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Whole Foods Market Gaining and Retaining Customers By: Luke Pupke

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Whole Foods MarketGaining and Retaining Customers

By: Luke Pupke

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• The Whole Foods Market has just had it grand opening in the Clearwater area.

• There has been a decrease in customers after first month of business








Month One Month Two Month Three

Sales in Percentage

Sales in Percentage

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Whole Foods Needs Advertising

• After the first month, Whole Foods cut back on advertising

• Key Success Factors to bring customers back in

– Employee Participation

– Bright House Networks

– Proper Placement of Advertisements

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• U.S. Hwy 19

• Maximum Exposure,

Minimal amount of signs

• Cheaper than commercials

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Television Commercials

•Maximum Exposure•Costly but Effective•Celebrities will be featured

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In-Store Cooking Class

• Make customers comfortable with the store

• Teach healthy cooking habits

• Classes of 20

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Apple Pay

• Quicker and More Efficient

• Ordering Online

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• Greater exposure to customers

• The values that Whole Foods stands for will be shown to more people

• An increase in local business through Whole Foods

• Stronger name for Whole Foods over other competitors

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• Great expenditure of money

• May still not convince customers to spend the money

• Other well established companies will increase their advertising

• Apple Pay ends up costing more than it was worth

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• Start off with a few billboards

• Use different celebrities in commercials

• Double the size of cooking classes

• Encourage Apple Pay as the most efficient way to check out

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• Whole Foods has the potential

• Rapidly growing in other areas

• Great location in Clearwater

• Will make a healthier world

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• Name: Mariah Fairweather• Business: Whole Foods Market• Location: Clearwater• URL: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/values-matter• Email: [email protected]

• Name: Michael Crandall• Business: Whole Foods Market• Location: Tampa • URL: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/values-matter• Email: [email protected]

• Name: John Mccullen• Business: Publix• Location: Clearwater• URL: http://www.publix.com• Email: [email protected]