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Bethnal Green Ventures is an accelerator programme for early stage tech ventures working on stuff that matters: technology that tackles our biggest social and environmental challenges. Applications for summer 2013 open March 6th, to apply: www.bethnalgreenventures.com


<ul><li> 1. Where we started</li></ul> <p> 2. We built a prototypeWe built a prototype Used our own money and got a free venuefrom the Young Foundation Started (evenings only) 12 weekprogramme in September 2010 Very high rating from founders - proved theneed.6 teams 2 have raised investment (Good Gym andweeks 12Flip)self-funded 3 teams raised money 3. Then did it for realDid it for real 50 applications, 18 interviews, 6 teamsselected Monday Dinners Office Hours Mentoring applications, 506 teams15k equity investment 12 weeks at Google Campus 4. The programmeOur philosophy Be honest Be experimental (lean startup) Be helpful (promiscuously collaborative)Monday speakersOffice hoursMentoring 5. Demo Day Massive progress150 attendees 6. Now were going to do it again, Now we want to growbut bigger and better! 2 cohorts of 10 teams each year Grow our mentor network Grow our investor network Grow our alumni network2 cohorts per year10 teams per cohortGrow our networks 7. Applications open March 6th15,000 investment for 6% equity3 month support programme 6 months of free office spaceA network of mentors, investorsand customers Lots of free food! 8. www.bethnalgreenventures.com @bg_ventureshello@bethnalgreenventures.com</p>