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  • WorkAppsforAdvertisingAgencies

  • Plan & Execute CAMPAIGNS with Projects

    FILE MANAGER for storing and sharing Creatives

    TIMESHEETS to record time spent on Client / Campaign

    TASK LISTS to track all work related to a Campaigns

    Pitch Planning & Client Interaction with DISCUSSIONS

    Collections & Payments with WORKFLOWS

  • All Work related to a Client in ONE PLACE

    Never lose any CRUCIAL INFORMATION with employee exit

    FIND any Old Campaign, File, Conversation or Task in 3 seconds

    See who is working on what INSTANTLY

    NEVER MISS any Important Deadlines

    DONT have Documents & Files buried in Emails

    SHARE stuff Easily with Clients

    Manage other WORKFLOWS of various other Functions

    INCREASE Efficiency and Productivity

    REDUCE Email Clutter

  • RECORD Time Spent on Each

    Task by Each Team Member

    New Brand Launch Campaign

    Date Work doneontheTask Hoursputit

    18Aug 2016 SEOworkfornewwebsite 1:15

    17Aug2016 PublisherreviewwithClient 2:30

    16Aug2016 NewCampaign PlanningandTimelines 00:45

    15Aug2016 BusinesscaseunderstandingforProductLaunch 1:30

    SelectDate WorkdoneontheTask Hours Mins

    TotalHoursputin:6:00 AddinTimesheet

    ACCURATE Time Spent

    Calculation and Client Billing

    Share REPORT and Task Details

    with Clients

  • Create Focused DISCUSSIONS with Internal Teams


    Upload and Find all REVISED Documents at the

    SAME place

    STOP Switching between MULTIPLE EMAILS for

    one Conversation

    Include CLIENTS and other AGENCIES on the

    same DISCUSSION using their EMAIL

    Joey Tribiani

    Hi all Client wants to meet tomorrow for planning the next campaign We can also review the

    previous one in that meeting

    Ross Geller

    I have made some changes to the brief sent by the client also included some broad timelines

    to the review. Please see the attached doc

    Chandler Bing

    Can you please also include into this Discussion.

    She has recently joined our team and will be a part of this account

    Joey Tribiani

    Will speak to the Client and get back on that. Lets keep that aside and carry on with the rest

    Monica Geller

    Hi folks thanks for adding me to the Discussion will add my inputs after I go through


    single click

  • Feb 2016 Campaign

    Creative Briefs

    Acquisition Docs - iTech Bank

    SEO Campaign Reports

    Pitch Templates & PPTs

    Banner Images for Site

    Pending Invoices

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    New Brand Launch Campaign

    Sales Management.doc


    of the Agency

    Keep ALL FILES in One


    Keep all CAMPAIGN


    Share Files with PUBLISHERS

    with just one URL

  • All WORK Documented in

    One Place



    Due Today

    Due Ahead

    My Tasks



    Modern Traders

    Brand Launch

    ideaBrews Evaluation

    SEO changes across

    Goa Trip

    Intern Hiring

    Online Acquisitions

    SILF next steps

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    Name Doer Date

    Creative Brief from Client Suraj Pardeshi 18 Aug 2016

    Banner Specs Mansi Kumar 17 Aug 2016

    Revisit Timelines Shankar Borate 16 Aug 2016

    Google Analytics coding Shankar Borate 15 Aug 2016

    SILF next steps Sakshi Agarwal No Due Date

    June 2016 Payment Maksood Shaikh 20 Aug 2016

    Research for New Tags Maksood Shaikh

    CREATE Projects for Each Client

    or Campaign and Share Work

    ASSIGN Tasks to each other and

    Comment on specific work

  • COLLECTIONSClient Payments & Collections


    RECRUITMENTComplete Recruitment &

    Interview Tracking

    IT HELPDESKInternal Tech Issues and TAT


    TRAVELDESKTravel requests, Approvals and

    eTicket Sharing

    FACILITIESReminders for Servicing of Office


    EMPLOYEE CLAIMSSubmitting Claims, Approvals and

    payment confirmations

    SALES PIPELINEManage Sales Pipeline and

    Customer Details

    PAYMENTSVendor Invoices, Payments and


    CUSTOMER LEADSManage, Share and Track

    Customer Leads

    CLIENT BRIEFBriefs from Clients, Minutes,

    Internal coordination & Delivery

    CAMPAGINSCampaign Planning, Execution

    and Tracking

    CUSTOMER SERVICECustomer Complaint Tickets and

    Document conversations

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