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<ol><li> 1. Engaging The Crowd With GamificationHow Wikistrat Is Changing the Intelligence GameDaniel Green@wsdan </li><li> 2. Chapter 1:What Is Wikistrat? </li><li> 3. What do you mean, use a wiki?Cant we stick to using typewriters? My last one came with a free secretary - Senior Intelligence Manager </li><li> 4. Speed, Cost, Transparencyand Diversity of Opinion </li><li> 5. Chapter 1I:or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Gamification </li><li> 6. Gamification starts withreal-life experiences andinteractions. </li><li> 7. Users Want Engagement </li><li> 8. Everything is aboutStatus </li><li> 9. Active Analyst </li><li> 10. The Problems of an Expert and Professional Crowd You cant discount real-world status. You cant discount virtual contributions. Serious work is not always quantitative. Fostering and managing relationshipsis the key to adoption, acceptance andsuccess. </li><li> 11. What if you cant define the edge of the field? </li><li> 12. Chapter III:Some Takeaways </li><li> 13. My Top 3 Takeaways Gamification works. Offline relationships help onlineinteractions. Respect the investment that yourusers put into your games. </li><li> 14.</li></ol>