What is the primary mission of your VBS?  Fun event for kids  Spiritual growth for kids  Spiritual growth for all ages  Outreach event for unsaved.

Download What is the primary mission of your VBS?  Fun event for kids  Spiritual growth for kids  Spiritual growth for all ages  Outreach event for unsaved.

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>What is the primary missionof your VBS?</p> <p> Fun event for kids</p> <p> Spiritual growth for kids</p> <p> Spiritual growth for all ages</p> <p> Outreach event for unsaved children</p> <p> Outreach event for unsaved families</p> <p>VBS Single Largest Outreach Event83,000 Salvation decisions2.7 Million enrolled in VBS240,000 New church attendees 33,000 Newly enrolled inSunday SchoolSource: Annual VBS Report</p> <p>How to Promote your VBS</p> <p>In Church</p> <p> Remind church Why you do VBS Post banner ad on church website Pulpit Announcements Bulletin Inserts Church Newsletter Mailed Invitations Registration Events Recruit Kids for music team Recruit Kids to make decorations Recruit VolunteersHow to Promote your VBSIn Church</p> <p>Church Grounds</p> <p> Church signage VBS banners Yard decorations Outdoor registration event in parking lotHow to Promote your VBSChurch Grounds</p> <p>How to Promote your VBSThe radius around your church will be different depending on the type of neighborhood.Review your church membership list to determine how far from church your memberslive. Then draw a radius and determine neighborhoods to target. Identify key memberswho already live in or near to help market. Also, mark best neighborhoods foroutreach. Plan fun outreach events in these neighborhoods where you can buildrelationships, then enroll in your upcoming VBS. These events can be held at a park,community center, pool, or as a block party.Neighborhoods</p> <p>Community</p> <p> Family Invitations Yard Signs Door hangers Mailings Newspaper Radio TV Billboard Social MediaHow to Promote your VBSNeighborhoodsCommunity</p> <p>Free Marketing</p> <p> Social Media Facebook Twitter Blogs</p> <p> Newspaper articles, pictures, calendar of events posting Contact local editor and religious editor Submit calendar of events posting for print and online Take pictures and send captions for things like decorating, training event, registration event, Day 1 VBS, and Family Night Place ads in religion sectionHow to Promote your VBS</p> <p>Free Marketing</p> <p>Radio &amp; Television calendar of events, local talk shows, news &amp; DJ talking points Contact promotion department at all local stations Submit calendar of events posting online, dont forget national Christian radio stations that air in your area Develop talking points of VBS fun facts, stats, and hook Record Public Service Announcements (PSA)How to Promote your VBS</p> <p>Free Marketing</p> <p>Billboards Contact local billboard companies to see if theyhave openings for billboards near your church that they would give as a PSA or possibly only for print cost</p> <p>Web Marketing Contact area businesses about placing banner ads Place banner ads on church website Place banner ads on local media websites</p> <p>How to Promote your VBS</p> <p>VBS Entourage Recruit leaders and let them put their teams together.</p> <p> Prayer Team prayer warriors Publicity Team advertising, marketing, public relations, sales, writers, artists Events Team hospitality, party planners, womens event plannersProduction Team audio, video, power pointHow to Promote your VBS12</p> <p>Suggested Time Line for June VBS</p> <p> January Enlist prayer team. Set budgets, key dates, and recruit team leaders.</p> <p> February Set promotional calendar, contact all key media outlets promotion and religion editors/producers, work on starting development on creative pieces (signage, invites, advertisements, etc.). Initiate contact for all major event rental needs (inflatables, popcorn machines, etc.). Contact area airports, airlines, and aviation clubs.</p> <p> March Work with media promotion and religion editors, in church save the date promotion begins. Details continue to be fleshed out. </p> <p> April Work on end of school announcements, Submit pictures with captions to newspapers, follow up with all media outlets. Contact day cares about bringing their kids to VBS.How to Promote your VBS13</p> <p>Suggested Time Line for June VBS</p> <p> May Primary seeded media activity, church promotion, church signage, neighborhood signage, personal invitation strategy (2 weeks prior), affinity registration parties (date night, legos, cafe, clubs, etc.), host neighborhood block party registration events, </p> <p> June Personal invitations to registration event, neighborhood canvassing event, Registration Event, advertising heavy starting 2 weeks out, VBS Watch Parties (sleepovers) the night before, and serve family meal to kick off VBS.</p> <p> 2013 VBS Promotion starts at 2012 VBS Have welcoming team to welcome children and their families when they enter and leave VBS. Encourage church wide participation for Family Fun Night event. Invite media outlets. Take pictures and gather addresses to send the photo in VBS frame as a remembrance along with a thank you note.How to Promote your VBS14</p> <p> Invite day cares to bring their kids. Provide an early morning day care option so parents can get to work on time. Explore offering full day daycare option outside of VBS hours. Promote or partner through activity groups (little league, dance classes, etc.). Cross-promote with businesses they promote VBS and in turn they can have a booth at the Family Night Event. Offer to do VBS version of OMC at schools as an end-of-year activity. Submit address to promotion team to bring a pizza with an invite to the house (especially for new families to the area). Support grandparents who invite their grandkids by having idea sheets and/or other activities for them to do with their grandkids for the week. Create strategic partnerships with organizations like boys and girls club, YMCA, etc. Offer single parent support services during VBS. Host family meals during VBSWild and Crazy Ideas</p>


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