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VRM - Extending glTF for Portable Humanoid Avatars

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  • VRM - Extending glTF for Portable Humanoid Avatars

  • What is “VRM” ?

    A glTF based, platform independent 3D humanoid avatar specification

    and file format.

    Designed to make humanoid avatars portable,easy to handle for various applications.

  • VisionCreate Own Multi-use

    • Virtual Beings are truly living in the internet world today. • VRM believes that world is better place if you can bring your avatar to

    wherever you want to go.

  • VRM Applications

  • Problem

    Blend shape(morph)

    UV offset

    Material switch

    Eye bone

    Blend shape(morph)

    Facial animation Eye expressions

    A stance T stance

    Default stance

    Model scale

    Coordinate system

    etc, etc…

    UV offset

    Humanoid Rig

    Local rotation

  • Problem

    • No standards for character models, rigs and controls.

    • Hard to support various difference characters for Application developers.

  • HumanoidRig

    Our Solution

    VRM creates intermediate layer and constraints that makes application capable to control avatars in uniform manner.

    Eye control




    Blend shapeFacial(Emotion)

    Eye bone

  • Data constraints requirement(Scale, data type, local rotation, stance …)

    VRM Structure

    Bare glTF 2.0 (.glb)

    Base technology

    VRM extension for Humanoid avatar(Humanoid bone structure, Secondary Animation, Licenses …)

    VRM extension

    Cel shading (NPR) material definitionMaterial extension

  • • Reference implementation to handle VRM files in Unity.

    • MIT License• Supporting runtime avatar import• Other implementations are also available by

    community.• Three.js• Babylon.js• Unreal Engine 4 (VRM4U)

    Reference Implementation (UniVRM)

  • VRM/Humanoid• Humanoid bone structure defined as glTF


    glTF extension

  • • To support Anime-like styles, expressions are defined as changes of blend shapes (morph)and materials respect to vowels and preset expressions (angry, fun, etc)

    • These preset patterns can be extended

    VRM/EmotionglTF extension

  • • Application controls the avatar through VRM API by commanding “expressions” instead of directly controlling bones or blend shapes.

    • This middle layer let applications handles different styles of avatars in uniform manner.





    VRM/EmotionglTF extension

  • • Simple secondary animation system• Intended to be used for (non-realistic) hairs and

    cloths• Open algorithms, intuitive parameters.• Put weight in simplicity to ensure

    portability rather than being feature rich.

    VRM/SpringBoneglTF extension

  • • Anime look material definition• Provided as part of default

    implementation. Also ported to WebGL.

    VRM/MToonglTF extension

  • • EULA/License of distributing avatars can be defined and included• Avatar-minded Permissions

    • Permit/Prohibit violent activities when playing with this avatar? • Permit/Prohibit to play original personality?

    VRM/LicenseglTF extension

  • Avatar data must be transmitted to render world

    VRM/LicenseglTF extension

  • • Avatar data must be given to others - doesn’t means you can own those avatars.

    • Comprehensive, avatar-specific licenses and permissions are important to protect your appearance in virtual world.

    VRM/HumanoidglTF extension

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