wireless video surveillance the phoenix model

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Wireless Video Surveillance The Phoenix Model. Det. Chris Jensen Phoenix Police Department Drug Enforcement Bureau. History of Video Surveillance in Phoenix. Old System Analog Microwave Terrible image quality No range Seldom used by investigators Never used for patrol operations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Wireless Video SurveillanceThe Phoenix ModelDet. Chris JensenPhoenix Police DepartmentDrug Enforcement Bureau

  • History of Video Surveillance in PhoenixOld SystemAnalogMicrowaveTerrible image qualityNo rangeSeldom used by investigatorsNever used for patrol operations

  • Genesis for Change Spoke of IP based video as far back as 2004.Resistance from technical staffEarly 2006 used citizens webcam to investigate a narcotic complaint.Began discussions about moving to Mesh based IP video surveillance.No experience or knowledge within city.

  • Summer 2006Baseline Rapist & Random ShootersMandate from city hall to establish video surveillance to support investigations.Chose technologies, supplier and integrator for project.Established a 30 IP camera network on 5 Firetide mesh networks within a 5 sq miles area of Phoenix In 2 WEEKS.

  • ResultsSurveillance video freed up to 30 surveillance officers.Resources able to follow-up other leads.All suspects arrested summer of 2006.Start of Phoenixs IP Wireless video surveillance system Desert Guardian

  • Phoenix ModelEvent (investigation) based, temporary deployments.Normally covertDeployments geared to achieve specific goals.Once event goals are met, resources are redeployed to meet the needs of other events.To date no permanent installations.

  • Desert Guardian Design ConsiderationsFlexibility is a main design feature.NVR Mesh Infrastructure IP camerasBackhaul designCity fiberDSL/CableEVDO

  • Monitor Room

  • Super BowlPhoenix Area of OperationsNFL HeadquartersInternational Media CenterNumerous NFL events42 cameras / 5 mesh networks2 Operation centers establishedNew technologies used:Rapid deployable camerasVoIP communications between operation centers

  • Super Bowl

  • Super Bowl

  • Planning a Successful DeploymentDefine goals and expected outcomes.Complete a technical and operational site survey.Identify backhaul infrastructure (end to end).Identify and communicate tasks for all parties:IntegratorsIT departmentPDEstablish operational policies to establish boundaries for your employees.TRAIN

  • Lessons Learned For SuccessRelationships are essential.No one department owns infrastructure.Before deploying system, have clear defined goals.Training is essential.Allow time for staff to accept new technologies.Three keys to successProven technologiesProven Integrators/SuppliersProper infrastructure