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Web Design HTML CSS. Creating Web Sites Design Principles. Planning your Website. The Goals of Website Design Consider rapidly evolving mobile devices Differences between print and web Call to action on users part Web demands user interaction. Defining Goals and Strategy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Web Design HTML CSS</p> <p>Web DesignHTMLCSSCreating Web SitesDesign Principles</p> <p>Planning your WebsiteThe Goals of Website DesignConsider rapidly evolving mobile devicesDifferences between print and webCall to action on users partWeb demands user interaction</p> <p>Defining Goals and StrategyWhy does website exist?Will the site be free?What kind of information is contained?What user interactions might be on the site?User centered design research on what users might be expectingCan users submit information to the site?Scenarios and CharactersWeb analyticsPopular analytics toolsGoogle AnalyticsOmnitureHaveamint.comChartbeat.com</p> <p>Information Architecture</p> <p>Business of DesignAIGA aiga.orgGraphics Artists GuildA list apartGoals of Web DesignRethinking Site NavagationUsability TestingFirst impressions of layoutWhere does your eye go firstIs that the most important elementColor AssociationsNavigation choicesWhere would you click and why?Colors of the Web</p> <p>Wireframes prototypes &amp; mockupsWireframesMock ups can be the next stepPrototypes build for demonstration purposesInteractive Prototyping resourcesMicrosoft SketchflowAdobe FireworksEightshapes UnifyCreative during the Planning ProcessQuick early sketchesFailure is an optionAccept criticism</p>