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  • WHERE NEXT? SUMMER / AUTUMN 2016 Farmors School Sixth Form
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  • POST A-LEVEL OPTIONS Employment HE / FE study Apprenticeship Voluntary work Gap year
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  • Support for Tough Decisions 17 th June Post A Level Careers Day 8 th May Study Leave Starts 25 th June UCAS Convention & Careers Workshop 10 th July Oxbridge Trip 8 th June lessons resume 30 th June Careers Fair & Careers Activities 10 th July Summer Holidays Start
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  • 17th June Careers Day: UCAS group - UCAS account set up, writing a first draft personal statement, visiting admissions tutor speaking about choosing a course and student life Non-UCAS Group writing a personal statement and CV, cooking on a budget
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  • 25th June Careers Day: UCAS Convention Trip to University of Bristol Non-UCAS Group compulsory day in school. Applications and Interviews Workshop (school funded day)
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  • 30th June Careers Day: Careers Fair for all students during the morning diverse and wide spread of industries represented An afternoon of money management workshops and cooking on a budget
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  • Specific Support for Specific Routes: Work experience and Medical Society for medicine, nursing, midwifery and experience for teaching Alumni mentors for different careers, such as engineering, apprenticeships... Open day and seminar information
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  • Starting Point: What are you interested in? Nothing works unless you do
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  • Common Threads to all routes: Finance advice How to sell Yourself: personal statements and letter of introduction References Personal advice and guidance from tutors Personalised pathways Personal Development sessions on Selection Criteria, Applications, Interviews and CVs/Personal Statements
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  • WHAT THE UCAS FORM ENTAILS Personal details Education history and results Employment history Choices (up to 5 for all courses except medicine which have 4) Personal statement (4000 characters or 47 lines) Tutors then add predicted grades and a reference.
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  • University provides students with 3 or more years to think about what career they want to go into. Students can develop a range of skills that provide a strong foundation for employment A university degree is flexible and provides access to a range of careers; apprenticeships only focus on one particular profession. INTRODUCTION WHY APPLY ?
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  • WHY NOT TO APPLY NOW Really no idea of course / career University is not for you. School leaver programmes offer routes into professions like accountancy, law, retail, IT, banking. You will not have debt to deal with. First hand experience through working with professionals. You can gain professional qualifications and get paid for it.
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  • OVERVIEW A massive choice: 50,000+ possible courses at over 325 institutions reduced to a maximum of five Oxbridge Deadline: 15/10/15 Medical deadline: 15/10/15 UCAS deadline: 15/1/15
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  • WHAT IF I WANT A GAP YEAR ? Generally well received by universities Usually best to apply now and defer where will you be in October/November next year ? Odd courses do not defer entry watch out What if I apply for 2015 and then decide I want a gap year?
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  • OFFERS a points offer: eg. 280 points and a grades offer eg. BBC Some offers include AS grade, others do not - BEWARE
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  • AN OFFER EXAMPLE: Psychology: This offer is subject to you obtaining grades AAA at A-Level in 3 subjects excluding General Studies. Obtain Grade B or above in GCSE Mathematics. Business Management: This offer is subject to you obtaining A minimum total of 280 points, consisting of at least 220 points at A Level or equivalent; including a grade C or above in A-level Business Studies or Applied Business. COPE can be counted towards the overall score, but not towards the A level requirements.
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  • CHOOSING COURSES & INSTITUTIONS A vast amount of information available: Tutors / Sixth Form Management Team Teachers, friends, parents HE/Careers days / Open Days Websites: Literature from institutions, careers guides. Prospects Careers Advisor
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  • WEBSITES www.ucas.co.uk www.ucas.co.uk www.fasttomato.com www.fasttomato.com www.apprenticeships.org.uk www.apprenticeships.org.uk www.gapyear.com www.gapyear.com www.thetimes100.co.uk www.thetimes100.co.uk www.notgoingtouni.co.uk www.notgoingtouni.co.uk www.yini.org.uk www.yini.org.uk www.unistats.com www.unistats.com
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  • HOW TO CHOOSE A UNIVERSITY Student Lifestyle Social Life / Clubs & Societies / Cost / Sporting facilities Distance from home What is the optimum Campus or City University Whats the difference? The University Teaching facilities & Study facilities etc. Accommodation Cost and availability Make the most of Open Days
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  • Entry Requirements : Be realistic Course Content / Structure Methods of Teaching and Assessment Career Opportunities / Intentions Tuition Fees, Scholarships, Bursaries & Grants Interest Type of Degree: Foundation / Honours Single / Joint Opportunities to Specialise Duration of Course Sandwich / Industrial Placements Subject Specific Open Days How to Choose a Course
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  • OTHER PLACES Books The Times Good University Guide The Guardian University Guide The Heap Guides Course Offers / Details The Virgin Alternative Guide The UCAS Directories Open Days www.opendays.com www.opendays.com
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  • The Guardian The Complete University Guide
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  • STUDENT FINANCE 4 prongs Maintenance Grant Student Loans to cover Maintenance / Living Costs Loans to cover Variable Tuition Fees Sponsorships / Bursaries / Discounts / Offers in Kind
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  • RE-PAYABLE LOANS A fee loan to cover all fees up to 9000 Maintenance Loan between 3610-5555 Repayable when earning reach 21K p.a. Written off after 30 years. Interest is charged.
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  • STUDENT LOAN FOR MAINTENANCE 65% available to everyone regardless of parental income 35% dependant on parental income Annual Amount but allocated termly Higher figures if attending London universities
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  • http://www.suttontrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Earnings-by- Degrees-REPORT.pdf Despite a large (38%) and increasing proportion of the UK workforce holding a higher education qualification, university graduates still enjoy a large earnings advantage over non-graduates (estimated by previous studies as 28% for men and 53% for women).
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  • On average the top earning courses in terms of starting salary were medicine and dentistry; engineering and technology; economics; computer science; and education. The lowest earning courses were psychology; English; design and creative arts; biological sciences; and history and philosophy. This pattern was also largely repeated for earnings 3.5 years after graduation, and for the likelihood of entering professional employment (both at six months and 3.5 years), with graduates from medical courses and from science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) courses having substantially better average outcomes than those from the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
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  • FREE MONEY Maintenance Grant for households earning less than 42600 up to 3387
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  • DISCOUNTS / SCHOLARSHIPS / BURSARIES You may find some offers: Discounts likely for shortage subjects (Cash Sum) Scholarships to encourage able students Bursaries for low-income / disadvantaged students. Students receiving full maintenance grant and paying full tuition fee will receive a bursary of at least 300 Offers in Kind free laptops / rent rebates / sports memberships etc Disability Allowance specific support like a laptop for dyslexic students.
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  • University of Bath
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  • SCHOLARSHIP EXAMPLE An applicant applies for a place on a degree scheme at Lancaster and receives a conditional offer (via UCAS) of a place provided that they achieve BBB at A-level. The applicant may be told that if they achieve grades of AAB or higher, and make Lancaster their firm choice, they will receive an Academic Scholarship of 1,000 per year.
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  • CHOOSING THE WRONG COURSE / UNI Many people do it Can be a very costly mistake Do everything you can do make sure you choose the right uni / course If youre not sure: DONT GO! University will still be there in years to come.
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  • THE APPLY SYSTEM Students will be applying online This enables UCAS applications to be done at home Training to be given in school They will receive a guidebook and full support Lunchtime drop-ins available throughout the autumn term
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