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Ancient Values. Modern Thoughts. www.WISDOM-ATHENA.com Presented By Wisdom II, Inc.

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Page 1: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Ancient Values. Modern Thoughts.

www.WISDOM-ATHENA.comPresented By Wisdom II, Inc.

Page 2: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Company Profile: Mission

Our overall goal is to evoke positive change in the actions and psyche of our culture and other like minds through the application of WISDOM.

Page 3: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Brand Synopsis

Like Athena the Goddess of

Wisdom, we of Wisdom II, Inc. plan to bring about an era of quality, truth, and liberation during a period of chaos.

We take it a step beyond garments. We produce fashionable styles and ideologies that our culture believe in and live by on a daily basis.

Our truths provoke thought and possible frustration, nevertheless revitalizing the viewer's perception and attention to detail.

Page 4: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena


History has shown that power lies within

words. While students at Hampton University, Dominique Gaines, a soft spoken artist, and business savvy Charles Potter III fused their natural born talent with the noble cause of indirectly enlightening their peers with the influence of words through fashion.

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by theresponsibility for our future.” ~George Bernard Shaw

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Product History100% Hand Crafted custom garments

Page 6: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Product History100% Hand Crafted custom garments

Wisdom II, Inc. sold well over a documented 150 hand crafted garments to fellow pupils after designs caught the eyes of their comrades. With prices ranging from $40-$100 partnered with Dominique’s lucrative business of cutting hair on campus the two became fully aware of the potential of mass production and a retail hub to house apparel while providing grooming services.

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Wisdom II, Inc. Subdivision

Wisdom II, Inc. recently developed a subdivision, Wisdom Clothing Group, within the organizational structure. Wisdom Clothing Group is a creative Consulting/PR company. It acts as domestic liaison for Bangkok apparel manufacturer Pop Holding 1999. Servicing apparel companies and design institutions emerging and existing to and fro. The following are examples of WCG’s services (not limited to):

1. Apparel Manufacturing- Example of Pop Holding 1999 services. Emerging clothing line Kaye Dane’ www.kaydaneonline.com

2. Celebrity Placement- Sure brand clothing placement on Platinum Interscope R&B Artist Sammie (Bush), as seen on his www.myspace.com/sammieforever page with 4,246,716 views and counting

3. Product Placement-Adrenaline clothing placed in Dr. Denim Inc.’s USA Boutique. Dr. Denim, Inc. operates over 25 retail outlets nationwide. www.drdenim.com

4. Design Services- Illustration, Graphic Design, sample making.

Page 8: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Executive Snap ShotCharles Potter III

Mortgage Loan Officer Licensed realtor of Delaware Co-founder PB Development, currently partners

with a 501(c) non profit titled Housing Helpers. A native of Wilmington, DE. Charles received

his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delaware’s College of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, with a major in Leadership.

Charles appreciates the legacy of accomplishment he inherits from his parents. His mother, Velda Jones-Potter is a former corporate executive who currently serves as Treasurer for State of Delaware, and his father, Charles Potter Jr. is a 25 year experienced Insurance Broker and City Councilman.

www.vote-velda.com www.charlespotterjr.com

Page 9: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Executive Snap ShotDominique Gaines

Creative Consultant Free lance artist Founder of Wisdom Clothing Group Barber Dominique hails from a strong family lineage

of African-American pioneers and entrepreneurs. Dominique’s great grandfather and grandfather became the first minorities in Wilmington, Delaware to operate multiple businesses through a chain of successful barbershops. His grandmother made educational history as one of the first African American students to attend Clarion University in Pennsylvania.

http://media.clarion.edu/beyond/07_06/newsbriefs-updates-greek.pdf http://www.hsd.org/EastSide/EastSide_Gallery_25.htm

An Atlanta, GA transplant Dominique has fine tuned his eye for art through visual communications career studies at Hampton University School of Business and Graphic Design program.

Page 10: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena


Wisdom II, Inc.’s clothing brands Wisdom & Athena were recently featured in the popular Floss Magazine. Wisdom and Athena were recognized as a promising, up and coming entity in the fashion world. Though the brand has yet to officially debut their mass produced line, they have already been featured in several fashion related blogs and online periodicals with many more to come.

www.yrbmag.com www.coloroflifephotography.blogspot.co

m www.designyoutrust.com www.factandfiction.blogspot.comTo name a few…..

”Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” ~Jim Rohn

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Online Magazines & Blog features

Page 12: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

In Demand

Over 15 retailers nationwide await Wisdom & Athena apparel, not including online retailers who have requested to carry the premium product. Social networking sites such as www.facebook.com have brought an onslaught of requests for Wisdom & Athena’s product as well. To the right are some of the retail establishments who desire to sell Wisdom & Athena garments.

“When you discover you mission, you feel its demand It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.”

~W. Clement Stone

Page 13: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Solution 1Micro loan

A micro loan of $8,000 is requested in order to competitively compete in the market place and fulfill the demand of Wisdom & Athena. This micro loan would go toward the following:

Inventory of 800 units 16 designs (8 female, 8 male) Yielding a revenue of $28,000 Pricing

400 male units with a suggested retail price of $40 400 female units with a suggested retail price of $30

Marketing; gorilla, internet, SEO, SEM, photo shoot, print, point of purchase

“Money is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread around encouraging young things to grow.“ ~Thornton Wilder

Page 14: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Units Sold vs. Revenue














Revenue Per Units Sold


Y-axis represents revenue in dollars X-axis represents number of units

sold The far right axis represents the

increase of revenue in dollars with units sold.

Wisdom II, Inc.’s goal is to sell out of a production run of 800 units every three months (each season).

Channels of distribution: Online Wholesale Consignment

Page 15: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Micro Loan PaybackLoan Amount: $8,000 Interest and payment terms negotiable Fixed Cost/(Price-Variable Cost)= Break even calculation Fixed Cost= $8,000 Loan Variable Cost= $10 Creation/graphic shirtOnline Retail StoreAverage Revenue Per Sale (female unit): $30 Female $8,000/($30-$10)= 400 UnitsApproximately 400 units sold would allow Wisdom II, Inc. to break

even yielding a revenue of $12,000.00.Average Revenue Per Sale (male unit): $40 Male $8,000/($40-10)= 267 UnitsApproximately 267 units sold would allow Wisdom II, Inc. to break

even yielding a revenue of $10,680.00.Wholesale (minimum order of 10 units in order to receive wholesale

break)Average Revenue Per Sale: $178,000/($17-$10)= 1,143 unitsApproximately 1,143 units sold would allow Wisdom II, Inc. to break

even yielding a revenue of $19,431.00.ConsignmentAverage Revenue Per Sale: $20$8,000/($20-$10)= 800 unitsApproximately 800 units sold would allow Wisdom II, Inc. to break

even yielding a revenue of $16,000.00.

Incorporating three channels of distribution Wisdom II, Inc.’s goal is to sell out of production runs of 800 units each season. An apparel sales season last 3 months.

Page 16: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena


A leasing opportunity in Atlanta, Georgia’s Perimeter Mall currently exist. Through cultivating a relationship with current store owner Jakkrit Tuanphakedee, Jakkrit has offered Dominique to take over his lease in the retail outlet. The store sits perched on Perimeter Mall’s second floor next door to Bloomingdales and Anthropology. On the same wing as popular retail establishments Nordstrom, Metro Park, Lucky Brand, Zara, and Apple who all bring foot traffic of our ideal customer towards current retailer Adrenaline. Adrenaline’s lease is up for resigning at the end of April 2010, with the succession of Dom and Wisdom II, Inc. the retail store will operate and flourish under a new name and energy.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” ~Demosthenes

Page 17: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Solution 2 Micro Loan

In order to take over as the tenant we are asked to pay in the amount of $15,000.00.

$15,000.00 would include two months rent March and April in the amount of $3,800.00/mo totaling $7,600.00.

The remaining $7,400 would go towards securing 47 Wall mounted hanger racks, 10 tables, 7 racks, a security system and cash register.

