What are your top 5 strategies for effective online facilitation?

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Chart172361025233334550Chart217655433333222100Chart376554333332221100No. of Responses (n=10)What are your top 5 strategies for facilitating online social interactions for learning?Sheet1Acknowledge contributions of participants7Be seen but not dominate6Incorporate learning resources and collaborative tools in a range of modes, not just text5Draw on diversity and commonalities within a group to encourage sharing of perpsective5Mindful pacing of discussion, knowing when to take a back seat and when to lead4Choose and contextualise online tools to best suit the learners and the content3Establish and model guidelines for collaboration (groundrules), which aid in building trust3Promote and model sharing of relevant resources3Demonstrate a writing style that is open, encouraging, respectful, and concise3Spark debates with challenging questions3Link contributions to create summaries of ideas leading to construction of knowledge2Address technological issues promptly and effectively2Establish informal forums for communication and building shared identity2Incorporate 'benches' for people to participate on the periphery1Design processes for participants to establish their online identity1Establish and maintain their own online identity0Notice patterns in group interactions and brings this to the group for exploration0Sheet2Sheet3