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<ul><li><p>MyMyMyMy RealRealRealReal IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome ReviewReviewReviewReview</p><p>MyMyMyMy RealRealRealReal IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome</p><p>My Real Income is a new work at home program that</p><p>promises you the ability to work from the comfort of</p><p>your own home with no prior online experience and</p><p>with only basic typing skills and internet access.</p><p>According to their sales page, for just $4.95, which is discounted from the regular</p><p>price of $39.95, you will get a 60 day money back guarantee, training guides and</p><p>tutorials, a one on one training consultation, and an automated money making</p><p>website.</p><p>AAAA CloserCloserCloserCloser LookLookLookLook atatatat MyMyMyMy RealRealRealReal IncomeIncomeIncomeIncome</p><p>Taking a closer look at My Real Income, youll see that they have logos of major TV</p><p>networks like CNN and ABC on their sales page, but they are simply pictures and not</p><p>links.</p><p>This is an old sales trick to make you think that these networks are in some affiliated</p><p>with this product or that they endorse this product. The truth is that these logos are</p><p>just pictures and that these networks generally dont have anything to do with this</p><p>website.</p><p>Also, My Real Income has banners and exclamations all over its sales page of how</p><p>your position is only being held for 5 minutes, and then it may be gone. This is done</p><p>intentionally to get you to sign up before you have a chance to look at their Terms of</p><p>http://www.valuesponsors.com/link/MyRealIncome.htmlhttp://www.valuesponsors.com/link/MyRealIncome.html</p></li><li><p>Use.</p><p>If you do get a chance to look at their Refund Policy, youll see that the policy is</p><p>actually a 30 day money back refund, not 60, and there are certain things you must</p><p>do before having your refund approved.</p><p>Finally, when you go to the order page, youll see that the fee of $4.95 is just for a 5</p><p>day trial, and after that, you will be charged $37.00 on a recurring monthly basis until</p><p>you cancel your subscription.</p><p>If you're at Reviewopedia.com because you're looking for a way to make money</p><p>online then check out our article "7 Ways to MakeMoney Online" - methods that</p><p>anyone can use to earn an income from home.</p><p>http://www.valuesponsors.com/link/MyRealIncome.html</p></li></ul>