When Doing it All Yourself Doesn\'t Get it All Done

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How a virtual assistant can save you from burnout and free you to do what needs doing instead.


  • 1. When Doing It All By Yourself Keeps You From Getting It All Done By Deadline More Work than Day CLICK TO BEGIN TLC Media Virtual Office Support Services

2. Whatever the Office Problem, We Have a Virtual Solution!

  • Human Hat Rack
  • Roller Coaster
  • Stuck in the Gap
  • Buried by Details
  • Hi Tech, Bye Tech
  • All Webbed Up

TLC Media helps small growing businesses become more productive and profitable by working in the business so that the owner can work on the business.From the day-to-day detail work of office administration to customer management and support to custom web and presentation design, we do the urgent work of running the business so that our clients can focus on doing the important work of building their business. 3. Do you recognize any of these small business owners? Human Hat Rack Roller Coaster Stuck in the Gap 4. How about these? Buried by Details High Tech / Bye Tech All Webbed Up 5. SBO Profile: Human Hat Rack

  • By choice or necessity, this is the only person workinginthe business, which often results in the SBO trying to handle every facet of the business, or wear all the hats at once.
  • Asolopreneur is aHuman Hat Rack by necessity, while an operator who has trouble delegating is a HHR by choice.
  • Symptoms:
    • Busy without being productive
    • Unable to do anything at 100%
    • Runs out of hours in the day
    • Regards sleeping and eating as taking time away from the business
    • Misses important events with friends and family


  • When theres too much work for one person to do, the simplest fix is to add a person.
  • A virtual assistant can take on a wide range of admin and customer duties, allowing the SBO to work ON their business instead of IN it.

TLC Answer: Another Head 7. SBO Profile: Roller Coaster

  • This SBO has a seasonal or fluctuating business model with changing staffing and project requirements.
  • These changes often leave the business team over-staffed when work drops off or under-staffed when work picks up.
  • Symptoms:
    • Has trouble retaining part-time employees because of irregular hours
    • Spends countless hours on training to get ready for the busy season every single cycle!
    • Has to hire and train temps on a regular basis to get everything done
    • Tired of managing payroll for regular, tempandpart-time employees


  • As shock absorbers allow a vehicle to weather bumps and bangs, having a single contractor on call, available as needed and already trained and familiar with your business allows small businesses to weather their ups and downs.

TLC Answer: Shock Absorber 9. SBO Profile: Stuck in the Gap

  • Good News! The business is growing! But the added work has pushed the SBOs team into a staffing gap that threatens the growth curve.
  • They have more work than they can handle, but its not quite to where they can justify another full-time member.
  • Symptoms:
    • Busy, busy, busy!
    • Has periods of lots of overtime, but not yet steady enough for another person.
    • Wants to continue building the business, but needs cost-efficient way to bridge the gap.
    • Needs options and help NOW!


  • Growth can be a scary thing, and no SBO wants to hire someone only to have to let them go because the growth hadnt stabilized.
  • A virtual assistant can bridge the gap as needed so that the business can grow steadily forward.

TLC Answer: Bridge Work 11. SBO Profile: Buried by Details

  • Focusing on building their business rather than managing their office has left this SBO up to their eyeballs in potential trouble stuff just isnt getting done!
  • Either lack of time or the SBOs own nature has left them vulnerable to disorganization and missed opportunities.
  • Symptoms:
    • Aggravated by daily detail work
    • Difficulty finding important documents
    • Avoids filing until absolutely necessary
    • Resents taking time for paper work
    • Misses opportunities because info is lost
    • No time for phone calls or follow-ups


  • When the work just keeps coming, the best way to keep from being buried is to keep spading it out of the way.
  • A virtual assistant can set up a regular schedule for admin and other duties, allowing the SBO to relax and focus on what they do well.

TLC Answer: Regular Spading 13. SBO Profile: Hi Tech, Bye Tech

  • Unlike Roller Coaster, this SBO has specific (rather than general) changing business needs. They regularly need skilled IT for custom programming and to resolve periodic tech issues, but only for a few hours per week or month.
  • Lacking a permanent IT team member means that each new technical need is a new project.
  • Symptoms:
    • Doesnt have enough tech work for a full-time IT person
    • Has to find and hire contractors on a regular basis for tech projects
    • Spends hours getting a new tech up to speed every single project!


  • The technical sibling to Shock Absorber, having a geek-in-waiting provides a business with the advantage of having a single contractor on call, available as needed and already trained and familiar with your business.

TLC Answer: Geek-in-waiting 15. SBO Profile: All Webbed Up

  • This SBO has a website (yay!), but they do not have time to make regular changes and updates to keep the site fresh and new, which is vital to Google ratings.
  • Symptoms:
    • Has a monthly newsletter, every other month
    • Site features a calendar of events which is a month (or more!) out of date
    • Staff bios and contact information reflects the status quo several months ago
    • News isnt new any more


  • The combined services of an on-call tech and virtual assistant provides regularly scheduled updates and changes to your web site, sweeping away the cobwebs of stale information and keeping the site fresh for your clients and the search engines.

TLC Answer: A Clean Sweep 17. Buy Your Time Back A major benefit of having a virtual assistant is being able to buy your time back. Whether you need to spend more time working on your business or being with your family and friends, our virtual office services give you that flexibility.To get started, you will need to determine whether you need contract-based or project-based services, and then provide us with the materials and information to do the work. You will receive a detailed project quote and clearly-defined work description. With your help, we can make your business more productive and your time more profitable. 18. Contract Services

  • Monthly minimums ensure that you gain enough time back to make an impact on your business. Tech services (Web, Flash and programming) have a lower minimum as most businesses require less of these services per month.
    • VA Services:5 hours a month
    • Tech Services:2 hours per month
  • Prepaid hours encourage you to schedule that extra time to work on more important duties.

19. Project-Based Services

  • No contract required
  • Scheduled around contract clients, regular workload and pre-existing projects.
  • Billed at standard rates:
    • Virtual Assistant services: $40 per hour.
    • Tech services: $75 per hour.
  • Special per-project services available:
    • Business card processing
    • Bulk mail processing
    • Handwritten mail

20. TLC MEDIA Virtual Office Support Services We WorkINYour Business, So That You Can WorkONYour Business! TLC-MEDIA.COM Terri L. Carey, Admin 4144 Huckleberry Drive Fort Worth, TX 76137-3105 817.300.3076 Rick T. Carey, Web [email_address]


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