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  • 1. WinnersNever QuitNever Quit *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee July 2008

2. techniquesTechniques are routines or methods that help you do something. 3. techniques Coach Shelby taught mesome climbing techniques.Do you have any techniques to help you do well at sports? 4. techniques * What techniques do you use tohelp you get your homework done?* Name some sports or games that you need special techniques.* Tell about a chore you do at home. Whatspecial technique do you use to get it done? 5. speciallyIf something has been made just for you, then it has been made specially for you. This gift is specially for you. 6. speciallyHelens boots were made specially for her. Would a cast for a broken armbe made specially for you?Would a pencil be made specially for you? 7. specially* Tell about some things that are specially made for someone.* Tell about a time when you made something specially for someone.* Name some things that are notspecially made for someone. 8. struggleStruggle means you try extra hard to do something. 9. struggleThe mountain climber had tostruggle to climb Mount Everest.Would you struggle if you had tolearn a new language? 10. struggle* Tell about a time when you hadto struggle to do something. * Is it fun to strugglewith something new?* What does it feel like when you have to struggle to hear or see something? 11. tractionWhen you walk up a hill or across some ice, traction is what keeps you from sliding. 12. tractionMy moms spiked boots gave her traction.Would you need traction toride your bike on a rough rode?Would you need traction to ride your bike on a slippery uphill road? 13. traction* How can your shoes help youget traction in an ice rink?* What are some kinds of surfacesthat make it hard to get traction? 14. agile Agile means you canmove quickly and easily. 15. agile Mia was good at playingsoccer because she was agile.Do you have to be agile to play checkers?Do you have to be agile to play basketball? 16. agile * Name some animals you would describe asagile. Name some animals that are NOT agile. * How can you tell if someone is agile?* What are some games or activities that you need to be agile to play? 17. spectatorA spectator is somebody who watches a game or a show. 18. spectatorThe spectators cheeredwhen Mia scored a goal. Would you be a spectator ifyou were watching a football gameor playing in a football game? 19. spectator * Tell about a time when youenjoyed being a spectator.* How is being a spectator different from being a student at school? * Can you be a spectator on the playground? Why or why not? 20. competitiveCompetitive means you try hard to win or to be the best. 21. competitive Mia was a competitive player.Can you be competitivewhile you are sleeping?Would you be competitive ifyou were in a jump-rope contest? 22. competitive* Can someone be too competitive? Give an example. * Tell about a time when you felt competitive.* Do you think brothers and sisterscan be competitive with each other? Give an example. 23. worthwhileWorthwhile means youthink it is important. 24. worthwhileWas it worthwhile for Mia to learnthat winners never quit?Is it worthwhile to cheat? Is it worthwhile to play fairly? 25. worthwhile * What is something that you do that is worthwhile? * Name a job that you thinkis worthwhile. Why do you think that job is worthwhile?* Why is going to school worthwhile? 26. My younger sister _________ whenshe learned how to ride a bike.A. worthwhile B. struggled C. agile D. traction 27. Is there a special __________ youuse when making homemade bread?A. agileB. spectatorC. techniqueD. competitive 28. It is __________ tolisten to your parents? A. speciallyB. struggleC. competitiveD. worthwhile 29. Mrs. Lee was excited because she was a ___________ at a Florida State football game. A. specially B. spectatorC. agileD. traction 30. My new shoes had ________,which prevented me from slipping.A. agile B. spectatorC. traction D. techniques 31. My brother and I are _________ when we play games together.A. struggleB. speciallyC. competitiveD. worthwhile 32. My grandmother made aquilt _________ for me.A. speciallyB. agile C. worthwhile D. spectator 33. My grandfather is not an________ football player.A. specially B. worthwhileC. agile D. spectator