What Engineers and Developers Really Do All Day

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What engineers and developers really do all day and why it's a really big deal.


What Engineers & Developers Do All Day Really And why its a really big deal *Design prototype by Stephen Allport most people think engineers spend all of their time cool stuff creating Wrong!!X building products full of awesome doesnt happen like this we have to find and fix 100 per 1,000 lines of code product bugs (thats a lot) 15 bugs per 1,000 lines of code make it to customers (thats bad) it takes 30x longer to fix one bug than to write one line of code we spend 75% of our time debugging our own (and our teammates) designs thats 1500 hoursper year fixing bugs not creating cool stuff but solving problemshard problems that means 75% of your engineering to fixing bugs team salary goes add up 75% of all product engineering salaries in the US plus the cost of their debug tools $113 billion identifying & correcting product defects in the US, is spent every year lets put $113 billioninto context with $113 billion, you could end world hunger $30B and buy $30B $10B $4B $4B $4B $4B $3.3B $2.5B $2B $2B and still have $17B left if there were ways to debug faster, more of that $113 billion could go toward making new, cool stuff every year our products get smarter, more connected, more complex more complex is a nice way of saying has a lot more bugs to fix before it ships if we cant fix all of the bugs on time, schedules slip and our products are late-to-market shipping your product late costs you a lotof money https://www.initialstate.com/LateCalc heres a calculator to show you how much #1 cause for schedule slips? too many bugs, too little time forcing us to work weekends and overtime wont fix this productivity plunges when you ask us to do the impossible(which you inevitably will) here are five tips if you want to have any chance of success we need multiple hours of uninterrupted time preferably in 4-hour blocks 1 putting us in a bunch of meetings is a great way for us to get nothing done 2 give us the freedom to be awesome don't micromanage 3 buy us the tools we need you dont mow a lawn with a pair of scissors 4 give us an awesome place to work we spend a lot of time here, we should love it 5 what do engineers and developers really do all day? we solve problems https://www.initialstate.com tools built for engineers, by engineers