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  1. 1. Web Development Tools Every Developer Should Be Using! Web development is an evolving process. Being a developer you will always come across bugs in your website and new development techniques that you would want to apply to existing websites. Professional web developers have been creating useful web development tools for fellow developers that make application of new techniques to websites easier and a lot more hassle-free. Most of these tools come in the form of browser add-ons and plugins which help you make a better website or improve the existing ones. Here are some of the web development tools that, in our opinion, every web developer should be aware of and might want to use in their development practice. Play Framework One of the most developer-friendly tools out there, Play Framework is brilliant for developing web applications that run on Java and Scala. It comes with built-in testing tools that allow you to test your changes and refreshing the tool quickly shows you the modifications you do. Moreover, this tool was built by keeping the mobile responsiveness of web apps in mind hence works to create mobile apps as well. Dimensions Dimensions allows you to measure everything on a website from images, gifs, videos to texts, icons and buttons, and it works as an extension to Google Chrome. Enabling and disabling the tool is easy with a keyboard shortcut in Chromes settings. Dimensions is especially useful when you need to measure the elements on a mocked up website in PDF. Simply drop it in the browser and you are set to work. Bug Muncher There is no way any website or app is completely bug-free. There will always be a little bug here or a little bug there and your customers will keep coming up with the errors. What this tool has done is so cool; it has made highlighting those issues by clients easier. Your client highlights the problems on the website and the tool takes a screenshot of it for you. It saves you a lot of time and hassle explaining the technical issues to a layman and it reports back to you with everything you need to fix the bug. Impulse
  2. 2. Especially ideal for social media platforms or websites that require setting up chat facility for users to interact with each other or the administrators of the website, Impulse lets you create mobile and web-friendly chat options such as Chat Heads like Facebooks, a pull-down menu, inertia scroll, Oridomi Cover and Bouncy Scroll for your website. These are some of the many amazing development tools available out there that just make the life of a developer easier. Check these out and you might wonder where have you been all this time!