the same time showing how help and support would be given. </p> <p>At this stage we introduced Margaret, who would become our virtual ambassador to the project</p> <p>Click on film.13</p> <p>We chose Applearn to help deliver the ContentEnabling users to search by language and role</p> <p>#Having answered the needs of HCM ( and latterly finance ) The logistics of delivering over 600 pieces of content in various languages to different user groups had caused me a few headaches. With no business benefit, the initial intention of roadshows and training effort was put to one side, there was simply too much going on in the business</p> <p>The solution was provided by Applearns adopt platform, which enabled us to deliver all content through Workday, and searchable by subject or target audience, and viewable in multiple languages</p> <p>This was also Linked through to Workday with context sensitive point of need help, as well as a Portal with general help on the programme, e learning tools and of course Margarets video. </p> <p>14</p> <p>User engagement started</p> <p>FOCUS ON PEOPLE that make our business runWe ran CLASSROOM TRAINING in EMEA, APAC and USA to EAsEach had a LOCAL LANGUAGE HANDBOOK to take awayFeedback THAT WAS EASY</p> <p>#Having started communications and hosted content, we then engaged with the people that make the business work. The Executive Assistants.</p> <p>In our business, if we get the EA on side, the business will follow.</p> <p>A combination of Classroom training, Webinars and local language handbooks ended up with the best comments I received </p> <p>well that was easy15</p> <p>VIDEO INTRODUCTION ON ALL DESKTOPS FROM THE THREE GLOBAL BUSINESS HEADS recognisable sponsorsDESKDROP TO ALL STAFF GLOBALLY in local languageLOCAL LAUNCH PARTIES ENCOURAGED each HCM lead given a budget to entertain the teamsHAVE FUN AND ALLOW IMAGINATION TO TAKE OVERMaking day one fun Remove the fear factor</p> <p>#Having prepared the EAs, communicated with managers and briefed the HCM leads, the test was going to be Day One Mid August 2015</p> <p>Every desk based employee had a quick guide on how to get started with a few simple tasks to perform. Check name, contact details, change picture, upload linked in profile.</p> <p>Our three regional heads gave us a video which was streamed to each PC and also run in many of the staff areas at the beginning of the day.</p> <p>And finally, I decided that the best way to get awareness and confidence up was to bribe people. As such we gave each team a budget to throw a party.16</p> <p>Singapore were one of the first teams to launch WorkdayThey had an article on the company intranet before Europe woke up</p> <p>#Singapore bought breakfast for all the staff and had an article on the intranet by 10.00 local time. So when the rest of Asia and then Europe and the Americas switched on, they saw the launch had started17</p> <p>Make it fun</p> <p>#In other offices, Korea had a coffee morning. London had afternoon tea. Shanghai had cupcakes and Atlanta dressed up as Margaret!18</p> <p>After all Its a piece of cake !</p> <p>#After all, as Toronto showed us Workday is a piece of cake19</p> <p>Week one resultsWe achieved 40% HIT RATE of the 10,000 users, during a mid August launchGlobal IT service desk recorded only about 200 CALLS all related to login and system issuesHypercare team STOOD DOWN AFTER 6 DAYS as no significant activityWorkday was a known quantity fear factor removed for finance go-livePlanned regular communications to keep interest in Workday launch new features</p> <p>#So after all of that sugar, what had we achieved.</p> <p>2500 logins on day one and 4000 by the end of August. No usage related issues recorded by Global help desk and Hypercare team stood down as they had nothing to care for,. The business simply accepted Workday and got on with life. The fear factor was taken out.</p> <p>With the merger approaching and finance go Live happening after the merger, we needed to keep up the momentum, and we did this with a series of tips and enhancements, as well as repeating the training cycle and focus, this time with Finance materials and a much less sceptical user group.</p> <p>20</p> <p>Summary of Platform ViewsThe following graphs shows the Platform views by day from 4th Aug to 9th Dec 15 Using Applearn able to measure the success of communication plan</p> <p>InitialGo LiveMobil...</p>


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