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Year 5 Spring bank Holiday activities – plan an Imaginary Spring /Summer fair.

Imaginary summer fair

Additional activities


As we will have no summer fair this year, we thought it might be fun to plan an imaginary fair or make a miniature one indoors. You can choose any activity as you wish and share with us on dojo.

This is just a choice of activities for you to do or not, as you wish. You may even like to plan ideas of your own.


The ‘holidays’ and ‘bank holidays’ of the past’. What were they like? How were they different? See some images below.

Even though we have holiday gatherings at the moment, we can find out what they were like long ago.

What stalls were there?

What was for sale?

How does it look like Kennington Fair?

Record your findings in any way!

Musical/ Dance

Choreograph a dance routine to display to all!

Plan an exercise routine for the audience to participate in (Joe Wicks style) that develops stamina.


Draw a Where’s Wally picture of a summer fair and hide you in it!

Design a poster to advertise the fair.

Design an inflatable slide/bouncy castle/ challenge.

Mathematical ideas

Make cup cakes to sell. Work out how much it will cost to make them and how much you must charge to make a profit! You could make any delicious food snacks of your choice.

Write word problems about the prices of the stalls. E.g. If the bouncy challenge is 50p for ten minutes per person, how much time can you buy for £16.50?

English ideas

Enter a poetry competition about the fair or part of it (a ride, the people, the fun!)

Write a text message to advertise the fair with no more than 100 letters – make it the best message you can. All spellings correct – not ‘text speak’!


Design and/or make a fair ground ride. Use whatever materials you can to build.

Be thoughtful…

Write a thought for Spring 2020. Make it positive to leave for others who will never have known Spring 2020 as you have.


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