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<ul><li><p>Wedding Day Budget Planning</p><p>So your having a wedding do you have any idea of how much your wedding will cost? Well I have put together a general price list of an average wedding for the year 2005. On the average a wedding will vary in cost cost by your location, wedding vendors, bridal accessories, and Anjolique 1053 favors. To get a more exact cost of an average wedding do a vendor price search on the internet, search wedding forums and ask local wedding planners. Once you have a good idea of the average price make a note of it because it will surely come in handy when figuring in your budget. Once you have your budget figured out then start putting money back every week or whenever you get paid until your wedding day. Make sure you put back a little extra money just in case of emergencies because you really never know what might happen.</p></li><li><p>Wedding day transportation (Limousine, Horse Carriage, cabs etc.) $ 450.00</p><p>Flowers and decorations up to $ 1000.00</p><p>Photography $ 500.00 - $ 3,500</p><p>Videography $ 800.00 - $ 1,700</p><p>Bonny 703 Rings up to $ 1500.00</p><p>Engagement Ring $ 1,000.00- 5,000.00</p><p>Reception entertainment (DJ, Band, Etc.) $ 900.00 - $ 1,500</p><p>Officiant, church or ceremony site up to $ 1000.00</p></li><li><p>Wedding favors up to $ 400.00</p><p>Invitations, Announcements and Thank You Notes $ 350.00 - $500</p><p>Rehearsal Dinner $ 1000.00</p><p>Wedding Gown $ 300.00 - $3000.00</p><p>Casablanca 1740 Veil &amp; Tiara up to $ 200.00</p><p>Bridesmaids' dresses (for 6 bridesmaids) $ 1200.00</p><p>Mother of the Bride's dress up to $ 900.00</p><p>Groom's Rental Tuxedo up to $ 500.00</p></li><li><p>Groomsmen Rental Tuxedos (for 6 groomsmen) $ 600.00</p><p>Wedding Reception (Caterer, Wedding Cake, Reception hall , Etc.) $ 1000.00-$ 8,000.00</p><p>Honeymoon destination up to $ 6,000</p><p>Out of town guests transportation up to $ 300.00</p><p>GRAND TOTAL $ 20,000 - $ 25,000</p><p>This is just an example list of some of the fees you will incur before and after your Christina Wu 15424 . This is to be used for general information. You will know what will best fit your budget.</p></li></ul>