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1. February 10, 2015 Why Storytelling Matters 2. Presenters Kara Andrade @newmaya Monica Brown Leah Lavern Jones Shayla Racquel 3. The Plan Welcoming & Intro What is a story and why stories matter Group Work Fireside Story Sharing Closing 4. Throughout history, storytelling has been used to share knowledge, wisdom and values. 5. All our lives we are telling stories To get a job, a scholarship, a visa, to create. About the experiences in your life. About your idea for your business. About political thoughts. About you witness crimes. About parking tickets. To create a more just and democratic society where everyone feels entitled to share and have their stories heard. 6. Whatever you do: Make People Lean In When were listening to a good story people lean in to listen. 7. Digital storytelling is the modern version of the ancient art of storytelling 8. But SomeThings Never Change 9. Shakespeares Story Arcs.... 10. And yet other story arcs 11. GroupWork: Finding the Story Divide into ve groups. Each group gets an image. Within your group tell the story of that image using the narrative arc. Assign a storyteller. Each group shares their story in 30 seconds to the large group. 12. #visualstoryts 13. Fireside Share