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1. Ed Tech Week 4Digital Storytelling: Reasons, Methods & Tools 2. The power of storytelling The literary mind the mind of stories and parables is not peripheral but basic to thought. Story is the central principle of our experience and knowledge. Parable the projection of story to give meaning to new encounters is the indispensable tool of everyday reason. Literary thought makes everyday thought possible. This book makes the revolutionary claim that the basic issue for cognitive science is the nature of literary thinking.Mark Turner, The Literary Mind, www.markturner.org/lm.html 3. First a story to illustrateFairytale of PGDEClipArt for Fairytale of PGDE from PurdueNote: I said to myself if I couldnt create this intro in 15 minutes it would not be worth showing It took 20 minutes to create and edit(not including planning and scripting). I spent 5 full minutes selecting the music! 4. Sample stories & their usesA few classroom examples: PhotoStory: History revision resource: click herePupils stories of science experiments Alternatives to PhotoStory are MovieMaker/ iMoviePhotoPeach: Washington Trip note use of quiz featureAlternative online story slide editors see CogDogRoo 5. Where to get images...Save a PowerPoint slide as an image Save As (other formats) Take your own photos!Use student photos, drawings (link up with Art Dept.)Image bank on ScoilnetGoogle Images Flickr etc.More suggestions here(for copyright-free images) 6. I asked you toDiscuss the advantages of getting pupils to create & share presentations (Apart from impressing your supervisor! )You said. 7. Feedback from the discussionEngagement getting students involvedQuiz - Students can create their own questions could work as closure at the end of lessonVisual Learners combining media for different learnersStudents have ownership they have a sense of pride in their workMultimedia resource for different topics students work on different topics and share themSummary could work for revision Outside school could work as a project about the school (TY students)Work in groups and practise presentations Encourages students to acquire knowledge for themselves and share it with their peersShow students that learning can be cooperative doesnt have to be competitive 8. What the research saysCreativity, inventive & higher order thinking Practicing real-world digital communicationDrawing on pupils range of intelligencesDeepening understanding- telling what you know in a story deepens your own understanding of the knownAffinity: creating meaningful engaging work and discovering themselves as successful learners 9. What the research saysWider audience for the student workGreater accuracy, attention to detail & motivationResponsibility & pride in producing good work. Develop transferable skillsCollaboration/team skillsSelf-expression and inter-personal developmentVisual and media literacy (judgment, selecting & presenting appropriate images, learning how to sequence a story/ a sequence of events).Technical skills set 10. PhotoStoryAdvantages Easy for pupils to learnAvailable to download Enables storyboarding, scripting and creative use of musicThings to bear in mindFolder and file managementYour PhotoStory project file & your finished video file are different file formats.wp3: your work in progress file (you can return to edit).wmv or .avi your finished video file ( it is uneditable)Ask a techie for help if you need more information to get this. How to use Photostory Guide 11. PhotoPeachAdvantagesEasy to learn and useOnline easy toedit, share, embedContains range of musicQuiz feature effective for self-evaluation Links to YouTube sound files (could add your own narrative on YouTube and draw on this for voice over)Things to bear in mindNo download or add own music on basic packageTest to ensure PhotoPeach is not blockedEncourage pupils to be safe no names, contact detailsEnsure if using YouTube link that site is not blocked 12. Your task for Week 4 Create a simple story Choose any themeUse at least five images Include captions Make it run for least 2 minsChoose from Photostory, PhotoPeach or any of the tools listed on CogDogRooPost your story to Moodle(or email to angela.rickard@nuim.ie)Just do it I dare you! Deadline: Tuesday 2nd Nov 2010Incentive Win a digital camera!Work with another person & win a digital camera each! 13. NoticesCity West hotel 15th & 16th Octoberhttp://www.itlfestival.ie/Wolfram Mathematica SeminarTuesday 26 October 2010 at 10am. NUI Maynooth Computer Room Experimental Physics Science Building Maynoothhttp://www.wolframalpha.com/Upcoming events that may be of interestCheck out WolframAlpha:Ask it anything! 14. References for further reading about Digital StorytellingSome ideas: Promotional video for the school (aimed at 6th class pupils)Language class any curricular themevocabulary items (sound and image) verbs explained for younger learnersThe Grocers Apostrophe (spotting misspellings in public places) AdvertisementsLife story of an artist, writer, singer Timeline for an historical figure or building Scientific processes Field trip Report Sports: Famous player / team or Moment in Sporting historyMy local area (History, language class)A Day in the Life: jobs, careers Endlessreally Looking forward to yours Free downloadable book on Digital story Telling by Silvia TolisanoSilvia TolisanosLangwiches BlogLarry FerlazzosBest sites for Digital Storytelling Educational Usesof Digital storytellinghttp://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/


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