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  • 1. What Do High School Counselors Do?

2. Meet Guidance Content Standards

  • Academic Development
  • Applying skills needed for educational achievement
  • Applying the skills of transitioning between educational
  • levels
  • Developing and monitoring personal educational plans
  • Career Development
  • Applying career exploration and planning skills in the
  • achievement of life career goals
  • Knowing where and how to obtain information about the
  • world of work and post-secondary training/education
  • Applying employment readiness skills and the skills for on-
  • the-job success
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Understanding self as an individual and as a member of
  • diverse local and global communities
  • Interacting with others in ways that respect individual
  • and group differences
  • Applying personal safety skills

3. How Do High School Counselors Meet these Standards? 4. Counselor Time Allocation Guidance Curriculum Individual Planning Responsive Services System Support High School 25-35% 25-35% 15-20% 15-25% 5. Classroom Guidance

  • College planning
  • Career planning
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Other things you might want presented in your classroom

6. Small Group Counseling

  • Girls Heart- relationships with peers
  • Guys Group- relationships with peers
  • Survivors- students w/ parents who abuse drugs/alcohol
  • RAP- resolve conflict peacefully (anger management)
  • Student Activities- balancing activities, dealing with pressure
  • Get A Grip- stress management, family issues
  • New Beginnings- grief and loss
  • Diversity- dealing with diversity issues

7. Individual Counseling

  • Staff, parent, administration or self-referrals
  • Social/Relationships (peers, family, etc.)
  • Academic (grades, study skills, etc.)
  • College/Career (exploration, planning)
  • Goal Setting
  • Depression/Suicide
  • Anger Management
  • Grief/Loss
  • Drug Abuse
  • Stress
  • Dropout Prevention
  • Etc.

8. Conflict Mediation

  • Staff, parent, administration and student referrals
  • Peer conflict
  • Adult/student conflict

9. Consultations

  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Administration
  • Outside Agencies

10. Testing

  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • PLAN
  • SAT
  • MAP
  • IQ
  • Interpret results

11. Enrollment/Withdraw

  • Organize and coordinate new student enrollment and withdraws
  • Meet with students who are thinking about dropping out.
  • Help coordinate freshmen enrollment and orientation
  • Coordinate 10-12 grade enrollment and orientation
  • Coordinate new student orientation

12. Record Keeping

  • Review all new student records
  • Review senior transcripts
  • Review scholarship applications and write recommendations
  • Review college applications
  • Assist with graduate follow-up

13. Special Services

  • Attend various 504 Plan and IEP meetings
  • Meet with Will re: students

14. Liaison with Outside Agencies

  • Childrens Division
  • Various private counselors
  • Colleges
  • Military
  • Career/Technical Centers
  • Other support agencies
  • National Merit Scholarship

15. Various Duties

  • Committees (Titan Admin. Team, Advisory, MAP, Student Assistance Program, Titan Success, NHS, Graduation, Site-Based Team, Academic Awards, Titan Smart, etc.)

16. Student Recognition

  • Nominate students for various outside activities (National Youth Leadership, Missouri Boys/Girls State, MO Leadership Seminar, HOBY, etc.)


  • A Fully Implemented Comprehensive Guidance Program
  • in collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers, administrators and the community
  • Supports the needs ofallstudents
  • Enhances academic success
  • Provides for student individual and occupationalplanning
  • Promotes a positive and safe learning environment
  • Provides for program accountability
  • and

18. Students Get Guidance and Direction! Who am I? Where have I been? Where am I going? What will I need to learn to get there? Who helps me and how? How can I changewhen change isrequired?


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