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    A day to meet the wedding specialists and plan your perfect day.A day to meet the wedding specialists and plan your perfect day. Be ready to gather lots of information, book appointments and to get great ideas from Be ready to gather lots of information, book appointments and to get great ideas from

    the best in the wedding industry.the best in the wedding industry.

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    I am submitting this wonderful story to be entered into your prize for the 2 night stay at the luxurious Thompson Suite.

    My name is James Duff and I met my beautiful fian-c (Michelle Montgomery) 4 years ago. We met the old fashioned way, via online dating, and hit it off imme-diately. As time went on we grew stronger as a blend-ed family with our children acting more like brothers and sister every day. As time went on I realized that this woman was my best friend, lover, and the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We had decided in the fall of 2013 to book a week-long trip to a place that Michelle had always wanted to see, New York, for her birthday in July. It was then I dreamt about the perfect way to ask for her hand in marriage. I decided the first step would be to get the perfect diamond ring for her. I knew that she would be happy with whatever I chose however I really wanted this to show her how special she is. I chose to go with a gold smith (Lionel at Artemis Jewellers) and have a ring custom made for her. By the time it was prepared we were close to celebrating the new year of 2014. I knew it was going to be a challenge to hold onto the ring and not give any hints as to my intentions, however I was determined I could do it for the 8 months that it would take.

    When the time came to fly to New York I was pan-icking as to how to transport this beautiful ring with-out her seeing it and without risking losing it into the airline luggage system . I finally decided on packing it on my carryon with the hopes that something didnt go wrong where security had to reveal my secret. I was successful in transporting it without her knowledge. We spent a few days enjoying the scenery as I made plans for the proposal. On the day of we were walking past the central park horse and carriage pickup drop off area when I asked my babe which carriage she

    liked the best. She chose the purple one and I made the arrangement for a ride through the park. It was a beautiful sunny day and as we wound our way through the park I got down on one knee, pulled the ring from my pocket and asked her to spend the rest of her life as my wife. She was shocked and overwhelmed with emotion but she said YES! As you can imagine it made me the happiest man on the planet.

    That is my story and I have to admit I am not a dra-matic writer but I am thankful for an entry into your contest.

    Thank you, James

    How were you proposed to?The following stories were submitted to the Advocate by some of our readers.

    We thank all of you for sharing your special moments with us.

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    The Pidherney CentreThe Pidherney CentreNot just a Curling Facility

    Please contact us for more information:

    Phone: 403-346-3777Email: curling@reddeercurling.caWebsite:

    With the recent renovation and expansion, the

    Pidherney Centre can now

    accommodate your wedding


    We also have a full time caterer on staff.



    We have seven great venues to host your dream wedding, including Harvest Gardens a one-of-a-kind outdoor venue!

    Call us today to plan your next celebration!

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    Happily Ever After



    I h a v e b e e n married for just over five months now and I pro-posed last Decem-ber over the Christ-mas holiday.

    I took my wife-to-be for a day trip to Jasper and took her for a walk up along Maligne Can-yon. For those who dont know, the Maligne Canyon River freezes over in winter and becomes a walk-up, the ice from the can-yon walls extending over a hundred feet up on either side. Unknown to my wife, I had conned my brother and about six of our best friends to drive to Jasper the night before, and had set up a solid table with chairs, music and candles right at the farthest point in the Canyon. So as we enter one of the most majestic ar-eas of this wilderness hike, she saw a slice of heaven underneath a cathedral of stone, complete with hot chocolate. Joyously, after a loving (but short) speech, complete with gifts representing each stage of our re-lationship this far, and a journal of every date I ever took her on . . . she said yes!


    My fianc is so sweet but re-ally unable to keep a secret. He told me he bought me a ring a few weeks ago. He told my mom the next day and she said she was so excited but was worried he had ruined the surprise and he said he just couldnt wait and the surprise was still when he would do it but it wouldnt be for months.On December 23, I came home from a long shift at work expecting to just quietly watch TV by myself for a bit as it was 11:30 PM and hed already called me to say he was tired and going to bed earlier that evening. When I arrived at the house there were hundreds of rose petals on the floor along with candles down our hallway which led to the bedroom, I had thought he had fallen asleep with candles in the hallway! When I walked into the bedroom he was knelt down on one knee with a ring in his trembling hand with Marry Me? in rose petals on the floor. He barely got out a few words before I squealed yes. He told me he was so nervous and now we couldnt be happier. :)

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    Facilities available for weddings, meetings and other occasions.

    Please call for details.

