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This is the basic template I use in waterfall trivia. After you've written the questions, save the file as a PDF. Open the PDF and turn on auto-scrolling. Adjust scroll speed with the up and down arrows.


<ul><li> 1. Waterfall Trivia<br />Unit 3 Circles &amp; Spheres<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Rules<br />Questions come in rounds of 5.<br />Turn in answers after a round.<br />Each question will be shown for 2 min.<br />Please use your notes!<br />Rounds 1 &amp; 2: Questions worth 1-5 points<br />Rounds 3 &amp; 4: Questions worth 6-10 points<br />Final round: Wager 1-15 points<br /> 3. Round 1 Question 1<br /> 4. Round 1 Question 2<br />A 30 year old man married a 25 year old woman. She died at age 50and her husband was so devastated that he cried for years. Tenyears after he stopped crying, he died. If he had lived to be 80,how many years was he a widower?<br /> 5. Round 1 Question 3<br /> 6. Round 1 Question 4<br />By the fall of 1621 only [what fraction?] of the pilgrims, who had sailed on the Mayflower, survived. The survivors, thankful to be alive, decided to give a thanksgiving feast.<br /> 7. Round 1 Question 5<br />Your answer MUST include why.<br /> 8. End of Round 1<br />Q1 answer: 120<br />Q2 answer: 25 years<br />Q3 answer: 4<br />Q4 answer: <br />Q5 answer: A, is tangent because the Pythagorean Theorem holds<br /> 9. Round 2 Question 1<br /> 10. Round 2 Question 2<br />In what month is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?<br /> 11. Round 2 Question 3<br /> 12. Round 2 Question 4<br />What is at the beginning of eternity, the end of time, thebeginning of every end, and the end of every place?<br /> 13. Round 2 Question 5<br /> 14. End of Round 2<br />Q1 answer: ML = 40, JK = 41<br />Q2 answer:October<br />Q3 answer: 5<br />Q4 answer:the letter e<br />Q5 answer: 4.5<br /> 15. Round 3 Question 1<br /> 16. Round 3 Question 2<br />A man left a legacy of $10,000 to three relatives and their wives.<br />Together, the wives received $3960. June received $100 more thanCamille, and Martha received $100 more than June. Jack Smith wasgiven just as much as his wife, Horace Saunders got half as muchagain as his wife, and Terry Conners received twice as much as hiswife. <br />Which wife belongs to which husband?<br /> 17. Round 3 Question 3<br /> 18. Round 3 Question 4<br />How many turkeys are raised annually in the United States?<br />(note: your answer must fall within 20% of the correct answer)<br /> 19. Round 3 Question 5<br /> 20. End of Round 3<br />Q1 answer: 35<br />Q2 answer:Jack /Camille; Horace Saunders /June; and Terry Connors/Martha.<br />Q3 answer: 16<br />Q4 answer:250 million (200-300 million are acceptable)<br />Q5 answer: 3<br /> 21. Round 4 Question 1<br /> 22. Round 4 Question 2<br />Use the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 once only, in this multiplication sum to make it correct. <br />? ?x ?-------? ? ?<br /> 23. Round 4 Question 3<br /> 24. Round 4 Question 4<br />If today is Tuesday, what is the day after the day before the daybefore tomorrow?<br /> 25. Round 4 Question 5<br /> 26. End of Round 4<br />Q1 answer: 13<br />Q2 answer: 54x3-----162<br />Q3 answer: 16.47<br />Q4 answer: Tuesday<br />Q5 answer: 140<br /> 27. Round 4 Question 5<br /> 28. Final Round<br /> 29. Final Round Solution<br />36<br />108<br />108<br />108<br /></p>