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Whatever your reason for wanting to work from home uk, you can get help in finding ways to start earning money fast. Whatever work at home business you choose there are going to be obstacles. How do you overcome these obstacles?


<ul><li> Obstacles Are Windows Of Opportunity If you can find a path with noobstacles, it probably does not lead anywhere Frank A Clark </li> <li> Are you still struggling in your online business? Are your strugglescausing you to think about quitting or have you already quit?I am going to share with you my story and maybe you can relate to itor not. Either way, I feel that if you know my story, you will see thatyou are not alone in your struggles. You will discover that hardshipsin any business is part of growing. We all have to go through themin order to become better at what we do.Before I knew anything about internet marketing, I was a software engineer. I went toschool, was a very good student, went on to college with the intentions of becoming adoctor, but that all changed when I became very ill. Instead, I ended up graduating witha Bachelor of Science degree in math and a minor in computer science.After graduation from college, I got my first job as a junior programmer for amanufacturing company. Because I was a hard worker, my career took off. Over time Iwent from junior programmer to senior programmer to software engineer to seniorsoftware engineer. I oversaw multi-million dollar projects as a tech lead and on anumber of occasions was offered managerial positions which I turned down because Ienjoyed the technical aspects of my job more. </li> <li> Things were going fairly well. I was making good money, but I cant say that I washappy. Somewhere inside of me, I felt that there was something missing. Therehad to be more. Have you ever felt this way or are you feeling this way? I justcould not put my finger on it, but these feelings I had would sometimes lead meto lose my temper during times of stress. At one time, one of my managers sentme to a anger management course in Clearwater, Florida. At another job, I waslabeled as a "Difficult Employee". I did my job well, but my unhappiness wasstarting to seep through. I had also started jumping from job to job. Neverstaying more than two or three years. I think I stayed at one job for seven andthat was my longest and it was my very first job. All the rest were short and it wascausing some problems with getting hired. Employers wanted someone whowould stick around and I wasnt one of them.Around 2002, things in the technical industry started to change. After almost 10years or so into my career, I experienced my first layoff. That was depressing. Iwent home and cried. I had just bought a bigger home with a higher mortgageand this layoff could not have come at a worst time. But that wasnt the worsepart. The worse part was, despite my experience and years in the industry whereit normally took me less than a week to find a job, was now taking me four to sixmonths. Thank goodness I had a savings. But, that layoff lead to more layoffs. Ithink I had three layoffs in 2002 through 2003. Altogether, I went through sixlayoffs and my savings was quickly dwindling. </li> <li> But, one night, after having been laid off one of my jobs, I made adecision that I never wanted to work for anyone else again. Iremember that night as if it were yesterday. I had just finished off abottle of wine and was feeling really down. I was browsing througha womens health magazine and there was a test to determinehappiness. I answered the questions and the results from that testtold me that I needed to change my life. Seriously! I thought howsurprising! That is exactly what I was feeling I needed to do.So, I started looking for home business opportunities on the internet. It wasnt longbefore I found one and joined. It was with a very well known MLM where I was taughtprimarily offline marketing. I joined this MLM back in 2003. I used to put out fliers, goto parking lots and try to talk to people. I used to get kicked out of parking lots by thepolice. I had prospects get angry with me. I even had one threaten to "kick my butt",or something along those lines. I was not able to talk people into buying my productsor joining my business Later, I found out why I struggled with getting people to joinme and I will share that with you later. I was with this company for almost 4 years;which is longer than the amount of time I spent at most job. </li> <li> Anyways, after 4 years of that misery, I started looking into moving my business to theinternet. I really didnt know what I wanted to do. During the time I was browsing on theinternet, looking for something that would help train me, I was introduced to an onlinemarketing program, that really opened my eyes as to marketing strategies and makingmoney online. I learned a lot and at one point was even one of the leaders on the leaderboard. I can tell you it was a struggle, but I studied hard and practiced everything I hadlearned. But still, I had not quite found the success I was looking for.I am a pretty quiet person and very good with the technical stuff, like ppc, seo, creating myown websites, and other technical techniques, but the people thing was still hard for me. Ihad started acquiring more success online and making money and more people wanted tolearn from me, but what they really wanted me to do was to create their websites and holdtheir hand. I initially tried to do this, but the end result was my business started to falter. Istill had my own trainings to tend to and my own work to do and here I was trying to doother peoples work and still do mine. I was worn out, frustrated, and very unhappy. WhenI first got started, I did not have anyone hold my hand or do anything for me other thanpoint me in the right direction. I studied and worked hard and I expected others to do thesame. So, I stopped doing other peoples work and just started to focus on my growth anddevelopment. Sure enough, my business started to grow again. </li> <li> Oh, and I also found out why I struggled so hard with getting people to join me. I did notpossess the skills in talking to people. I was always an introvert and most times enjoyedbeing by myself. In fact, I didnt learn to talk until I was nine years old. This is what I havebeen told by my mother. Because of my mothers suspicions, I had some tests done todetermine whether I was autistic and yes as it would turn out I am. I suffered many yearsas an adult with this and never really quite understood why there were some things Istruggled with all of my life. I have suffered from this since childhood, but during mychildhood, autism was not very well known. I remember being put into a specialeducation class when I was in the second or third grade, but my mother took me out. Shewanted me to be in a regular class with regular children. Her thoughts were that thiswould be better for me in the end and it was. My education started to thrive and Ibecame a straight "A" student.And yes, adults do have autism too. If you are a childwith autism, as adults, it doesnt go away. We just learnhow to live with it just like any other type of disability.Some other adults who are autistic you may know are:Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Daryl Hannah, Sir IsaacNewton, Michelangelo, Charles Darwin, WolfgangMozart, and many more. </li> <li> I tell you all this to show you that we all have obstacles to overcome. Life does notalways go the way we want it to, but those that succeed are the ones you learn fromtheir many mistakes and learn to overcome the difficulties in life. You see, if we didnthave these problems, we would not improve. The obstacles or walls are placed thereto help prepare us for what we want to become. We cant do our best if we dontknow what our best is. Hardships and obstacles force us to improve. When we dontimprove, we may never reach our goals of becoming that which we desire. Forexample, my desire to improve my people skills has helped me at learning how tohandle those individuals who are serious hard workers versus those who are not. Iknow now that doing the work of others was a big mistake and I had been forewarnedby some top internet gurus and chose not to listen. Live an learn. Being in business, things are never going to stay the same, so when things change, so must we. This includes learning more and doing more at times and yes, even overcoming many hardships. I hate to tell you this, but just because you make a five, six or even seven figure income, does not mean that the struggles and problems stop. It just means that you have more to lose if you dont learn from your mistakes or overcome the obstacles. </li> <li> In this presentation, I tried to show you my failures and misfortunes. I lacked peopleskills, I have failed many times in business, struggled with learning new things whichlead to more failure, and I am autistic. But none of these have ever prevented mefrom succeeding at anything I wanted. I may have to work harder than most people,but that is ok as long as I reach my goals and I often do reach my goals because Ichoose to stay in the game and take the punches. Learn to accept the experiences in your life, good or bad. You are responsible for your own success. No one else is. Work hard, study hard and learn from your mistakes. Keep in mind that the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people do what most unsuccessful people wont do. So, keep striving and continue to dream those BIG dreams. </li> </ul>