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Webinar slides to present why rapidly-expanding global pioneer in human care, Elekta, chose Magnolia CMS over their previous proprietary and Gartner Magic Quadrant Web CMS.


  • 1. Why Simple is BeautifulElekta.com and Magnolia-CMS
  • 2. Todays Speakers Tobias Muller Webmaster, Elekta Greg Gillespie Andrew Rodgers Editor-in-ChiefMgr, Global Web, Elekta Health Data Management
  • 3. Who Are We? Vilkar Vi? Elekta is a company of 4000 Employees worldwide, but we still maintain a family owned company attitude Elekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. We are a B2B Company Headquarters are in Sweden, but we are active in almost every country in the world. Most famous product is the Gamma Knife used to treat brain tumors without the need for surgery
  • 4. Why did we need a new CMS Our existing CMS was almost 5 years old It was patched and upgraded Not flexible enough for our needs Proprietary, custom software Poor Customer Support Limited Support Costly
  • 5. Task Looking for a new CMS to suit our business needs Global meeting to discuss what was needed Discuss Core requirements Advancements over current features Future proofing
  • 6. What did we need? Ability to edit the look and feel from Templates & CSS Ability to use HMTL5, jQuery, sexy code! Must Integrate with CLM (Salesforce.com) Integration with approved software Newsletters, SEO Software, Survey Tools The new site needed to be flexible, scalable, upgradable and stable We needed better quality support
  • 7. New Features Elekta.com needs to be seen as a leader Our SEO efforts are outweighing the competition, but we needed top quality landing pages for Marketing Campaigns We need to measure metrics for Business Units We will finally be able to have a complete closed loop marketing campaign
  • 8. Why Magnolia We had a laundry list of features broken down into 3 groups Must have, standard features & would love to have Using this criteria we evaluated and test ran many CMS Sitecore, Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, CMS3, DynamicWeb, WebGUI, Magnolia, etc. Magnolia beat out the competition for many reasons.
  • 9. Magnolia Less expensive than current solution, but one of the most expensive of CMS tested Team had very strong Java Programming Skills Shell Access, Sandbox, SSL, Versioning, Support, Mass Uploads, Workflow Engine, FTP, RSS, WebDAV, Community forums and support, etc. Overall it won on the following topics Good Security, Support, Performance, Ease of Management, Interoperability, Flexibility We did not need commerce modules nor did we need a bloated CMS full of features that where not required.
  • 10. How are we using Magnolia First and foremost, our corporate website RSS Feeds to populate regional sites, Social Media Sites Integrate with PRNews Wire, Cision, WayMaker Investors and Corporate Communications Mapping API with Salesforce.com CLM Proof & Wavelength Automated Display DB of documents Personalized login for contributors Unique Campaign Landing pages
  • 11. How are we using Magnolia cont. How has simplicity paid off for Elekta no crap code Easy UI for contributors, IT setup &deployment Open source, works with the technology we have IT skill set was already there Backup was easier, now using cloud backup APIs easy to write RSS feeds are bountiful
  • 12. Finale Rather than having a software supplier we wanted a solution provider and partner We value community and understand the importance of communication with peers We needed a simple solution to a multi-leveled complex problem Magnolia was Simple and Beautiful
  • 13. Questions? Tobias - ElektaAndrew - Elekta Greg - HDM