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Content: Introduction Elements of Press Release Results & Benfits Sample Sites Queires?

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Press Release submission process will improve your site visibility. For more information watch out the slides on benefits of Press release.


    • Content:
    • Introduction
    • Elements of Press Release
    • Results & Benfits
    • Sample Sites
    • Queires?
    • Introduction:
    • Press Release:
    • The use of a press release is common in the field of public relations, the aim of which is to attract favorable media attention to public relations professional's client and/or provide publicity for products or events marketed by those clients. A press release provides reporters with the basics they need to develop a news story. Press releases can announce a range of news items such as: scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, news products and services, sales and other financial data, accomplishments, etc. They are often used in generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of announcing news conferences, upcoming events or change in corporation.
    • SEO Press Release :
    • SEO press releases can bring you first-page visibility for your keywords very quickly. Sometimes, you can take over multiple spots on the the first page of Google for your keywords.
    • Elements of Press Release: There are 5 technical parts of a press release:
    • Title: Include the keyword phrase in the title. The title should not exceed 100 characters.
    • Summary: Give a synopsis of the press release in 1-2 sentences using 1-2 secondary keywords. The length of the summary should not exceed 240 characters.
    • Body: Writing subjectively and in the third person, give the details of your news. Length should be at least 300 words and include 1-2 quotes and 3-4 keyword phrases.
    • About the Company: In 2-3 sentences, give your companys elevator pitch writing in third person. Include a link to your homepage in the summary (preferably in anchor text.)
    • Press Contact: Designate one person who will consistently be the media contact for the company. This can be anyone in the company, including yourself. Gather the name, address, phone, email, and website of the press contact many press release publishers will not accept your submission without contact details. If you are optimizing for your name, you may want to include your name as the press contact
    • Results & Benefits:
    • 1. Visibility in search engines.
    • Results & Benefits:
    • 1. Visibility in search engines.
    • Results & Benefits:
    • 2. Results in Google News and Yahoo News for your keywords
    • Results & Benefits:
    • 3. Backlinks from credible news sites which increases the ranking of your website or blog for your keywords
    • 4.Tens of thousands of headline impressions across hundreds of blogs, websites, and news sites that run RSS headlines
    • 5.Potential media coverage
    • 6.Can help your new website escape from the Google Sandbox quickly
    • Sample Sites:
    • www.live-pr.com
    • http://www.1888pressrelease.com/
    • http://www.prlog.org/
    • https://www.pr.com
    • http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/
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