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What Is Creative Photography?

What Is Creative Photography?by CreativePhotographyWhat is Creative Photography?Theres no simple answer but heres a few thoughtswww.creativephotobook.co.uk1

Creating an extraordinary image from a rather ordinary object or sceneWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk2

Taking a familiar subject in an unfamiliar wayWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk3

Creating pictures that make people look for more than couple of secondsWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk4

Not being afraid to experimentIts rewarding when something new works out wellWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk5

Learn to understand and use lightUnderstand exposure fullyWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk6

Learn to use your camera

You dont need an expensive DSLR to be creativeWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk7

Using lots of different styles & techniquesFor example some photos look great in black and whiteWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk8

Using image editing to enhance picturesPhotoshop is not cheatingWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk9

Break the normal rules for the style of photographyFor example in portraits, chop off half the faceWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk10

Using shape, lines and contrastWhat is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk11

Making the most of opportunitiesSporting events, car rallies etc.What is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk12

A good photo is not always a good photo!By this I mean a simple snap on a camera phone can still be great if the subject is interesting.What is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.uk13

Practice lots!Ideally spend a day out with a fellow photographer with the sole purpose of getting some creative pictures. Compare ideas and photos afterwards.What is Creative Photography?www.creativephotobook.co.ukThanks for reading

Please leave a comment if you found it usefulwww.creativephotobook.co.ukAll photos in this slideshow taken by me!