The $7,400 also secures Adrenaline’s current inventory which consist of approximately 2,000 plus garments. Adrenalines existing inventory will go on sale at $10-15, or 2

for $25 (potential revenue of $20,000) Remaining apparel from the liquidation sale will be sold to

other retail outlets at a generous wholesale price. Apparel left from liquidation and wholesale efforts will be sold

to retailers such as Plato’s Closet and Rag-O-Rama who purchase used clothing at $2.50-5.00 per unit.

Upon flushing out old inventory Wisdom II will bring in several notable and emerging clothing brands in on a no cost up front consignment basis. Wisdom II, Inc will also carry popular brands such as LRG, Blac Label, Mek Denim, 10 Deep, and Obey to name a few.

Page 18: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Retail Opportunity Perimeter Mall

Flagship Store: Average Revenue P/S: $356,400/($35-$17)Fixed CostRent-$3,000Utilities-$800Contractors-$2,100-Misc.-$500$6,400/mo.

Variable CostCreation-$10Misc-$1.00Merchant-3% (1.05)Tax- $5.00$17.00 (17.05)6,400/18= 356

356 Units sold per month would allow Wisdom II, Inc. successfully operate paying two employees while yielding a profit of $6,408.00, and revenue of $12,460.00 per month.

Page 19: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Retail Store Forecast Y-axis represents predicted units sold X-axis represents Months in sales year The far right axis represents the

increase of revenue in dollars per month.

The data as seen on the graph is a representation of revenue per month based on the apparel sales calendar. In a years time Wisdom II, Inc.’s retail outlet forecast a revenue of $183,610.00. (not including up sale niche) August- Back to school shopping November- Beginning of holiday season December- Holiday shopping January- Holiday and winter clearance


Channels of Distribution: Flagship Retail Online Wholesale/consignment Drop shipment

The Effect of the Apparel Sales Calendar on Revenue





































Revenue ($)Sales (mo.)

Page 20: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Retail Niche Wisdom II, Inc.’s ideal flagship store

incorporates various up sell strategies. Such as a multi-cultural barbershop. Housing 4-5 barber chairs. The weekly rent on the chairs would start at 150 a week (approximately $2,400/mo.). In turn supplementing the rent on top of retail sales. The customer lounge area will cater to their waiting time with arcade games and complimentary beverages. This will make the store ideal for numerous walks of life.

For the person who never has enough time in the day, we are a true one stop shop. Patrons may walk in with a bad hair day and wardrobe malfunction and walk out shining like a brand new penny freshly shaved with the latest attire.

The woman who loves to multi task may let her child’s hair be cut while she walks next door to shop for work clothes.

The male who dreads going to the mall with his significant other has the ability to get freshly groomed and watch the game.

We may co-op & cross market with existing stores in the mall such as tuxedo shop where we may offer groomsmen & prom packages. Or electronic boutique where customers may test out the latest video games.

Page 21: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

FUNDINGWe invite you to be a part of our noble cause

InvestorsInvestors may receive a 20%-25% return on their loan contribution.Pay out terms are negotiable.

DonationsDonations of $25.00 or more comes with a garment of contributors choice. Donors may choose the garment that best suits them by viewing Wisdom & Athena’s 2010 Look book. $25- one garments $40- two garments $60- three garments $80- four garments $100- five garments ……..So on and so forth

Wisdom II, Inc. is raising money through www.40billion.com. Please participate in the fundraiser by clicking the link below, and consider making a gift contribution or loan towards the target of $20,000 to help us get to the next level. Then fundraiser ends on 3/20/2010.http://www.40billion.com/view_raise_invited.asp?rid=840631080_202201019546&[email protected]

We of Wisdom II, Inc. thank you in advance for your time, consideration, donations, and loans.

Page 22: Wisdom 2 Inc. Wisdom & Athena

Contact Information

We of Wisdom II, Inc. look forward to speakingwith you, and answering every question orconcern. Ph: 1-877-723-4775 Email: [email protected]

You may learn more about Wisdom II, Inc. at the following links:www.wisdom-athena.comwww.facebook.com – Wisdom Athenawww.linkedin.com/in/wisdom2athena

Wisdom II, Inc. business plan available upon request.

I have learned, that if one advances confidently in thedirection of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life hehas imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected

incommon hours. ~ Henry David Thoreau