    DAVENPORT CHURCH OF CHRIST 68 Donlevy Avenue, Red Deer

    403-347-3986email -



    Here is the story of my proposal to my beautiful wife of four years. I met my wife at the age of 26 years old from a website a friend suggested called (Just joking!). We actually met online on the website Christian Mingle and after two weeks of chatting we decided to meet and shortly after we became a couple.

    Six months later I decided she was the one. With excitement I decided to get her parents permission and then buy a beautiful ring. I booked the revolv-ing restaurant in downtown Edmonton called the Chateau Lacombe. This particular restaurant looks over the whole city and revolves around very slowly so customers can appreciate the view. Id like to say that I was cocky and confident about the pro-posal but my wife would tell you that I was nervous, sweating none-stop, rambling and not making sense. During supper, I finally got the courage to ask my wife at that moment. I moved chairs aside and bent down on one knee in front of all the people sitting around us and asked her to be my wife. She was in total shock, she nodded her head saying yes .... But it did take a while to get a response as she had her mouth wide open in complete shock. Six months later we where married and three and a half years later we welcomed our daughter to the family. It was the best decision of my life to ask Emily to be my wife.

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    #144 Erickson Dr. Red Deer


    We have a cupcake for every special occasion!

    Gift CardsDelivery Available



    Book your Cupcake Wedding Today!

    get frosted!get frosted!


    So, youre getting married and its time to make a decision about cake. We know you have a mara-thon of other decisions to make and choosing cake is just one of many. Because the possibilities for your big day are often vast and confusing we suggest you let the sweetened professionals help you make the right one from scratch!

    First, consider all the weddings youve been to in the last 5 years, chances are pretty good that youve seen a lot of cupcakes being served in lieu of - or in addition to - a wed-ding cake at one or several of these events. This takes you on your first lap around the Cake Walk - do you choose a traditional cake or do you break with convention and do something fresh and whimsical like cupcakes?

    To decide you might first want to ask why cupcakes have become such a popular alternative in the foot race against the larger, more expensive traditional cakes?

    Well, compared to a large cus-tom wedding cake, cupcakes are not only more affordable, they are also infinitely more fresh and de-licious than a large formal cake that is often made days in advance. Also consider that the cost of cup-cakes is significantly less than cus-tom-made cakes (often by MORE than half!) and then remember that you will also forgo the individual cake-cutting and plating fees as-sociated with larger custom cakes and voila - once again -youve just

    saved yourself some more cash. Of course we know that wed-

    dings arent JUST about keeping the costs down theyre also about pushing the fun-factor up. Think about adorning a beautiful set of cupcakes and their delicate swirls of buttercream with personalized add-ons: fresh flowers, favorite candies, edible lay-on photos, flags with sentimental, and even comi-cal messages. Shazam! Each guest now has their OWN personal cup-cake! And theyve just become con-versation pieces!

    Which reminds me! Dont for-get that the cupcakes could also double as your dinner table cen-trepieces! (p.s. WOW you just saved more money!) Also serve them as dessert at the midnight luncheon, or even at the gift-opening ceremo-

    ny the next day! So - if youre having a formal

    wedding, and if your wedding guests are sticklers for tradition you may just want to have a grand and formal wedding cake but re-member - its your day too so let it be a reflection of you and your choices, by adding some unforget-table cupcakes!

    So! Are cupcakes truly the win-ner of this foot race? Cue the in-stant replay: Fresh. Check! Sim-ple to serve. Check. Easy on your budget. Check. Full of sugary goodness and creative possibili-ties. Check. Are they personable like you? Check. Are they tantaliz-ing enough? like love? Check! And CHECK! Winner? Team Cupcake!


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    Where we strive to make all your dreams come true.

    At River Bend Golf & Recreation Area our commitment to excellence assures your wedding day is lled with enjoyment and fond memories.Wedding Packages Include: Full catering and bar service with your choice

    of delicious buffet or customized plated dinner. Elegant, naturally lit banquet room. On-site picturesque ceremony area within

    walking distance to banquet room.

    Contact our Events Coordinator for more details403.343.6341 ext. 103

    h t i t k ll d tl di tWh tBest Kept Secret in Red DeerBest Kept Secret in Red Deer


    At Premier Limousine Services, we care about your special day and we understand that the vendors you choose to work with should be Experienced Professionals.

    This is our commitment to you.We house all of our Limousines indoors with our own professional detailing staff to assure your Limousine is 100% ready. Sparkling Clean and Smelling Sweet for that special day.With an inhouse mechanic our Limousines are maintained on a regular bas...